What if Sound Test Saturday… had lyrics?

In that case, it would be an awesome Sound Test Saturday, wouldn’t it!

April is a beautiful month, is it not? Spring is here, snow is gone, and the weather is beginning to warm up! Warmth and heat is always a nice thing… unless the whole city’s on fire!

For this week’s column, we got a couple of hot song covers for you all! And not just any kind of music covers: I mean high quality, grade A, top of the line, hot hot hot singing and songwriting! That’s right, this week’s Sound Test Saturday brings you pre-existing Sonic music with lyrics!

Let’s turn the heat up and start off with Smooth4Lyfe‘s energetic cover of Modern Crisis City, “Heart of Fire”!


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SegaSonic:Radio – Schedules and New Shows!

SEGASonic:Radio, as many of you will know is the Sonic Stadium’s radio station, run by our team of resident DJ’s bringing you news, reviews, banter and of course the best selection of Sonic the Hedgehog related music!

As well as the current line up, T-TIME Season 3, hosted by your truely, will be back this Sunday at 5PM BST after a long hiatus with a special 2 hour episode! Tune in for some metal-themed mayhem and some opportunities to nab some merch!

Of course, there’s also the full array of other shows to listen in to all week round:

Talk It Up: Monday, 4pm GMT

A/V Hijack: Monday, 6pm GMT

The Raccoon Zone: Tuesday, 9pm GMT

SpeedKnux Pie: Thursdays, 7pm GMT

Turbo Drive Live: Friday, 8pm GMT

The Realm of Awkward  Banter: Saturdays, 1am GMT

Paraphernalia Radio: Saturdays, 10pm GMT

EC-Airwaves: Sunday, 10am GMT

DJ Darkspeeds (Once a Month): Sundays, 4pm GMT

Radio Redux: Sunday, 8pm GMT

You can find all you need to tune in and to join in the chat in the IRC Chat room at the SEGASonic:Radio Web page!

“Voice of Eggman” Mike Pollock Live on SSR Sunday 4:00PM GMT on DJ Darkspeeds


Bonkers Aussie Sonic superfan Elson “Darkspeeds” Wong usually goes full-tilt when he wants to do something, and he’s certainly added some spice to the SEGASonic:Radio line-up; this week will be no exception! Voice actor Mike Pollock, best known as the voice of Dr. Eggman in the Western version of Sonic X will be joining Darkspeeds for a chat on his show!

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