Free Figurine With Sonic Colours Pre-orders At

It appears the UK will be getting the Sonic and Wisp figurine that is being packaged as part of a “Special Edition” with Sonic Colours in some parts of the world. UK retailer, Argos is now listing the figurine as a free gift with pre-orders of either version of the game.

Free Sonic wisps figurine when you pre-order at Argos! Get your figurine of Sonic and the whisps which appear in Sonic Colours, delivered free with your copy of the game of the day of release.

It is odd that the figurine is being given away free with pre-orders in the UK, since the “Special Edition” with the figurine is listed at a higher price than the game alone, so could there be more than just the figurine bundled with that edition? Argos is listing this as an “Online exclusive” offer, so it appears they won’t be stocking it in-store. No other UK retailers are currently listing the gift. Argos also appears to be SEGA’s retailer of choice for pre-orders of the game at their website.

If you’re interested in the figurine, you can pre-order the Wii version for £33.99 and the DS version for £25.99. Will you be pre-ordering at Argos for this bonus?

UK Sonic Colours Pre-Order Bargains

Sonic Colours won’t be released in the UK until November 12th, but already you can grab a fantastic deal on both versions of the game. Online retailer now has the Wii version of the game available for pre-order for just £24.95, with free delivery. At, you can pre-order the DS version of the game for the low price of £21.70, with free delivery. Great bargains for those trying to save some money or after a cheap Christmas present for a Sonic fan.

Links: Sonic Colours Wii £24.95 Sonic Colours DS £21.70

AAUK Reveals New Sonic Colours Info

After some hands-on time with Sonic Colours, SEGA Europe Community Manager ArchangelUK has revealed 7 new pieces of Sonic Colours information via the Sonic City Blognik today. The information focuses on story, characters and call-backs to Sonic Unleashed. Some teases are also made to news coming in next week, which we’ll be sure to report on as soon as it is revealed.

Here’s the full list of information below:

1) Dr. Eggman has built his park after developing a sense of remorse for his past “indiscretions”. Hmm… a likely story.

2) At one point in an early cutscene Sonic “breaks the fourth wall” and talks directly to the gamer.

3) SA-55, the round red robot also known as “Ergo” by fans who appeared in Sonic Unleashed will return, but slightly more jaded than before. Oh and by the way SA-55 ISN’T his name… his name is actually “Orbot”

4) Orbot also has a counterpart this game… who we’ll be revealing next week.

5) Tails’ “Miles Electric” handheld device that appeared in Sonic Unleashed makes a re-appearance.

6) The boss you have already likely seen from Tropical Resort Dr. Eggman refers to as the “Big Boy”.

7) The curly haired white Wisp is important to the Colours story and its name is…. something you’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

Source: ArchangelUK at the Sonic City Blognik

SEGA Reveals Tokyo Game Show Line-up

SEGA has revealed their line-up of games that they will be bringing to this years Tokyo Game Show, which will be open between September 16th and 17th for press and September 18th and 19th to the public. Sonic fans will be pleased to know that both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours will be at SEGA’s booth, but Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and Sonic Free Riders won’t be making appearances.

The full list of games and formats are as follows:

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity
Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter
Shining Hearts
K-On After School Live

Sonic Colours

Sonic Colours

Xbox 360:
Virtual-On Force 360

SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show Official Site

Thanks to Michael Myers at the SSMB for the heads-up! Listing “Special Edition” For Sonic Colours

The German branch of online retailer Amazon is now listing a “Special Edition” for both versions of Sonic Colours. No information is given as to what is packaged with this edition of the game, but both versions are €10 higher than the standard versions, so we can expect at least a little something extra to justify the higher price. We’ll keep an eye open for any updates.

What would you like to see in these Special Editions? Let us know in the comments.

Source: via

More Sonic Colours Wii & DS Gamescom Footage


More gameplay footage of Sonic Colours has rolled in from Gamescom for both the Wii and DS versions. The above footage is from YouTube user supersonic83, which gives us a look at the updated Sweet Mountain Act 2 and the Green Wisp. In the video we can see the Green Wisp will be very handy for picking up bonuses, such as the red Special Rings and extra lives.


Next up, we have more of Tropical Resort Act 1 from Nintendo-Online. Nothing really new that we haven’t already seen, but we do learn that you can now gain ‘combo’ bonus points with the Cyan ‘lazer’ Wisp.


Finally, we have some footage of the DS version’s Tropical Resort Act 1. The video was recorded by SSMB member MarcelloF, who brought us footage of the DS version’s Special Stage. Hard to tell if anything has changed since we last saw the Act at E3. If you spot any differences, let us know in the comments. Thanks to MarcelloF for sharing this at the SSMB.

Sonic Colours DS Special Stage Revealed At Gamescom


Thanks to MarcelloF of the SSMB, we can reveal that Special Stages and Chaos Emeralds are in the DS version of Sonic Colours. MarcelloF attended Gamescom and recorded the above footage of the Special Stage. Those who have played the original Sonic Rush on DS will be familiar with the touch screen controlled half-pipe, but this time instead of collecting rings, you are collecting certain coloured spheres.

MarcelloF has explained the Special Stage and more at the SSMB:

First of all: Sorry about the low quality and lack of sound. We we’re using the camera of my friend’s mom and we didn’t know it didn’t record sound.

As you can see I was pretty noobish at the start because I didn’t know what to do. After a bit the Nintendo rep told me I had to collect the spheres of the same colors as the top screen. The rainbow ones can be collected at any time. And then there were checkered ones, that if you collected all of them you would get a 10 sphere bonus.

I didn’t film this, because I didn’t know until we stopped filming, but you get ranked in the Special Stages.

I have some other info that I don’t have on film.

Planet Wisp is Level 4.

Sonic’s model is a bit different from the other two Rushes. He’s much darker and unlike SRA his spindash has the classic form

Thanks again to MarcelloF for this.

Sonic Colours: New Trailer, Box Art and Release Dates


SEGA Europe and SEGA of America have just unveiled an exciting new gameplay trailer for Sonic Colours with more CGI cutscenes and musical goodness. Also unveiled are release dates and box artwork for both versions of the U.S. copies of the game. European fans will be able to get their hands on both versions later this year on November 12th and U.S. folks can go grab it November 16th.  We’ll keep an eye out for the Australian release date which was revealed yesterday to be sometime in November.

Interestingly, the box art appears to reveal the Wisp roster for each version of the game.  The Wii version will have Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green and Purple, while DS version will have Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Red and Violet.

The below press release has also been issued by SEGA Europe –

SEGA® Europe Ltd., is excited to confirm that Sonic Colours™, a brand new high speed action adventure in which Sonic the Hedgehog races through incredible theme park inspired worlds, will hit stores across Europe on November 12th 2010 for the home video game system Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ system.

In addition to this news, SEGA has today released their first gameplay trailer for Sonic Colours, showcasing the amazing new Drill and Laser Colour Power, as well as two vibrant theme park inspired worlds – Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain.

Sonic Colours™ will be released for the home video game system Wii™ and the Nintendo DS™ system on November 12th 2010. For more information about the game please visit

Don’t forget, we’ll have the E3 demo of Sonic Colours Wii & DS at Summer of Sonic tomorrow. If you haven’t got a ticket, you can still join in the fun an hour after ticket holders from 11:30am onwards providing there is space inside the venue.

Are you looking forward to Sonic Colours? Speak out in the comments!

Source: SEGA Europe Blog and SEGA of America Blog. Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads up!

November Release For Sonic Colours In Australia

SEGA Australia have issued the above release date schedule(click to enlarge) for their upcoming games and on the list we can see both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours are planned for a November release, which fits the original Late 2010 plan perfectly. No exact date is given, but at least Australian fans know what month to save their money for. Sonic titles don’t usually have a big release gap between regions, so hopefully the rest of the world will see a November launch too. We’ll update when we know more.

Source: GoNintendo
Thanks to Hero of Legend at the SSMB for the heads up!

New Sonic Colours Wii & DS Screens Show New Stage

A large batch of new screenshots for both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours have leaked to the net slightly early from the SEGA press site at the SSMB, the screenshots show more of the new stage teased in SEGA’s last Sonic Colours update in which the Rocket Wisp was revealed. According to the original file names of the screenshots posted here, the stage is called Planet Wisp, so could this stage have an integral part in the story in regards to the Wisp aliens?

You can check out all of the screenshots below, thanks to Hero of Legend at the SSMB for the heads up!



New Sonic Colours Screens & Art

Courtesy of we have some new screenshots for both the Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours aswell as 3 new pieces of artwork. The screens show us more of Sweet Mountain Zone and Tropical Resort Zone, no new stages are shown. Some of the images you may recognise from magazine previews but I’m sure you’ll welcome them in their larger size and better quality. Though the Sonic and Wisp group art is new, the Sonic render itself was used on official Japanese Sonic site Sonic Channel back in 2008(thanks for the heads up ENVY16).

You can check out all of the screens and art below –



DS :


Nintendo of America Open Sonic Colours Product Pages

Nintendo of America have opened their product pages for Sonic Colours(or Colors as it’s called there since it’s American) and interestingly they have the the number of players for both versions down as ‘To be determined’, so could we be seeing a multiplayer mode announced sometime in the future? The pages reaffirm both games will support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection though they don’t list the features available but folks keeping tabs will know that SEGA revealed a short while back that the games will have online leaderboards. The pages list an Holiday 2010 release for both versions which fits in with SEGA’s Late 2010 date. Everything else available has already been seen but still it’s intriguing to see the no. of players hasn’t been decided which opens speculation as to what kind of multiplayer modes could be being implemented and what characters could appear were the feature added to the games. Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Wii product page
DS product page

We’ll keep an eye open for any further details that may appear in the future on both product pages and report back here.

More Sonic Colours Wii and DS Footage



Courtesy of shigamodo and VGPTGS we have some new gameplay footage of both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours. The DS video gives us a much clearer look than previous videos since the gameplay is being fed through a specially designed monitor (or monitors should we say?) and in the footage we can exactly how the Red Wisp’s fire abilities benefit Sonic by giving an air dash type of attack similar to that of Sonic 3’s, only now he can boost in any direction.

The Wii footage shows more of Sweet Mountain Zone where we see there are some simple puzzles in place to open sections of the act before you can continue and we also see the double jump we saw in previous footage, but now it’s use is more clearly revealed. Double jump hasn’t been seen in a 3D Sonic game since Sonic R, are you glad to see it’s return? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Dabnikz at the SSMB for the heads up on both videos!

2 Sonic Colours DS Gameplay Videos have posted up 2 gameplay videos of the DS version of Sonic Colours, one showcases an act which as guessed from screenshots plays very much like Sonic Rush while the other video contains a boss battle where we see the red Wisp’s fire powers used in combat. Nothing much else is shown but we expect this is only the start of more media to come flooding in regarding Sonic Colours.

1up video 1
1up video 2

Thanks to PC the Hedgehog at the SSMB for the heads up!

More Wii & DS Sonic Colours Screens and Joystiq Preview

After CVG revealed 5 new Wii screenshots SEGA have released more screens of both versions of Sonic Colours via their Flickr account aswell as some hi-res pieces of artwork. From the new Wii screens we learn that Wisps will be contained in capsules much like the ones we’ve seen items be held within in pretty much every game since Sonic Adventure. In the DS screenshots we can see how Sonic Rush inspired the game is with the boost returning and the bright 2D stages but with both Rush games so well received that can’t be a bad thing can it? Check out all of the screens and artwork at the bottom of this article.

Joystiq have posted up their impressions of the E3 demo of the Wii version which sounds pretty positive, here are some of their main points –

•Sonic doesn’t talk. There are no conversations or text screens — just Sonic running around a lot, very quickly. The game was described to me by a developer as, “Sonic Unleashed minus everything but the running,” and that seemed an apt description, as Sonic races over huge walkways, bounces off of springs, and homes in on enemies, combo-ing them them in groups if timed exactly right.

•The cast is kept to a minimum. Well, the “colors” could be counted as friends, I guess, but they’re really just power-ups, activated by waggling the Wiimote. In the part I played, Sonic hit a yellow color creature, and waving the remote turned him into a drill that had him digging in any direction across a 2D plane, seeking out secret stashes of rings in the giant environment. A green color creature creates a laser that will aim Sonic and then launch him back out into the level.

•It’s fast. Sonic Adventure fast. The levels I played were bright and colorful, one long sprint of dodging and jumping and Sonic doing what he does best.

•I was told that there wasn’t a hub world, but there was definitely a map screen, showing off a series of planets in space from which Sonic could visit and access levels. In fact, my first reaction to seeing the game was: “Sonic Galaxy.” That’s not a bad thing, right?

Full Joystiq preview
Thanks to Mr.S at the SSMB for the heads up on the preview!

SEGA’s Sonic Colours Flickr set

Wii screens:

DS screens:


CONFIRMED: Sonic Colours Info From Nintendo Power

UPDATE: Photo’s of the issue of Nintendo Power from shadowthehedgehog are doing the rounds and they confirm the reports he gave earlier that we quoted. Looking at the screenshots the DS version appears to be very much like Rush 3 with the tension gauge(with added Wisp holder), Sonic’s model, the level designs and familiar enemies. The Wii version looks very much like Sonic Unleashed Wii/PS2 with it’s own gauge(that contains a Wisp holder) that and similar HUD but graphically looks better with prettier level designs. Two screens show Wisp powers in action on the Wii version and reveal their powers use the energy in your gauge.

Due to copyright we can’t post the scans here but the magazine will be out 8th June to buy though it can currently be picked up from some stores now according to reports. Thanks to shadowthehedgehog at Find The Computer Room Forums for providing the pics!

Long time member of Find The Computer Room Forum shadowthehedgehog claims to have an early subscription copy of Nintendo Power’s next issue due out 8th June which we reported to contain a huge 6 page Sonic Colours preview. shadowthehedgehog has posted up some details from the preview which you can read in the below quotes –

Thanks to my awesomeness I have read the issue of Nintendo Power featuring the game:

The game looks pretty nice, think of it as a prettier looking version of the Wii version of Unleashed, the two zones that were featured were Sweet Mountain zone, and Tropical Reservoir zone, and the former is a mountain of pastries, the said they wanted to include the crazy level designs from the old games, which is fine by me. It also said that in the 3D sections it will focus more on running from A-B akin to the Daytime stages of Unleashed, while the 2D sections will be more for platforming.

The DS version, can easily be called Sonic Rush 3, it looks exactly like those games, even the tension gauge is there, they said it would be similar to the Wii version.

Tails appears in the story but Sonic will be the only playable, they said the story is simple, light, and goofy, which is fine by me. Knuckles, and Shadow may also make an appearance in the game.

If someone has scans, please show them, because seeing it, is better than me explaining it.

Oh and Eggmanland makes a return, Yaaayyyy.

Last time I checked the storybook games didn’t have platforming, and there will be platforming.

Also there’s a level with giant Cheeseburgers.

I’m being serious, its really there, you also bounce off jello.

No scans or photo’s are provided so take this as rumour for now but if true it sure sounds like we’re getting a return of some of the wacky and fun levels we’ve come to expect from the 2D Sonic games, only this time they will be in part 3D for the Wii version at least. We’ll let you know when we see some confirmation of these details and more.

Thanks to spiny blue at the SSMB for the heads up!

First Footage Of Sonic Classic Collection

UPDATE: The same YouTube user has posted game play from Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 2. Thanks Eggman123 and Pearl for the heads up.


Original article below –

Thanks to YouTube user RondoOfBloodX fans of Sonic’s Mega Drive/Genesis series who are on the wall about purchasing Sonic Classic Collection on Nintendo DS can now rejoice as from this footage we can see everything is running perfectly smooth, graphics are fine and the sound seems to be fine too. Check it out in the above video and let us know if its a yes or a no from you in the comments.

Direct link to video

Thanks to sagagadego09 at the SSMB for the heads up!

Ridiculously Low Price Drops Result In ASR Wii Selling Out

UPDATE: All retailers that were selling the solo Wii version cheap then sold out have removed the listing. /UPDATE END

You may remember a few days ago we reported on many UK retailers listing ridiculously low price drops for the Wii & DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing well you can guess what has happened, they are now sold out for the Wii version at least but we expect the DS version will soon follow the same path so if you want that version jump in now.

Sold out status would normally be somewhat good news but selling out at those crazy prices you have to wonder if its at a loss to the retailers. To the consumer though a price drop makes a saving on the wallet, so if you want the DS version jump in now. Those retailers who sold the Wii version cheap still have stock but only of the Wii wheel bundle and its not as cheap as the solo version was listed at.

Retailers listing the DS version ridiculously cheap are :
ASDA: £17.91

Woolworths: £17.97

WH Smith: £17.93

Chips World: £17.99

Zavvi: £17.95

UK retailers still stocking the Wii version and the Wii version & Wii Wheel bundle at standard price are –

DVD: £26.99
DVD wheel bundle: £29.99

GAME: £29.99
GAME wheel bundle: £34.99

Amazon: £29.73
Amazon wheel bundle: £29.99

HMV: £29.99
HMV wheel bundle: £34.99

Zavvi wheel bundle: £29.95

Simplygames: £29.95

Play: £29.99
Play wheel bundle: £34.99

Gamestation: £29.99
Gamestation wheel bundle: £32.99

Gameplay: £29.99
Gameplay wheel bundle: £32.99

ShopTo wheel bundle: £29.85

Woolworths wheel bundle: £29.97

Tesco: £31.47
Tesco wheel bundle: £31.47

Chips World wheel bundle: £29.99

ASDA wheel bundle: £29.91

WH Smith wheel bundle: £29.93

Argos: £29.99

TheHut wheel bundle: £29.73

CD Wow: £30.99

Blockbuster: £34.99

ASR DS Trailer


SEGA Europe have just released this new DS trailer for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing giving you a better look at what alot of the tracks, characters and All-Star Moves will look like in the palms of your hands.

Thanks to mickybyte for the heads up!

Sonic City Blognik

ASR DS Demo Is Out Now On The UK Wii Nintendo Channel

The Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing DS demo the U.S. got a few days ago has finally hit the UK Wii Nintendo Channel, the demo lets you play as Sonic in Seaside Hill and contains Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels. Go grab it now and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Thanks to knuxtaben over at the SSMB for the heads up.

MANY UK Retailers Listing Crazy Cheap Prices For ASR Wii & DS

UPDATE: It turns out MANY UK retailers are listing both the Wii and DS versions at very cheap prices, we can now assume this isnt a pricing error. We’ve edited the original story below to reflect this update. /UPDATE END

Many UK retailer sites are listing very crazy cheap prices for the DS and non-wheel bundle Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. As of the time of this article’s publication retailers are listing both versions anywhere between £17.73 and £17.99. This could be a pricing error as the Wii version was originally listed at around £29.99 and DS at around £22.99 but its hard to believe all of these retailers would list the same error. As usual alot of the sites offer Free Delivery too to put the icing on this bargain cake. If you want the PC version cheap, HMV and Gameplay have got you covered at £12.99.

I for one have cancelled my £22.95 DS pre-order with Zavvi and re-ordered at the cheaper price, I’ll let you know if anything changes but if you want the game cheap now would be a good time to jump in and place an order.

Here is a list of all retailers selling the game at crazy prices –
Wii – £17.91
DS £17.91

Wii – £17.95
DS – £17.95

The Hut:
Wii – £17.73
DS – £17.73

Wii – £17.97
DS – £17.97

WH Smith:
Wii – £17.93
DS – £17.93

Chips World:
Wii – £17.99
DS – £17.99

DS – £17.73

[UPDATE:Footage]ASR DS Demo Now On U.S. Nintendo Channel

UPDATE 2: Footage on Easy difficulty now available thanks to YouTube user shigamodo. Thanks to BlueHedgehog 92 at the SSMB for the heads up. /UPDATE END

UPDATE: We’ve just checked the UK Nintendo Channel and its not there and Pearl over at the SSMB has just informed us that its on the U.S. Nintendo Channel. /UPDATE END

We’ve just got word in from a couple of members at the SSMB that the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing DS demo Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital said was coming has now arrived on the Nintendo Channel for you to download now. We dont know in which regions this has been released to yet but we’ll do our best to find out and update as soon as possible. If you can confirm its arrived in your region we’d be very grateful if you can let us know in the comments.

ASR: 3 New Wii Screenshots and Bottom Screens To Old DS Screenshots

Nintendo Europe have put up their product pages for both Wii and DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. In the Wii section we have 3 new screenshots in with some old screenshots and in the DS section we finally get to see the bottom screen from really old screenshots which reveal a very different layout to the final we’ve seen in the latest screenshots.

Comparing the old and new builds it appears the original plan was to have the map and the lap and position counters all on the bottom screen. The latest build shows the map has remained on the bottom screen with the lap and position counter moved to the top screen and a timer next to a best time record has been added to the bottom screen. We also see the map’s background colour used to be a brighter blue while the latest build has been given a less distracting darker blue.

The screenshots are all in flash so we cant post them here, you can check them out at both games product pages at Nintendo Europe’s website.

Wii product page
^ New screens from left to right are 6, 7 and 8.
DS product page

Our article with the latest DS screenshots for comparison

New ASR DS Screenshots

Nine new Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing DS screenshots have hit the net showcasing the Blizzard Castle track and what looks to be a volcano track complete with pools of lava, the complete opposite of the Blizzard Castle’s winter wonderland.

Check them out below –
(Click to enlarge)

Sources: GoNintendo’s Flickr and Gamespot for the 10th pic at the top of this post.

ASR Getting New Box Art For DS Version?

The U.S. version of the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing website has updated the DS version of the game’s box art with what look’s like a modified version of the old box art with new Sonic artwork. What’s odd though is the absence of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo that was on the old box art, that and we’ve known the DS version has online multiplayer for a while now.

You can check out the box art at the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing website, if you’re in the UK or any other territory click the flag at the top right and change it to the U.S. flag.

Thanks to HunterTSF over at the SSMB for the heads up and pic!

New Sonic DS Merchandise

Mad Catz, a company well known for creating gaming accessories over the years look to have acquired a Sonic license agreement with SEGA for DS accessories. The accessories are even tagged with SEGA’s modern Sonic The Hedgehog logo. Among the accessories being produced are plastic DS shells, wallet thingies and those trendy fad DS socks. They’ll be hitting shops soon but no date has been revealed yet.

Source: Kotaku

ASR DS Supports DS Rumble Pak

UPDATE: We’ve just found out via that are selling the DS Rumble Pak seperately. /END UPDATE

Steve Lycett under his S0L tag over at the SSMB has revealed that the Nintendo DS version will support the DS Rumble Pak. Good news for original DS and DS Lite owners who love force feedback.

Yep – both SST and ASR support the DS Rumble pack


For those not in the know, the DS Rumble Pak is an official accessory bundled with Metroid Prime Pinball in the U.S. and Actionloop in Europe that allows compatible games to give rumble feedback though none of those games require the accessory to play them. A smaller version to fit DS Lite better than the official Nintendo one was made in Japan by a company called Ewin. It’s a good option for your games if you have it/can get it.

Steve Lycett Clears Up ASR Nintendo Channel Info

Steve Lycett under his S0L tag has revealed that Nintendo’s Wii Nintendo Channel hasn’t just made a mistake about the Gamecube Controller support but they are also mis-informed about a couple of other things.

The Channel’s product page for Wii states the game supports Wii Connect 24 and the product page for DS states the game supports 2-6 player multiplayer. Steve informs us in a post at the SSMB that both of those statements are incorrect and the DS version supports 4 players locally and online.

Steve also reveals Mii support has been there since the beginning and Craig Duncan’s previous statement was incorrect and too early. The statement couldn’t be cleared up or the cat would have been out of the bag before the announcement was due.

Liking the Mii’s then

They’ve always been in though – we didn’t add them due to fan pressure. Craig was misquoted about them not being in – but I couldn’t really say anything about it as – well then the car would have been well and truly out of the bag

On the Nintendo Channel question…

Wii version doesn’t support Wii Connect 24 – not sure where they’ve got that from.

DS is only 4 player multiplayer (local and online) not 6. They’re right about the rest



As Steve states in the above post, everything else on the Nintendo Channel is true.
So new information now confirmed we have –

Mii support (which has now been officially confirmed today a day later by SEGA/Sumo Digital)

2-4 players multiplayer(locally and online)
Single Card Download-play Multiplayer
Multi Card Multiplayer

Editor’s note: Since the Nintendo Channel information have now been cleared up, we’ve binned yesterday’s article regarding those updates.

ASR: New Wii & DS Screenshots and Artwork have posted up some new screenshots for the Wii & DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, they’ve also grabbed some new artwork in which we can now see Big’s bike is themed around his best friend Froggy. Check them out below –

Wiiz also have some hi-res versions of the Wii & DS box arts. The Wii box art has been updated with the Wii Wheel logo.

Nintendo Power Preview Wii & DS ASR

Nintendo Power have previewed the Wii & DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing and have also received a few new screenshots of both versions. Nintendo Power re-affirm their earlier confirmation of a Space Channel 5 character presence in the game, no specific character is mentioned but our bets are on Ulala the star of that series. No new information is revealed unfortunately but its always nice to have a look at how the game is looking on the Wii & DS with so much attention always on the HD versions.

Check out the article below(Click thumbnail to enlarge).
Thanks to Emerl over at the SSMB for the scan.


Nintendo of America Reveal Q1 2010 Release Schedule


Nintendo of America have revealed their Q1 2010 release schedule and among both Wii and DS lists is Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. The Sumo Digital developed racing game is down for a March release which is very different to all of the U.S. retailers speculating a February release. Up until now SEGA of America and Sumo Digital have only given an Early 2010 release of which March is well within that barrier.

With Microsoft revealing the full online and offline features, Nintendo now revealing the release month and a special announcement due this week from SEGA/Sumo Digital things are sure to get very exciting from now until release.

Sources: Worth Playing
Official Nintendo Magazine UK

Sonic Classic Collection Releasing March 2nd In U.S.?

Sonic Classic Collection U.S. Box Art

We all know retailers love to speculate release dates for future games well the fun has begun with Sonic Classic Collection on Nintendo DS that SEGA confirmed to be launching March 2010. are now listing the game and have it down for a March 2nd 2010 release in U.S. shores so they have their month right at least. Price is also listed at the very fair $29.82.

Amazon also confirm Sonic & Knuckles will lock-on with Sonic 2 and 3 but there is no mention of Sonic 1 so the Blue Sphere game that’s been present in past collections may be absent in this one.

Here’s Amazon’s product info –
* All of the best original Sonic games in one fantastic compilation
* These much-loved classics come complete to the handheld arena for the first time. Now you can experience the games that defined a genre anywhere, anytime
* For the first time in Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic The Hedgehog 2, players can saved their progress at any point while playing so that you miss none of the non-stop action

Sonic The Hedgehog, one of the world’s most recognized and successful video-game characters returns to the Nintendo DS in this new collection of his original adventures. Sonic Classic Collection is the complete compilation of the original SEGA Genesis Sonic titles, consisting of the following genre-defining games: • Sonic The Hedgehog • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 • Sonic The Hedghog 3 • Sonic & Knuckles It also features two extra lock-on modes from the originals whereby Knuckles becomes a playable character in both Sonic 2 and 3 to complete the full experience. For the first time the best of classic Sonic comes to the Nintendo DS for a new generation of gamers!

More Sonic Classic Collection U.S. Details And Box Art

Sonic Classic Collection U.S. Box ArtBox Art

SEGA of America have revealed more on the U.S. version of Sonic Classic Collection on the game’s product page including the U.S. box art which contains a very different background compared with the European artwork. Also on the website is the game’s ESRB rating of E for Everyone and the release date that has been updated from Spring, 2010 to March, 2010 which means the game will hit the U.S. the same month as Europe.

U.S. Press Release
U.S. product page

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