Super Sexy Sonic Top For Sale

It’s not escaped my attention in the short amount of time I’ve been writing for the Stadium that we seem to have a lot of female readers. So it’s just for you I spied this awesome piece of custom Sonic clothing by way of UK:Resistance who I’m sure have no female readers.

The top is a one of a kind custom creation by Poppy who runs Poppy’s Wicked Garden on handmade trading website Etsy and can be yours for the sum of $36 plus postage. But because there’s only one if you like it I’d get buying it quick sharp.

If you’re not quick enough then don’t despair as Poppy has a load of other equally interesting custom clothes ranging from Star Wars, Tru Blood, Naruto, Harry Potter and everything in-between. There’s sure to be a unique piece of clothing to meet your geek needs.

Oh, and the alternative girl in the photo? Sorry boys, she’s just a model and there’s no indication that she’s a hardcore Sonic fan.