Pointlessly cool thing of the day: Sonic Adventure on a USSR 1970s Portable TV!



Let’s set the scene here quickly. It’s 1979, you’re out on the road, taking a rest stop and need to kill some time… The only thing you have is that brand new portable television set that you imported from Russia, and that new-fangled ‘dreamcast’ box thing that wandering time traveller left you with before going off on his merry way (bear with us here). So you hook up your spare car battery, power up the T.V set, and manage to hook up the system… and what do you know! You’re playing Sonic Adventure in black and white on a screen no wider than 7 inches…

Ok, so hardly any of that actually happened, but it got your attention I hope!

Anyway, my father has this really, really old portable television (portable in the sense that it weighs 5kg/11lb and is larger than your average cinder brick, and to use it ‘portably’ you need to power the thing with a car battery) and we only just got it working again. With no analogue television signal to test it, why not hook up a Dreamcast to it? To cut the long story short, it worked. Very well! There’s a small, but fairly clear picture, and the sound quality is excellent!


Could this possibly be the oldest television a Dreamcast has ever run on? Maybe, unless the readers know anything older!

The Vault: The 1999 European Sonic Speed Challenge

Hello and welcome to a new feature that I’m going to do every now and again. Normally we look at the current news regarding Sega and Sonic, but for now, I’d quite like to look at some of the older and more obscure items Sonic’s history because, sometimes it’s fun to do that.

We all know how Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 has recently been re-released right? Well how many of you downloaded the DLC? On the Dreamcast?

Continue reading The Vault: The 1999 European Sonic Speed Challenge

Sonic Generations: Dreamcast Era Trailer


Coming from IGN is the latest trailer for Sonic Generations. This one covers the Dreamcast era. This time, we get a very tiny bit of Speed Highway to check out in both classic and modern. Now this kind of video I can handle. Not a spoiler-filled half-hour playthrough. Just a teeny taste of what’s to come.

SEGA Officially Announces Dreamcast Collection

SEGA has today officially announced the Dreamcast Collection, a title that was rumoured to be on the way in November last year and later confirmed in December by SEGA’s Alan Pritchard. The collection will include all Dreamcast games that have been released or are currently on the way to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, which are Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5: Part 2 and SEGA Bass Fishing. There’s currently no word on if the Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut DLC will be included.

The Dreamcast Collection will be available for Xbox 360, PC and PC Download on February 25th 2011 in Europe and February 22nd in North America, February 24th in Australia and February 25th in New Zealand. It seems PS3 owners will have to stick to the individual releases on PlayStation Network.

The full press release sent out by SEGA is available below:

SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced that a packaged compilation of classic titles from SEGA’s popular Dreamcast™ console will hit retail shelves on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and the PC. The Dreamcast Collection will be available on February 25th 2011 in Europe and February 22nd in North America, February 24th in Australia and February 25th in New Zealand.

The Dreamcast Collection includes the fan favourites Sonic Adventure™, Crazy Taxi™, SEGA Bass Fishing™ and Space Channel 5™: Part 2. Players will get to enjoy four very different Dreamcast experiences, from hopping behind the steering wheel of Crazy Taxi, to taking things a little slower by luring in their fish before catching them hook, line and sinker with SEGA Bass Fishing. Alternatively, take over as intergalactic news reporter Ulala in Space Channel 5: Part 2 and dance your way past the evil Rhythm Rogues, or make it all about speed in Sonic’s first Dreamcast outing, Sonic Adventure!

SEGA’s Dreamcast Collection features enhanced graphics for both platforms versions, providing an even more engaging experience. In addition to this, achievements and online leader boards will be available for each game providing a competitive edge and allowing players to prove their skills!

“The Dreamcast console is still remembered as a pioneering console for online gaming,” commented Gary Knight, VP of Marketing at SEGA of America and SEGA Europe “We are delighted to be able to offer to our large community of dedicated fans a collection such as Dreamcast Collection for them to enjoy old favourites on this generation of consoles”.

Dreamcast Collection will be available in Europe in February 2011 for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PC and PC digital download.

Source: iTWire

Will you be picking up this collection? Let us know in the comments.

Sonic Adventure Now Available On EU & U.S. PSN

A week after the Xbox Live release, Dreamcast classic Sonic Adventure is now available to purchase and download on the PS3’s PlayStation Store, for £6.29/€7.99/$9.99 and weighs in at 1.52 GB. It was made available yesterday in the U.S. and just minutes ago in Europe. If you’re in the U.S. and you’re after more content for the game, a DLC pack that upgrades the game to Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut with extra missions and Metal Sonic character (after obtaining 130 emblems) is available for $4.99 and weighs in at 173 MB. Europe will have to wait until at least possibly next week for the DX DLC pack, according to Sony Europe’s Mike Kebby at the EU PlayStation Blog.

> It looks like the Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade is out next week, though don’t hold me to this just yet.

Will you be downloading the game? Let us know in the comments.

Full PS Store updates for this week:

[UPDATE]DLC and More Revealed For Sonic Adventure XBLA/PSN

UPDATE: I’ve been informed by fellow staff member nuckles87, that the DLC pack is already available on Xbox Live Marketplace and I too can confirm it is available. Edward@Sega officially confirms this on the SEGA of America blog, along with some details:

Final piece of news: there is also a DLC pack available for the game — if you wish, you can download it and convert this original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure into the “Director’s Cut” version, Sonic Adventure DX! Sonic Adventure DX was the enhanced version released on the Nintendo GameCube, and includes 60 additional missions as well as Metal Sonic as a playable character.


SEGA Japan has confirmed today that Sonic Adventure‘s Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network ports will be released there September 29th. Not only that, downloadable content will be simultaneously available, that when purchased will upgrade the game to Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut. This extra content will be priced at ¥500 (about £3.74) on PSN and 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. No word on whether the rest of the world will see this content on the same date or not.

SEGA also revealed the Xbox 360 version will support Avatar Awards and the PS3 version will support Home Rewards, but the company hasn’t revealed what those Awards and Rewards actually are. With the Xbox 360 version out in the U.S. and Europe today, we’ll likely see the Avatar Awards revealed soon.

What Avatar Awards and Home Rewards would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Andriasang

IGN & 1UP Review Sonic Adventure XBLA/PSN

Gaming media giants, IGN and 1UP have given their opinions on the downloadable port of Sonic Adventure that is due to hit Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network today. It appears both of reviewers didn’t have a lot of fun with the game, just look at the scores, IGN’s Arthur Gies gives the game a 3.5/10 and 1UP’s Ray Barnholt a D.

Why such a low score and a low-grade? Both put an emphasis on complaints about poor controls, a bad camera, outdated graphics and sections that don’t require any player input. IGN’s Gies goes so far as to say the game borders on unplayable:

The game was so fast, in fact, that you probably didn’t even realize how broken it actually is. Sonic Adventure is so fundamentally flawed that it borders on unplayable – the sections that move the fastest, that work most, that are even slightly interesting, require the least input from the player. In fact, in many of these sections, input from the player will result in death or catastrophe, and there’s really no way to know which until you either fly through not completely sure what happened or die, also not completely sure what happened.

1UP’s Barnholt also seems very frustrated and think the developers should have implemented some improvements to the game:

But the thing is, Sonic Adventure DX wasn’t all that improved over the original version, so all of the questionable physics and maddening controls are still here; not once re-evaluated, not even thought to be improved. If you remember getting Sonic caught on loop-the-loops or practically begging Amy to jump a little higher over one little ledge, you’ll experience all of it in the same spots. If levels like the Sky Deck drove you insane with its narrow walkways that were so easy to fall from, prepare to go crazy again. And while the game was already somewhat touchy, it also feels like it wasn’t even tuned for the Xbox 360 controller and its analog sticks. Listen carefully and you can hear the shattering of rose-tinted lenses.

For the full reviews, head over to IGN and 1UP.

Do you agree with IGN and 1UP’s opinion’s? Do you plan on downloading the game today? Let us know in the comments.

Sonic Adventure PSN Release Date Revealed

According to a post made on SEGA’s Twitter account on Friday during a giveaway event, the PS3 version of Sonic Adventure will be hitting PlayStation Network the same day as the Xbox 360 version, which was announced a couple of weeks ago to be available for download from September 15th on Xbox Live Marketplace.

The post reads:

We are all out of shirts! Congrats to @evilslash13 and all our winners today! Reminder – Sonic Adventure on PSN / XBLA on 9/15/10!

Will you be downloading this Dreamcast classic? Let us know in the comments.

Source: SEGA’s Twitter

Happy Birthday, Dreamcast!

Eleven years ago on September 9th, 1999, the Dreamcast hit the market in North America (the 14th in Europe).  The system launched with some great titles and pumped out classics like Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur, Rez, Wetrix, PowerStone and many others. Although it didn’t do to well commercially and eventually left the market when some heavy competition appeared on the scene, the Dreamcast nevertheless garnered a rabid cult -like following. Despite its failure on the commercial front, the system still lives on thanks to the tireless efforts of homebrew creators and fans, giving extended life to an otherwise dead system.

Now, the Dreamcast will be brought back to life through XBOX Live and PlayStation Network, allowing for more widespread appreciation for an underrated console.

You were the best, Dreamcast.  Will you guys be playin’ some Dreamcast today?

Sonic Adventure Priced & Dated For Xbox Live Marketplace

UPDATE: SEGA of America have backed this news up with a new blog entry, which contains 8 new screenshots that you can check out at the bottom of this article. /UPDATE END

Microsoft’s ‘Major Nelson’ has today revealed, via his blog, the Xbox Live Marketplace releases for the month ahead, which includes Sonic Adventure for the Xbox Live Arcade. The Dreamcast classic will be available to Xbox 360 owners on September 15th, priced at 800 Microsoft Points. There’s no word elsewhere from Sony or SEGA about the PS3 version, but we’ll let you know when we hear something.

For more information about Sonic Adventure on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, check out the games product page at SEGA’s website.

Sonic Adventure Coming To Xbox Live Arcade?

SEGA fan site SEGAOnline has got a photo of a Sonic Adventure listing on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade, most likely from the developers/testers network. In the listing we can see the original Dreamcast version’s logo which suggests that version will be the one available rather than the PC/Gamecube Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut.

The options available are the free Trial, the full game and a Game Add-on pack for an Extended Package which means we could be getting the Dreamcast downloadable content for the game, the extra’s the DX: Directors Cut version had or maybe even some brand new content.

We’ll keep you up to date when more information becomes available.

Rumour: Leaked Document Reveals ‘Sonic Anniversary’

megatonMany different news sources are reporting that a SEGA America FTP bungle has resulted in a communication with Sony Computer Entertainment America being leaked on the Internet. The document, appearing to be notes from a meeting dated 5th August, include mention of special console-specific DLC characters for Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, a new ‘Sonic Anniversary’ title to arrive on PS3 and multiple ways of SEGA offering exclusive content to Sony’s home console – including an introduction of classic Dreamcast titles on the PlayStation Network.

Of most note to Sonic fans, the ‘Sonic Anniversary’ project appears to be a new title – either in development or consideration – that aims to collect “all Sonic games on one BD [Blu-Ray Disc] disc”. The document ponders a retail price point of $99, which may be reasonable depending on whether it really is an entire collection of Sonic titles. Most intriguing is a note that says: “SCEA would love PSN exclusive power ups/different game modes (like Castlevania’s flip it over/backwards)” – raising hopes that such a collection would be in the vein of Sonic Jam more than simple emulations like Sonic Mega Collection. Spin Dash in Sonic 1 once again?

Speaking on Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, special non-SEGA characters could make an appearance in the form of DLC with the following note; “Open to DLC to differentiate PS3 SKU – not ratchet and clank but other characters… maybe characters from Rare or Fable universes”. The latter two franchises suggest that the same sort of DLC is planned for the Xbox 360 version too, although who would we see? Kameo? Joanna Dark? The dog from Fable? A shame that Ratchet and Clank is ruled out (probably something Sony said), as it sounds like a good fit for the game.

According to the document, Sony also has intentions to sell PS2 games on the PlayStation Network, referencing an unnamed Sonic game and GTA Vice City as examples. SEGA also muses the possibility of Dreamcast digital titles, stating a possible exclusivity deal with Sony; “If we provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively… If we give them a long period of exclusivity they’ll give us more marketing support.”

If true, it all seems to be very exciting news for both SEGA fans and Sony PS3 owners alike. It also means that this is the latest in several incidents where SEGA America’s FTP team has leaked documents by uploading them publicly by accident. You can see the entire thing at Sonic Retro.

Blue Sonic-Branded Dreamcast on eBay


Sonic Adventure 2 was a big deal back in 2001. Hype was at fever pitch among the Sega faithful, the game had very positive reviews (remember when that happened?) and countless merchandise was released for the game that was to coincide with Sonic’s 10th Anniversary. There were limited edition statues, glass cubes, CD soundtracks and booklets… we even discovered goblets most recently! One of the biggest and most sought after of the bunch though, was an ultra-rare blue Sega Dreamcast in Sonic’s name. Signed by Yuji Naka, the only one actually seen in the wild was on an episode of Thumb Bandits, given away as part of a contest.

Now, you can obtain that very console for your collection. If you have a spare grand and a half.

On everyone’s favourite backyard sale, a chap is letting go of this very rare item – which includes a white and blue Sonic themed controller, a copy of Sonic Adventure 2, the usual bits that came with a Dreamcast and of course the blue console with a Sonic imprint and Naka signature – for £1,500. What recession?

Sega Dreamcast Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Rare – eBay (ta, Jemnezmy)

Own a Dreamcast? Fancy singing with Sonic?

So, I was browsing Ebay for rare Sonic merchandise and stumbled across this little gem being sold by user 1ninja*com. I’ve never seen it before as apparently it was only released in Japan. It’s a karaoke add-on for the Dreamcast that comes with a microphone, this particular pack I assume has Sonic tracks on the CD with it to sing along too since the seller lists it as ‘Sonic Karaoke’, though I don’t know which tracks they are. Continue reading Own a Dreamcast? Fancy singing with Sonic?

Sega confirm Dreamcast.com to be a phishing scam

Dreamcast.com, the site that over the last few days has been asking “Do you still own a Dreamcast?” has now been 100% proven a fake phishing scam. Sega have revealed that they no longer own Dreamcast.com. Sega plan to take action against the site owners for using their logo’s illegally and request that no-one gives any of their information to the website.


New Mega Drive/CD title in the works

The Sega Homebrew community are currently working on a new Mega Drive and Mega CD game called Pier Solar and plan to release it on cartridge for Mega Drive and of course CD for Mega CD. The game is not licensed, produced or endorsed by Sega so I don’t know how they plan on mass producing it on cartridge and CD to the public.

Anyway, the game is an anime stype RPG and look’s quite good from the screenshots and trailer. The guys have even made an official website for the game.

The game is set for a Fall 2008 release.

In other news Sega have re-released Boarder Down on to their Dreamcast console, the game looks to be produced on the Dreamcasts GD-Rom disks. The game is released today at 7,140 yen.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for further developments!

Dreamcast Price Cut Official

As previously reported by FGN Online, Sega has now confirmed Dreamcast price drop number one.

Sega of America has lowered the price to $79.95, down from $99.95. The company will continue to support Dreamcast with more than 20 titles this year, including the first online baseball sim, Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K2, the first online console games to use in-game voice chat, Alien Front Online and Propeller Arena; as well as sequels to top-selling brands such as NFL 2K2, NBA 2K2 and Shenmue II.

In addition, Sega will also drop the prices of the controller to $14.95, the VMU to $9.95 and the Sonic Hardware Bundle to $99.95, which includes a Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle and a Sonic blue VMU. Continue reading Dreamcast Price Cut Official

Stick with Ninty for Sonic Team! Confused?

Probably. But those of you that have a Sega Dreamcast, like me, you’ll be thinking about what console to get next. Seeings as Sega are currently not making any more consoles, the sensible option would be to grab the machine that has the most Sega support going for it. Well, at this stage it’s hard to tell, but in a recent interview led by IGN, Yuji Naka, Sonic Team boss and God in many people’s eyes, has said to stick with the Nintendo GameCube should you be a full on fan of Sonic Team.

Still a while before the Dreamcast kicks it, and with the different Sega departments making sequels and games that are console specific (SmileBit are currently developing Jet Set Radio Future, but only for X-Box), things may change from now and in the future. But for now, if you savour that Sonic Team flavour, bag a GameCube when your DC runs outta life.

Chao Can Be Good or Evil in SA2

We knew that Chao Gardens were set to return in Sonic Adventure 2, but we’ve never seen anything like this before! It looks like you’ll be able to now raise Good and Evil Chao!

The latest update to the official Sonic Team website shows the image of an angelic and demonic Chao, that can apparently be raised by any of the characters in the game. There will even be Hero and Dark Chao Gardens, so you can make them feel right at home. Continue reading Chao Can Be Good or Evil in SA2

Get Sonic Adventure 2, the Contest Way!

Woah! If you haven’t noticed already, Sega Europe has teamed up with Sega of America to give away a copy of Sonic Adventure 2! Go to the main page of the website, there’s a link to the competition there. Anyone from Europe and America can enter, and it’s worth taking part – you can win the game, the LIMITED EDITION BOX SET, SOAP Shoes, and a Swatch watch.

Official SA2 US Website Launches; 10th Anniversary Box Set Will Be Sold in North America

With 19 days left to go until the release of the biggest Sonic game ever, SEGA America has finally opened its own official Sonic Adventure 2 website. And as a double-whammy, the new site revealed that the 10th Anniversary special edition (that comes with gold coin, soundtrack and history book) will be sold in American stores!

Check it out here: Sonic Adventure 2 Website

Press Release Update: Sonic Advance, Sonic Adventure 2, ChuChu Rocket GBA and PSO Version 2

SEGA has just released official information on a a whole bunch of titles that they will be releasing this year. Read on for all the press release details for Sonic Advance, Sonic Adventure 2, ChuChu Rocket on Game Boy Advance and Phantasy Star Online Version 2. Continue reading Press Release Update: Sonic Advance, Sonic Adventure 2, ChuChu Rocket GBA and PSO Version 2

PSO Version 2 Box Artwork Unveiled – Online Play Requires Credit Card

Check out the official box art for Phantasy Star Online Version 2. It looks way cool! One thing that’s clearly noticeable from the front cover however are the words “Credit Card Required for Online Play (Details Inside).” Continue reading PSO Version 2 Box Artwork Unveiled – Online Play Requires Credit Card

Sonic Dreamcast Bundle Pack is Official, Only $120

You know the Sonic Dreamcast bundle that was rumoured to include Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle, a Sonic Adventure 2 demo and a blue VMU? Well SEGA has finally said that it’s official and in stores now. Continue reading Sonic Dreamcast Bundle Pack is Official, Only $120

New Sonic Adventure 2 Trailer Released

It’s more Sonic Adventure 2 video footage! Moving pictures! New moves! New stages! Excitement! The trailer below was published by IGN this week, as SEGA unveils more details on the game ahead of its official release date. Check it out below! Continue reading New Sonic Adventure 2 Trailer Released

SA2 to Ditch Adventure Fields; Will Use World Map

This just in – we just learned that Sonic Adventure 2 will use a world map in order to progress from stage to stage. This marks a change from its predecessor, which saw players travel between Zone markers using an Adventure Field. Continue reading SA2 to Ditch Adventure Fields; Will Use World Map

Shadow Dominates E3’s LA Convention Centre

E3 is the gaming industry’s superbowl; so it’s little wonder that various companies are prepared to spend loads of money on marketing their biggest titles in outrageous ways. Sega is no exception – to promote Sonic Adventure 2, the publisher has placed an absolutely massive Shadow poster across the outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Continue reading Shadow Dominates E3’s LA Convention Centre

SA2: Special 10th Anniversary Box Set Revealed

Big news about Sonic’s 10th Anniversary and we’re here to bring it to you! Sega has just announced a special Sonic 10th Anniversary CD, book and gold coin, which will all be sold together! It’ll be sold with a copy of Sonic Adventure 2, but only for limited time of two days. Continue reading SA2: Special 10th Anniversary Box Set Revealed

Rumour: Sonic Dreamcast Bundle Coming Soon?

The Sega Dreamcast will be getting a special Sonic-themed bundle soon, according to a listing on US retailer EBGames. You can see the pack here, which comes with a special packaging and will apparently include a blue VMU memory card and copies of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Shuffle, along with a demo for Sonic Adventure 2. Continue reading Rumour: Sonic Dreamcast Bundle Coming Soon?

SEGA Reveals E3 2001 Lineup

Sega has revealed their core line-up of titles that will be showcased at E3 2001. It looks like the company wants their foray into third party development to start with a bang, as a swathe of Gamecube and Game Boy Advance titles have been announced, alongside a rather large number of Dreamcast games. Continue reading SEGA Reveals E3 2001 Lineup