Sonic Revolution is confirmed

Thanks to the quick thinking of ‘Gamestatin’ German forum goer and lifelong Sonic fan ‘Knucklessupersaiyan’ Sonic News is able to bring you this report. Knucklessupersaiyan (Luca Koch Wanderbusen) contacted us with a full account detailing the events that occurred on Gamestatin after the information, mentioned in this article, was released.

Countdown to Chaos

About 4:15 CEST on the 30th March, the small German gaming site ‘Gamestatin’ lifted the vale on SEGA’s long kept secret: the Sonic Revolution project. Within minutes of the news breaking Gamestatin’s forum became a flurry of activity amongst German SEGA and Sonic fans alike, but ultimately it was not the news itself that would cause the ensuing controversy, but rather what SEGA did next. Continue reading Sonic Revolution is confirmed

Disappointing US Sonic Gems Collection Update

In what may be yet another blow to US fans Sonic Team’s latest compilation, Sonic Gems Collection, will once again not contain bonus additional MegaDrive/Genesis games, just as it is with the previous modern collections.

The Streets of Rage trilogy which was confirmed to appear in the upcoming title has been revealed to not feature in the US version of the game, as reveled by GameSpy in a preview recently published online. SEGA told GameSpy when questioned:

“While Streets of Rage will ship with Sonic Gems Collection in other markets, the more mature game does not conform to the E-rating of Sonic The Hedgehog games in North America.” Continue reading Disappointing US Sonic Gems Collection Update