Big, Silver & Cream Added to Sonic Runners

Sega have been on a bit of a streak with their support of Sonic Runners since the game launched worldwide. New content and events have been a monthly occurrence, in fact, Sega have just added three new characters to Sonic Runners which you can actually buy through the character select screen as opposed to gambling via roulette wheel.

sonicrunnersbigsilvercreamBig the Cat, Cream and Silver have been added to the game, however they come with some very unique abilities.

For starters, fans have already dubbed these characters easy mode, due to the fact that they cut the speed of the game by 10% if you use a single character, or 19% if you use two. However, as a consequence, they also cut your score by either 50% or 75% depending if you use two or not.

Sega have said these are designed for new players who may not be used to the high speed sections in the game. However, those new players will have to spend money in order to get them. Each of these characters costs 250 red star rings to unlock, or 5 million golden rings.

Are you still playing Runners? How you finding it? Let us know in the comments.


Way Past School! Stationery Competition Winners

Well, there certainly was a lot of homework for the TSS staff to mark this weekend! So much in fact it’s taken us an extra day to do it – but now we can officially announce the winner of the competition! We had nearly 300 entries; some made us laugh, some made us cry (ok a lot made us cry) … some were so long we fell asleep half way through reading them. But like in any class, the top students have passed their test with flying colours!

So, without further delay, congratulations to our winner needsemail1, with this very clever, Sonic Colors-themed excuse:

“Sorry i didn’t do my algebra home work – I forgot how to CUBE.” -needsemail1

We’re also sending some stationery to two runners up, Curty and skyblaze, who also had two very understandable excuses:

“Sorry I bombed that Physics exam. I copied from Takashi Iizuka.” – skyblaze

“Sorry I’m late Sir, I was late leaving my dorm because I had to…cream the rabbit >:3” – Curty

All three of you please get in contact with your postal details through tbird [at] and we will send your prizes out to you!

As for the rest of you, it’s 5 laps around Green Hill Zone with Coach AAUK.

Sonic Generations 3DS & PC Listings Removed, Cream the Rabbit Teased

SEGA has now removed the Nintendo 3DS and PC versions of Sonic Generations that were listed in SEGA Sammy’s earnings report May 17th. NeoGAF member Shiggy, who admins claim is very reliable, says retail sources have also been informed about this by SEGA. Now this could mean that the listings were an error or it could be SEGA patching a leak. Hopefully SEGA will speak out on this soon.

In others news, Cream the Rabbit’s Japanese voice actress Sayaka Aoki has revealed on her blog that she has been recording some voice work for Sonic Generations and posted the above image.

Here’s a Google translation of the blog entry:

We have been recording a new Sonic game!

Cute as ever grinded in Cream ♪

Chocolate ice cream with Itadai until after recording,
Kanamaru’s behind me is (Sonic’s), and
Be able to talk to you a long time,
Recording was fun!

All means for your interest ~ ♪

From this we can only assume that Cream the Rabbit will be one of Sonic’s friends Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka said would be appearing in Sonic Generations’ story.

Sources: SEGA Sammy Financial Report PDF, NeoGAF and Sayaka Aoki’s blog

Thanks to Woun for the heads up on both news pieces!

Easter Holidays – How Do You Eat Yours?

So a guy died for our sins once, but then he got better. And as a result, we celebrate this occasion with copious amounts of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. I thought I would treat you guys to a brand new skin for The Sonic Stadium so you can get fat on choccies in style! And who better to be the face of Easter than Cream the Rabbit?

Yes, it’s the return of the skin selector, which last made a gracious appearance in this form a good few years ago. All part of bringing TSS back to its former glory. ‘Creamed’ is now the default skin for the website, but if you don’t happen to like it you can change it back to ‘Sonical’ using the drop down menu on the left hand sidebar. It’s just underneath the login/account details.

I’m working on more stuff behind the scenes too – at the moment I’m finishing up on the new Screenshots gallery, which will be a place to see still images of Sonic games past and present. I’ve had a huge archive of old ones from 2005 and beyond, so there’s a good few of them. Any new screens (that are good enough) will be added to this gallery too. I should be done with this, and a few more things, during this week.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, we got the new ticker up and running. What do you think of it? Enjoy the coming Easter!

EDIT: Looks like this website is getting into the spirit of things by periodically dying and reviving. Hmm. We’re looking into it guys, sorry for the inconvenience (Turns out it was our new ticker borking things up. Why people can’t make decent plugins that don’t result in database floods is beyond me but needless to say I’m not impressed with the person who wrote the ticker code).

Sonic Advance 2 Preview: Cream the Rabbit’s Moveset, Trick Actions, Special Stages and More!

Sonic Team finally reveals to the world the Official Sonic Advance 2 Website. Packed with new information on the game, The Sonic Stadium’s Dreadknux set eyes on it the very moment it was released. We loosely translated the information on the website to give you a rough idea of what to expect in new sections of the game.

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Sonic Advance 2 New Character: Cream the Rabbit!

Woah woah woah WOAH. Stop the presses, people. I SAID, STOP IT! Good. ^_^ We were kinda hoping nothing big would happen while we were ‘under’, but so has been the case and hence the date of writing this Update up. The non-appearance of Amy had us all gearing up for something big at ‘Stadium Towers, and now we know what that big thing is.

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