Donate to Sonic Retro if you <3 it

Visitors of Sonic Retro might have noticed frequent downtime in the past couple of weeks.  Well, to remedy that, Scarred Sun, one of the admins at Retro, has a plan: give her money.  Give her some damn money.  She’s good for it, trust me.

The donations will move Retro off of CulTNET, thus keeping other CulTNET sites online if Retro happens to go down again in the future and could possibly make the site faster.  If you like Retro and/or CulTNET, you’d be a fool to not donate to one of the most important communities in this dark, dark corner of the internet dedicated to a blue hedgehog.

CulTNET asking for donations to keep network online

Sazpaimon, host of CulTNET, is in debt and would like your assistance in keeping the network online.  CulTNET hosts many Sonic fan sites, such as Sonic Retro, X-Cult, Hacking Cult, and the Hidden Palace. $150 is due by next week, so if you are a fan or visitor of a site in CulTNET, do not hesitate to donate.  Sazpaimon says that you can donate in the following ways:

1. Paypal, easiest method: is the address.

2. Paypal, yes again. If you don’t have a paypal account, but have a credit/debit card, head over to and click the paypal button at the top of the left column. Select to continue without logging in, and enter your info.

3. Snail mail. If you don’t have EITHER, this is your only option. PM me for details on this.