Extended Lost World Cutscene Emerges at Sonic Boom

“Would anyone like to see that cutscene in English?” asked Aaron Webber to an eager crowd at Sonic Boom 2013 tonight.

The Sonic Lost World cutscene provided by the Japanese Nintendo Direct a few days ago was showcased in full at the St. Louis based event, providing a much clearer insight into the game’s story. Skip ahead to 0:50 for the scene itself.


Hedgehog, you dun goof’d royal.

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SEGA Japan Releases Sonic Generations Intro Details & Cutscene Images

SEGA Japan has given a big update to their Sonic Generations website and among the additions are 15 new images from the game’s story introduction scene. The game opens with a picnic Sonic’s friends are holding for his Birthday, before new enemy creature Time Eater comes along and sucks up Sonic and his friends into warp holes spread out across Sonic’s 20 year history.

Take a look at the images in our gallery.

Details of the story introductions from the HD version and the 3DS version have also been revealed and we have English translations of those courtesy of San.ake from Sonic Retro.

PS3/Xbox 360/PC version

Today is Sonic’s Birthday.
A party is about to start, full of treats Sonic’s friends prepared.

Or so it was supposed to…
A mysterious monster attacks out of the blue,
Sonic’s friends are absorbed into a vortex,
and Sonic is left helpless.

Nothing but a white world in front of his eyes…
What is this place? Where are his friends?
Everything remaining a mystery,
an adventure that crosses both space and time starts!

3DS version

Sonic is invited to a birthday party Tails organized.
With a chili-dog in hand, Sonic is in a good mood. However…

A mysterious monster attacks out of the blue
Tails is absorbed into a vortex
and Sonic is left helpless.

Nothing but a white world in front of his eyes…
What is this place? Where is Tails?
Everything remaining a mystery,
an adventure that crosses both space and time starts!

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website

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Gamepro.de’s Sonic Colours Video Review


It turns out that the rumour we reported that about Gamepro German division reviewing Sonic Colours (Wii version) in the latest issue of their magazine is true and they have indeed scored the game an 87%. The publication has now released their video review of the game, which features plenty of new gameplay footage of the various stages and even some cutscenes clips with English and Japanese voice acting. If you’re trying to avoid all story spoilers, then we advise against watching the video. The written review has not yet been published on their website.

Thanks to Slashhedgehog at the SSMB for the heads up!

Joint World Exclusive: First Sonic Colours Cutscene Footage

You’ve seen me go on and on for a good while now about how Roger Craig Smith’s voicework as Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the many highlights of the upcoming Sonic Colours. Today, I’m proud to say that you will finally get a chance to see what I’m talking about – SEGA has kindly released the first ever cutscene trailer for the game, complete with fourth wall-breaking gags. Continue reading Joint World Exclusive: First Sonic Colours Cutscene Footage

Watch Unleashed’s Opening, Apotos Stage

UPDATE: The spoilsports at Sega seem to have caught wind of the Youtube escapade, as the videos that were featured in this story were taken off shortly after. If you’re looking for a way to view the videos but can handle waiting a million years, Ruliweb have downloadable versions on their website. The last two links in either the HD or SD segment of the page lead to the Sonic Unleashed videos, the other links are other games, we imagine.

It appears someone’s got their hands on review code of Sonic Unleashed early, because there’s a few gameplay videos popping up over Youtube courtesy of “Ruliweb”. The first video, above, shows a cutscene between Sonic and Chip in the Apotos stage, whilst showcasing what the ‘hub’ worlds will look like and even a little bit of main stage action. Chip does sound rather irritating with his sundae fetish, but maybe that’s the point. It’s altogether a pretty charming cutscene, and overall a pretty cool display of Sonic’s character. In the hub world you can talk to various non-playable characters about this and that. You get the option for multiple-choice responses, but as the video quality is pretty poor we can’t tell whether you’ll get any sidequests or anything for doing this.

The Sonic levels still look awesomely impressive. Calls of ‘on-rails’ gameplay may be justified, but if it’s fun and entertaining (and above all, satisfying to play) then does it really matter? It’s no throwback to what made the classics great, but it at least taps the relative success and win that the Sonic Rush series is made of. Basically, it looks like a bowl full of funchips. Also, no loading! We just hope that the ‘EXP’ system doesn’t make the game a chore to play until you level up like in Sonic and the Secret Rings.

There’s more though – Ruliweb kindly captured the introduction cutscene for the game too, which you can download using the link provided above. Trust us though – this opening cutscene is made of a trophy built from the rarest awesome, dug from the farmost mines of win.

Thanks to PeTePoPsS on the SSMB for finding the videos and sharing them!

BlueTube: Sonic 2 Ending in CG

It’s a very old video, yes we’ve seen it before, but did we have a cool regular feature to show it off with back then? No, we didn’t, and that’s why Chris Phyffer’s Sonic 2 CG Ending is in today’s edition of BlueTube. If you’ve seen it already, watch it again and remind yourself just why it’s so awesome – if you haven’t, watch it anyway because it’s… awesome. Captures a magic that hasn’t really been present in any 3D Sonic cutscene we can think of. Maybe it’s because Sonic doesn’t go into a goofy tirade about ‘smiling’ or ‘power of teamwork. Or generally because his flap doesn’t open at all. Good times.

Sonic 2 Ending – Youtube (thanks Maiku)