Rare look at the scrapped Sonic DS E3 2004 Tech Demo

What you’ll see is a rare video showcasing the original Sonic DS Tech Demo that was shown off at E3 2004 as a means of demonstrating the system’s graphical capabilities and potential uses of the bottom touch screen. The footage shows the full level with the direct-feed audio intact (with a bit of background noise). Continue reading Rare look at the scrapped Sonic DS E3 2004 Tech Demo

A Proper Update, and the SSA 2004!

I have a loooot of stuff submitted and that needs to be added, so I’m spending this week to get it all online and sorted so the site is back up to date 🙂 To start with, I went through the ENTIRE list of Sonic Links for dead links. I would have named them all here to commisserate the dead sites involved, but there turned out to be 139 dead links! 139! Added a few links too, and will be adding more throughout the week too. Assuming they’re not dead. The links, that is.

The reason most people have not been able to get onto the FTP Service is because the details changed – again – and TSS’s page was no longer up-to-date. Apologies, and you can now use the details on the updated page to successfully enter. Interviews have been added: two old interviews withShayne Thames and WB, and a recent interview of myself by Miles Attacca. The Movies section of the downloads zone is under renovation, so it’ll be finished and ‘n00’ during the week. That, and new sections on the Sonic E3 DS Demo and Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic [A new pirate game.. sigh] are up in the Games Archive.

Finally, today is the first day of the warm-up to… The Sonic Site Awards 2004! The SSA is changing for this year’s event, and you can now find out the first details… HERE.

Sonic Team at E3

Sorry about the lack in updates guys, things are really hectic back here, and I just switched to Windows XP the other day – it’s good actually. Wow, who’d have thought Microsoft would make something that would work? Anyway, E3 has come and gone, but luckily The Sonic Stadium is here to let you know what Sonic Team had to offer – the link is up there in the Game Alert. You can also find it in the ‘Articles’ section underneath the ‘Features’ channel.

It’s been an interesting E3 if nothing else, with The Legend of Zelda revelations, Nintendo DS, and Sony and Microsoft frankly not being able to touch Nintendo this year. Sonic Team had a good showing, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that the biggest Sonic Team development in that event was Phantasy Star Universe: the true, proper, kosher sequel to Phantasy Star Online. We have info. We have screens. We have movies. We have it all. Only on TSS. Check it out. Then shout out your thoughts on the SSMB.