Want YOUR Hedgehog-Themed Advent Calenders?

‘Tis nearly the season to be jolly, and what way to count down the days until your favourite yearly holiday than with a Sonic themed Advent Calender? Not much good if you’re on a diet, mind you, with a Christmas themed chocolate behind each door!

I picked one up from my local Games-X-Change store in Bolton (the UK) for a mere £1.99. I asked if other stores in the chain are selling the same, and apparently they are. If you have a Games-X-Change store nearby, it’s worth checking out!

Sonic Drift 3 unveiled… Kinda

UK video game retailer GAME are listing some new Sonic merchandise items made by the same company behind the recent plushies, Cool Stuff (we still want our Eggman plushie damn it!).

The new items are –
Sonic & Tails Table Top Track Set – £9.99
Sonic Racer Racing Car 1:32 – £9.99
Tails Racer Racing Car 1:32 – £9.99

It sounds like they are all part of a Sonic Scalextric kind of thing but why release all 3 items seperately? Your guess is as good as mine. No images are available right now, but they are listed to be released Saturday 20th September 2008 so expect images and info to be released soon.