David Humphrey Voices Fan Animation

An online flash cartoon, called ‘Press Start: Bonus Levels’, features David Humphrey in the latest episode. Humphrey’s name will instantly ring bells with Shadow fanatics as the original voice actor for the character from Sonic Adventure 2 to Sonic Heroes.

Press Start is a website featuring productions based on video game spoofs. A self-titled feature-length movie is planned, but ‘Bonus Levels’ is a spoof cartoon show that is updated every month. Previous episodes have referenced Pacman, Castlevania, Tomb Raider and Pitfall.

David Humphrey’s voice talent was not used to play the black hedgehog, but to play the part of the series’ resident vampire lord Vlad – a character previously voiced by Mortal Kombat’s John Turk. Turk’s unavailability for the new episode and the opening of Humphrey’s schedule allowed the original Shadow to take part. Continue reading David Humphrey Voices Fan Animation