Sonic Kingdom Suffers Downtime

The Sonic Kingdom, host to a number of Sonic fansites including, Sonic United and The Sonic Stadium, suffered a week of downtime, making all sites inaccessible.

The problems started early Wednesday 3rd August when problems with the hard drive brought the server offline. According to Sonic Kingdom’s administrator, the providers delayed installing a replacement hard drive to the extent that he decided to move Sonic Kingdom to a new host. All services are now available since being restored sometime Tuesday 9th.

As a result of the server downtime, all Sonic News feeds were also unavailable. This resulted in problems for all sites using the feeds, which may have ranged from missing news to error messages. Our apologies to anyone who was adversely affected by this. To combat possible problems in the future, Sonic News may implement a feed backup.


Last night, if you couldn’t reach SONIC NEWS for your latest information, log onto the SSMB for some chatter or load some pages from The Sonic Stadium properly, it was because something went awry behind the scenes that spun the whole site and network into server overload.

The cause was a piece of code that TSS administrators had been applying to a new version of the website, that promises smoother browsing, quicker navigation, support for SSMB members and a large emphasis on site-member interaction.

The bug has been fixed, as we apologise to all the visitors and SONIC NEWS feed visitors and webmasters who had any inconvenience caused by this blip. SONIC NEWS is now back in operation, and will continue its planned coverage of the E3 2005 event next week. The Sonic Stadium’s interactive revamp has not been affected, although for all those interested, a completion date has still not been finalised.

Announcement: The Sonic Stadium is Down

Visitors may be wondering why, when they access, they do not recieve the Sonic Stadium (TSS) as normal, but an unprecedented 404 Error. Well, I just want to say to all my visitors and Sonic Stadium Message Board (SSMB) that we are attempting to control the problem – neither of us here at the Staff know what is going on either, and we are just as confused that someone could do this to us.

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PSO Servers Back Online After Suffering Internet Worm Attack

Phantasy Star Online players confused about the game’s extended downtime over the last week or so have finally been given an answer by Sonic Team. Apparently a rather malicious internet worm that has knackered a whole bunch of other sites and services made its way to PSO’s servers as well, so the developer took the action of taking things offline to fix it.

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