This Fan-Made Sonic Movie Costume is So Realistic He’s Doing TikTok Duets With Other Cosplayers

It’s a good thing that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was released to cinemas back in February, before the coronavirus pandemic caused a total lockdown of many different cities and countries. Because we figure if Ben Schwartz’s blue blur and Jim Carrey’s Dr Robotnik had their face-off now, it’d probably go down on social media, or Skype or something. Continue reading This Fan-Made Sonic Movie Costume is So Realistic He’s Doing TikTok Duets With Other Cosplayers

WWE Team The New Day Pay Homage to Sonic With Summerslam Gear

WWE Stable The New Day paid tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog this Sunday at Summerslam, debuting their new ring gear. Kofi Kingston appeared in a Sonic-themed outfit, adorned with trademark rings on his boots, while Xavier Woods and Big E appeared in Tails and Knuckles-themed outfits respectively, emblazoned with Tails’s tails and Knuckles’s knuckles!

Promotional shots of their gear was shown off on Xavier Wood’s Instagram:

“Our summerslam gear was a shoutout to @sega and specifically @sonicthehedgehog #Tails #Knuckles – real recognize real [sic]”

The New Day went on to win their match against the Bludgeon Brothers, although the Tag Team Title they were after was retained by the latter due to disqualification.

Great taste chaps!

Sonic Fans at Comic Con Photo Gallery

Hey folks! Jason here and I just got back from comic Con where I had one of my best years yet! Since Sonic Generations and Sega had such a strong precense at the con this year, I thought I’d check and see how many Sonic fans I could find. There were more folks in blue hats than I could possibly take pictures of! Here’s some fellow fans hanging out at the con.

This young lady was working the freebie table in the badge pick-up area.

A Sonic fan through and through.

For the Shad/Amy fans

Sonic fan hanging out at the Nintendo lounge.

A Shadow fan at the Sonic/Mega Man panel

Another Sonic fan hanging out near the G4 booth.

A Tails fan is pondering…….something.

Just before I left on Sunday, I found a fan in full Sonic cosplay armed with a sword.

That’s it for now! I’ll have an interview with Archie editor Paul Kaminski up later this week followed by a new interview with Aaron Webber.

Dodgy Sonic Costumes On eBay


I’ve seen some Sonic cosplay in my time.  It’s not the prettiest sight, I can assure you.  The only time that I haven’t been afraid for my well-being by someone in a Sonic costume is at SEGA-sponsored events.  The costumes that have been found by UK Resistance are not in the latter category, as they will surely make the young ones pee multiple pairs of pants.  Expect them to be followed home from school by a man in one of these costumes.

Every Sonic character that has seen some game time in the past decade is available at the eBay seller’s store, all of them horrifying.  Doofy-Mouth Sonic will give me nightmares.  So, too, will Arms-Joined-At-The-Cheeks Amy and Middle-Aged Rouge the Bat.

Why, oh, why did they decide to take pictures of the costumes in an abandoned warehouse? Hibblie-jibblies.

[UK Resistance via Kotaku]