GameSpot Asks For Needlemouse Info, SEGA Replies

We’ve previously reported on GameSpot’s trip to SEGA’s Japan Headquarters and have only so far seen pictures.  Now, we get to the questions.  Oh, yes… the questions.  I know what I want to know.  Give me some Project effin’ Needlemouse information.  Come on… let me have it.

GameSpot readers: Can you give us more details about Project Needlemouse?

Ah, yes.  Awesome question, GameSpot.  I like you again.  SEGA, the floor is yours.  Dish some dirt…

Darren Macbeth: More information on this project will be revealed in the new year.


Nishiyama responds to 16-bit optimism

The people at GoNintendo have posted a new article to follow up on the comments from Akinori Nishiyama, the GM of Sonic Team, where it seems that he has changed his mind.  Nishiyama’s translator said the following to an interviewer:

“Actually, he has been working on Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush and is very keen on keeping the 2D game. But, having said that, he also thinks 3D Sonic [is good]…And he has been thinking so hard to incorporate those good things from both 3D and 2D. And this is one of the reasons that in Sonic Unleashed we have both 3D and 2D mixed gameplay, kind of switched, going back and forth…Although he thinks that the original 2D game was really good, he doesn’t intend to publish kind of a remake of the original game.”

Hopes elated, then deflated.  Oh, well.  I knew it was not going to happen anyway.  If you need a fresh, 16-bit fix, I know a place where you could get it.  (lol plug)