Crush 40 Fanclub Germany’s Button Giveaway

We love our friends in the Sonic community, and even more so if they cover the works of Sonic musical legend Jun Senoue. News has just hit us that for the first 50 members who register to the Official German Crush 40 Fanclub (which means its legit, yo), there’s a special badge up for grabs.

You can see a picture of the badge above. I’ve seen it myself, touched it with my own hands. It’s a nice little badge, don’t you think? If you want one of these, then register at the site and it may well be on its way to your house.

Then you can wear it with pride and be forever strengthened by the rock harmony of Jun and Johnny. Gang of thugs looking at you funny? No problem. Embrace the power of the badge and rock in their faces until they melt. It’d be like a Sonic themed version of Brutal Legend. Maybe.

Go to the damn site already! Schnell!