Happy Birthday Sonic! Sonic Channel’s June Artwork Features Blue Blur

How is it nearly June already? Have we really been quarantining for two months solid?? Well, June is always the happiest month for us at Sonic Stadium because it happens to be the birthday of SEGA’s fast-running mascot! And today, SEGA has revealed its latest artwork for the month of June, featuring Sonic himself. Continue reading Happy Birthday Sonic! Sonic Channel’s June Artwork Features Blue Blur

Zoom Like Sonic With These Official Video Conferencing Backgrounds

To all of you who are working from home during this coronavirus pandemic global lockdown – SEGA Japan wants you to know that it understands you. One of the big cultural shifts of the last few months, as countries experience house-bound isolations, is the rise in adoption of video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Many of these allow you to call using custom backgrounds. You can see where this is going. Continue reading Zoom Like Sonic With These Official Video Conferencing Backgrounds

OverClocked Remix Releases New Sonic Anniversary Album

A new album from the re-arrangement masters, OverClocked Remix, has just hit the interwebs. There’s a special reason to run out and get this one, because this latest release focuses on the past 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog. Just in time for the blue blur’s birthday! Continue reading OverClocked Remix Releases New Sonic Anniversary Album

TSS Exclusive: Sonic Colours Wallpaper

Sonic Colours was released last Friday (in Europe – officially, the US gets it tomorrow but it’s clear that some retailers across the pond just couldn’t wait to sell it early), and it’s a proper corker as well. TSS will be publishing its in-depth review shortly, but until then you can enjoy this exclusive wallpaper to jazz up your desktop.

You may remember that Sonic Wrecks and Sonic Retro have also posted up exclusive Sonic Colours wallpapers, and TSS’ offering differs in that it features Sonic, Tails and Yakker leaping against the colourful game’s title card design. Cool, isn’t it? You can download the European version here (which has the name spelled as ‘Colours’) and the North American version here (‘Colors’ – shudder).

Both wallpapers are in a 1920 x 1200 resolution, and can also be picked up in the Wallpapers section of the site should you miss this post some weeks later. Enjoy! Many thanks to SEGA for sending these to us!

Download the Sonic Chronicles Soundtrack

I’ve been busy beavering away at a little project for the site. Basically, I’m trying to get the Information and Downloads sections back online in some form or another. Ahead of a release of our Music Downloads section (which is basically an HTML version of what we offer on our FTP Portal, for those that like nice looking webpages), we’ve grabbed the Game Rip for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and you’re all invited to download it for yourselves. And because it’s from TSS, we’ve tagged the files properly and everything. So enjoy – I can rock hard to that Battle Theme 3 music all day. Cheers to Golden Hedgy for leading us to audio glory.

You can expect me to update you on various things regarding the Information and Download sections over the coming weeks. I don’t know how long this will take me, but there’s cause for celebration on the 24th October regardless…

Click the link below to head straight to our downloads page.
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Music Downloads Archive

Download the new Unleashed Trailer

When SEGA revealed the new, werewolfy Sonic Unleashed trailer earlier today, they probably didn’t expect so many people would take a vested interest in it. So much so that many fans are having trouble downloading it from their US FTP server. If you’re clamouring to get your hands on a copy of the trailer for yourself, we braced ourselves for the stormy bandwidth weather and… downloaded the trailer from the European Press network instead, saving us all the bother.

We’ve taken the ~300MB trailer and cut it down to size, but kept it in a good enough quality for you guys to still get wet over it. Right click, save to your computer and Print Screen all those frames of Super Sonic at your leisure!

Endless Possibility Trailer (TSS Media Portal) – 58.1MB
Right-click and select “Save As…”

Sonic Show Season 2 Roaring Success

Plenty to celebrate for The Sonic Show and The Sonic Stadium this week, as Episode 1 of the new series has proven to be a bigger success, beating its own records for downloads and hitting iTunes charts around the world.

Episode 1 is the first time The Sonic Show has been proudly hosted by The Sonic Stadium, and featured a lot of changes in production, including a heavier emphasis on new material and less time-filling music videos. Slingerland’s Corner has remained a hit favourite with many viewers.

The 40-minute premiere has been downloaded over 3,000 times in the two weeks it has been released, compared to over 5,000 downloads for Episode 10 of Series 1 (since Autumn 2007). The Sonic Show jumped to the Top 30 in the UK and US iTunes charts the week following its release. Continue reading Sonic Show Season 2 Roaring Success

New Look FastFeet Media and FFM Forums… coming soon

Evenin’ all. Just popped in to say for those of you who aren’t using FastFeet Media and also for those of you that do but use SSMB too – a little announcement. FastFeet Media is having a new look placed up at the end of October with loadsa new bits including:

  • New look website
  • Brand new Invision forums…
  • ….with Bit Torrent downloads!
  • But FTP will still be with us
  • and last but not least the new channel SS:TV!!

Continue reading New Look FastFeet Media and FFM Forums… coming soon

SAGE and the FTP Service

First of all, the SAGE 8 coverage is finally finished. We’re not usually this slack, so apologies to the SAGE crew for being so tardy, but given the amount of troubles we’ve got at this time, I guess it’s understandable. The next event that’s due to start are… well, THREE actually. June marks the start of SonicVerse Team’s Sonic Comic Convention, Prower Power is going to launch it’s very first Chaos Con, and then of course you have TSS’ very own Sonic Site Awards 2004. 2004 marks a slight change for the SSA, so that the original aim of awarding smaller lesser known Sonic sites can be focused on a little bit. But more on that when the time comes.

On a side-note, Prower Power is a new affiliate of TSS. How did he do it? He didn’t ask. ;P Think about it. If you’re desperate to have a link on TSS, then there is the Links Section that gets a LOAD of attention every day (trust me, I’ve seen the figures… wait, hang on, they stay here, obviously… honest. They just like to know about other sites… heeey, my site is good.. isn’t it? :D). Oh, and as a gesture of how 1337 buddies we are, Sonic CulT and TSS have decided to make a little banner exchange with each other. So TSS visitors can see a link to the CulT and CulT Members can snoop around on TSS if they’re that bored. ^_^ Continue reading SAGE and the FTP Service

Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

First off, the response to the Sonic Scansday has gone, for the most part, pretty well. Remember if you have any magazine adverts, old artwork from comics and mags, comic scans or other print media that can be scanned, be sure to wing them our way. On the back of this, some people who don’t seem to like Sonic can’t understand that if you don’t like Sonic, then you shouldn’t be here. These people’s behaviour is what’s scientifically known as “Being A Dumbarse”. Here are the rewards from this weeks Scansday:

More from Scansday next week. Get your submissions in! Continue reading Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

Sonic X-Treme Lead Designer Shares Long Lost Music Tracks

Ever wanted to know what long lost SEGA Saturn game Sonic X-Treme would have sounded like? Well, now you can, as former SEGA Technical Institute developer Chris Senn has shared a number of tracks from the game’s in-development soundtrack. Continue reading Sonic X-Treme Lead Designer Shares Long Lost Music Tracks

Sonic Team Website Launches MiniToy Archive, Sonic Adventure 2 Jigsaw Puzzle

Got some time to kill? Sonic Team certainly has, it seems – in between making incredible hedgehog-focused platforming games, the studio has dabbled in some crude but cute Flash-based micro-games in the form of a ‘MiniToy’. This week, Sonic Team’s website updated with an archive of these internet playthings, along with a new Chao Fortunes toy and a Sonic Adventure 2 jigsaw puzzle. Continue reading Sonic Team Website Launches MiniToy Archive, Sonic Adventure 2 Jigsaw Puzzle

Sonic Team.com Celebrates 1 Million Visitors With Eggman Clock

Congratulations Sonic Team! The official website for the company that makes our favourite video games has just passed a really big milestone – one million visitors! To celebrate, the team has added a cute little Eggman clock for your computer. Continue reading Sonic Team.com Celebrates 1 Million Visitors With Eggman Clock

Halloween Costumes Unveiled for Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Team has released another download for Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast! This time, to celebrate Hallowe’en, the studio is offering players the chance to give each character in 2P mode a spooky makeover. Sonic will don a pumpkin suit, while Rouge will be wearing a witches’ outfit. See some images after the jump, and check out the download page on the Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast webpage to get it. Continue reading Halloween Costumes Unveiled for Sonic Adventure 2

‘Eggrobo Toujou’ Race Track Released for Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Team has released a new piece of downloadable content for Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. Called ‘Eggrobo Toujou’, the VMU file contains a skin for Sonic in the Kart Racing mini-game that changes him into a classic Egg Robo from Sonic & Knuckles. The download also comes with a special ‘E’ shaped track, which when played features the ‘E.G.G.M.A.N.’ theme in the background.

You can pick up the file from the official SA2 website here.

SA2: Dr Eggman Theme Available for Download

Sonic Team has released a small update for players of Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast. It’s the Dr. Eggman theme, which you can download and use as a menu screen voice/background for the game. As you sweep across various menu items, you’ll hear Eggman speak to you in his gravelly tones. If you want it go to the SA2 Dreamcast website and download to your VMU.

SEGA Releases 10th Anniversary Wallpaper

What better way to celebrate Sonic’s 10th Anniversary than with an official desktop wallpaper? Well, SEGA understands your needs – which is why it has shared a special background for fans to use on their computers to celebrate the big event.

You can download the wallpaper in full by heading to The Sonic Stadium’s Wallpaper section.

New Sonic Wallpaper Released by Sonic Team

Who wants a change of scenery for their desktop? Sonic Team has you covered. The studio has just released a brand new wallpaper image, and it’s quite sleek and elegant if we do say so ourselves. Read on to get a bunch of download options depending on your monitor’s screen resolution. Continue reading New Sonic Wallpaper Released by Sonic Team

TSS Update: Downloads and Shenmue!

Hey everyone, hope all’s going well with you! The News section has been updated, and is now hopefully up to date (knowing my luck, it’s probably old news by now)! The Online Shop is going strong – get your pre-order for Shenmue in NOW! You may not get a copy on release! It’s in high demand! We’ve added new downloads – catch yourself a Sonic desktop theme to liven up your PC. Continue reading TSS Update: Downloads and Shenmue!