Sonic City Blognik Clears Up ASR Demo Difficulty, Future Demos

Has the Xbox 360 demo of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing been kicking your ass? Well, apparently, the default difficulty settings on the demo are set to “Advanced.”  If you’re getting rocked hard, then you should go and change the settings, according to ArchangelUK at the Sonic City Blognik:

Hey guys, if you find you’re struggling to achieve victory on the demo there might be a reason for it. Apparently the 360 demo has gone out with the settings set on Advanced, no idea why but apparently you might find that is the case.

So if you’ve been blindsided by a KO Boxing Glove on the final bend and are feeling a bit irked, nip into the Game Settings and set it to Basic.

AAUK also addressed the desire for a demo on other platforms, which is a definite possibility.  With other demos comes the removal of Banjo-Kazooie, but another character would be taking their place on the other platforms:

Naturally the question I’ve been asked the most is “Is there going to be a PS3 demo coming out?” well as I said in the blog yesterday there will be more opportunities to play test the game coming. *HINT**HINT* ;)

Oh and no, other platform demos wouldn’t just have Sonic playable there would be a second character .

The Xbox 360 demo of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing will be made available to Silver Xbox Live members next week.  Currently, it is only available for gold.

[via Sonic City Blognik]