RUMOUR: Sonic Lost World Details Coming May 29th, Game Features Six ‘Guardians’

Sonic Lost World

According to a couple of our readers, the official Sonic Facebook page leaked the Sonic Lost World announcement early this morning, including three images and the promise of more details May 29th. One of the images sounds like the above one released this afternoon, while another is said to have featured the outline of six ‘guardians’ from the game who may be friends or foes. What gives these details some credibility is that both readers say the leaked post mentioned the SEGA and Nintendo partnership for the next three Sonic games BEFORE it was even announced this afternoon.

You can read the 2 comments after the jump. Thanks to M.S. and Bark the Polar Bear for the info.
If you saw the images and managed to grab them before they were removed, please send us a news tip at
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SEGA Confirms Sonic Dash, First Game Details

hardlight logo

Following our report on Tuesday about Sonic Dash being listed in an Hardlight job listing, SEGA has confirmed to Kotaku that the game is indeed on the way.

“At this time, Sega is able to confirm that we are working on a new mobile game titled Sonic Dash. We have not announced any specific details on the product but we will be releasing additional information on this exciting, new game in the near future.”

That’s all well and good, but what about game details, Shadzter? Hit the jump and you shall receive.
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SEGA Finally Releases S&ASR Transformed 3DS Screenshots & Details

S&ASR Transformed 3DS Screenshots 1

UPDATE: The game will be available via the 3DS eShop in Europe this Friday for £29.99. We’ve also added ten new screenshots to our gallery.

SEGA has finally spoken out about the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on their blog. The post on said blog has revealed that the game will include 22 characters (including your Mii character), with over 20 tracks and arenas to explore. 3DS specific features include StreetPass challenges and features and multiplayer with up to seven of your friends using multi cart or single cart play.
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New Sonic Generations 3DS Screenshots and Details

Nintendo UK has put up a product page for the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, which contains 3 new screenshots of the game’s Casino Night Zone and Mushroom Hill Zone stages. The page also reveals that the game will support the Play Coins feature of the 3DS to unlock ‘new challenges, and says that using the 3DS’ StreetPass feature will allow you to receive new unlockable content including new missions when you interact with other players. The game’s Versus Mode is said to feature a status points system, which sounds similar to the one used in Sonic Rush Adventure and the DS version of Sonic Colours.

It also appears the game will have some form of replay value involving other characters. According to the game’s description, players will rescue Sonic’s friends in each level. You’ll then be able to “see the levels in a different light”, with the friends then able to join him when replaying a level.

You can read the full description and view the new screenshots below:

It’s two decades since Sonic first sped onto your screen, and in honour of the world’s favourite hedgehog, the best of past and present have been combined in a 3D sprint down memory lane, in Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS. Strap yourself in for the ultimate Sonic adventure as you ‘see double’ and experience the sound barrier-breaking fun in a whole new dimension.

Strange things are afoot in Sonic’s world as mysterious time holes appear, whisking Sonic and pals back in time. Our spiky blue hero will meet all sorts of familiar faces, both friend and foe, as well as his younger self. Past and present will need to team up to fight for the future against the forces of evil.

Jaw-dropping tricks and traps await you on each inventive level, whether you’re racing round brand new courses or revisiting old favourites. You can play as either Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic, each with their own track through the levels and their own stylish skills and mega moves. You’ll use old-school spin-dash attacks with Classic Sonic, or master the ‘Sonic Boost’ move with Modern Sonic. You’ll also get to see the levels in a different light as Sonic rescues his captured friends, who can then join him in replays of the levels.

This Nintendo 3DS adventure includes an unlockable special stage as well as missions and collectables available via StreetPass. The 3D Screen display gives your Sonic experience more depth, meaning you’ll be fully immersed in the action as the levels take on glorious stereoscopic dimensions.

Whether you’re a longstanding fan of Sonic, or you’re new to his fast-paced world, Sonic Generations on Nintendo 3DS is the perfect way to experience Sonic gaming in fifth gear.

* Multi-Card Play offers a two-player Versus Mode so you can take on a friend to earn status points and compete to see who’s the fastest hedgehog on the block

* Receive new unlockable content including new missions via StreetPass as you interact with other players when you’re out and about

* Use Play Coins to unlock whole new challenges

* Legendary levels from Sonic’s history come alive in glorious stereoscopic 3D

Source: Nintendo UK Sonic Generations product page

[11/04 UPDATE] More 20th Anniversary Game Info “Over Next Few Weeks”

April 11th UPDATE: In a new blog update, SEGA of America’s RubyEclipse suggests fans stay tuned to the official Sonic Facebook page for more questions and information about the new game. RubyEclipse also gives thanks on behalf of SEGA for all of the Thank You letters sent in to them in response to the new Sonic trailer. /UPDATE END

Those awaiting more information about SEGA’s new Sonic game revealed in a teaser trailer yesterday might not have to wait long. SEGA of America staff member Kellie answered an eager fan seeking more info via Twitter and informed that more details about this new game will be released “over the next few weeks”. Another fan asked about a release date, to which Kellie replied “we’ll have more details about a release date soon.”

There’s also bad news for those still desiring a Sonic Colours port on HD platforms, as Kellie’s stated on Twitter “there are currently no plans to bring Sonic Colors to another platform.”

We’ll bring further details regarding this all-new Sonic game as they’re released. If you haven’t already, check out the teaser trailer.

New Sonic Unleashed Wii details

Spanish gaming site Revogamer have had the opportunity to talk to Sega about the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed and here is a translation of their main findings from GoNintendo –

  • Half of the game normal, the other half were-hog
  • Wii-PS360 more similar than first thought, design and gameplay-wise
  • You use Wiimote + Nunchuck
  • Won’t have motion controls for attacking from the air, despite of being pretty similar to The Secret Rings
  • Some problems controlling Sonic at a low speed. Walking for rings, etc
  • Wiimote just for accelerate-push
  • No motion controls for side-step, you’ll use B and Z, like on 360
  • Don’t know if they’re using for balancing ropes or QTEs, but they should!
  • According to SEGA, the game (Wii version) should be shown in the upcoming TGS, in October.
  • Not showing the Black Night because of focusing on this one first.

So barely any waggle in Sonic’s sections at least, wether that’s a good or bad thing I’ll let you be the judge. Now hopefully with the Wii version confirmed to be at TGS next month we’ll see some footage at long last.


Source: GoNintendo