Weston Super Sonic to hold 4th convention on Saturday

Saturday 21st October sees the UK’s more cozy Sonic convention, Weston Super Sonic, hit the Grand Pier in Weston Super Mare for its fourth year, with special guests Ferran Rodriguez of Sonic the Comic, and Tom Fry and Kieran Gates from the Sonic Mania team.

Established in 2014 by Claire Cameron and Jonathan Dixon, Weston is a convention in the more traditional sense, featuring artists, merchandise vendors, panels and cosplay in a 200-person seaside venue. As in previous years, The Sonic Show will be in attendance live-streaming the event. It’s always a good time, so be sure to stop by and check it out.

On the other hand, if you’re attending in person, feel free to say hi to the TSS crew if you see us!

The event begins at 11am UK time (GMT+1), running until 6pm.

Big the Cat VAs Jon St. John & Kyle Hebert Clash in “Battle of the Bigs” at MidWest Media Expo

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.44.41 PM
No man alive should be allowed to wield such dangerous power.

Madness descends on April 15th to the 17th, as this year’s Midwest Media Expo will be in full swing in Dearborn, Michigan! Founded a couple of years ago by the good folks who also founded Youmacon in Detroit, this coming MWME will be filled to the brim with live panels, fun events, cosplayers, artists and vendors, and of course, special guests, with more information likely to be announced towards the date of the con itself.

If you’re in the area and looking for a really, really good reason to register for the convention, perhaps this fun little event will tickle your fancy.

Among the guests attending the Midwest Media Expo are voice actors Jon St. John and Kyle Hebert. Some of you might remember St. John for his vocal talents as Duke Nukem in his titular gaming series, Execk from Chris Niosi’s animated webseries TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, and our personal favourite Big the Cat from Sonic Adventure until Sonic Heroes. As for Hebert, he lent his voice to familiar faces such as Son Gohan from Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, Ryu from Capcom’s Street Fighter games, and, since Sonic Colours for the Nintendo DS, Big the Cat!

So what happens when you book both voice artists for the same convention? Only the stuff of legend.


The “Battle of the Bigs” event will pit both big men with their stupid Big voices against each other in a battle of wits. If it’s truly as incredible as it sounds, this once-in-a-lifetime event between Big the Cats is not something to be missed!

That said, clear up your calendars for April and register for your own passes to the Midwest Media Expo today!

Source: Facebook

Sonic Revolution 2016 Announced

If you live near the West Coast, this may be something for you.

Revolution Logo

After taking a hiatus in 2015, the organisers have announced that Sonic Revolution 2016 is a go! See below for the basic details of the event that are very useful to know;

Date: June 12th 2016 (10am – 6pm)

Location: Century Ballroom, Holiday Inn LAX (9901 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA)

Ticket Prices: $9.99 (Regular “Sonic” pass), $19.99 (Exclusive “Super Sonic” pass)

Each guest will receive a free goodie bag consisting of a postcard, poster and thank you letter. These items can also be gotten as donation tiers through their fundraising page, linked here.

In terms of events, there will be an artist alley and at least one vendor stall present, and it has been confirmed that cosplay and trivia contests will take place as well as various raffle competitions. There are no special guests confirmed as of yet, but the event in 2014 managed to have a guest list including Evan Stanley and drop-in appearances from Aaron Webber and Stephen Frost. Given that the timing of the event is around E3, they’re hoping to get some interesting names down this time. Confirmation of other activities and names will be in the coming weeks and months.

To purchase tickets and/or find more information about what’s included with each pass type, the event’s box office can be found here.

Special thanks to Ogilvie for all of the above information.

(Update: Sold Out) Weston Super Sonic Convention Tickets Now Available!

Update: The tickets have now sold out, but if you still want to go we are giving away tickets, watch the first video in this post for details.

Convention alert! Convention alert! Sound the alarm! Continue reading (Update: Sold Out) Weston Super Sonic Convention Tickets Now Available!

Weston Super Sonic launches 2016 Kickstarter

Weston Super Sonic 2016 logo

Weston Super Sonic, the Sonic Convention that debuted two years ago in Weston Super-Mare, England is returning once again for a brand spanking new convention in 2016.

weston super sonic

After a brilliant event earlier this year, the convention only needs £1000 to get the event up and running, and is already promising a guest, numerous traders and competitions.

Backers can also get their hands on numerous rewards for backing the event including entry to the event, T-shirts, pin badges and an entry into a raffle for a 20th Anniversary Sonic statue, courtesy of Sonic Merchandise.

Stretch goals are also in place, allowing attendees to get new gift bags for attending, as well as the ability to have more guests attend.

At the time of writing, the project is already nearly quarter of the way there! Pledge your support, and help the convention to put on another awesome show!

Back the convention’s kickstarter here!

Were any of you fortunate enough to join in the festivities of 2015’s event? Let us know!

Archie Sonic Staff Are Attending HeroesCon

Another year, another chance to meet the talent that make your monthly dose of comic shenanigans! And some guy called Stan Lee.


HeroesCon 2015 is right around the corner, and there’s confirmed names from the Archie Sonic comic in attendance! See below for the currently verified stalls, taken from the guestlist;

Alter Ego magazine, Jughead, Sonic Universe, Archie and Friends

Sonic Universe, Mega Man

Sonic the Hedgehog, Archie

Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, New Crusaders

Villains Supreme, Femme Noir, Transformers, Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog, The Adventures of Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl

So, a pretty varied range of current and past staff on the comic, should be very fruitful for anyone wishing to attend!

HeroesCon is running between the 19th and 21st of June. Shows run from 11am – 7pm on the 19th (Friday), 10am – 6pm on the 20th (Saturday) and 11am – 7pm on the 21st (Sunday). 1 day passes sold on the day cost $20 for the 19th, and the 20th, and $15 for the 21st. A 3 day pass is $40 (sold on the Friday and Saturday), kids under 12 can get in free if you happen to have kidlings in tow. And the address is as follows;

Charlotte Convention Center
501 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

So if you’re interested in having a bit of an outing next weekend, why not pop by on the day or head to the site to check out advance and discount pass options? In any case, you’re sure to have some fun chatting to the creative minds running the comic!

Source: HeroesCon official website

Weston Super Sonic: Sonic the Comic Panel and Charity Auction


The final couple of events for Weston Super Sonic have been announced. The events include a panel from the team behind Sonic the Comic, and a special charity auction.

Sonic the Comic Panel


The crew gets back together! Join the creative team whose collective works helped to bring one of the coolest comics of the 90s to the shelves! Join Richard, Nigel, Ferran, Carl and Deborah in this talk about behind the scenes at the comic!

Got a few questions of my own to ask!

Burnham Area Rescue Boat Charity Auction


In addition, there is also a charity auction taking place in aid for the Burnham Area Rescue Boat. A local rescue group who are instrumental to providing rescue services and relief to the local area, and its dangerous mudflats.

The B.A.R.B was especially involved in the search for four-year-old Sonic Fan Dylan Cecil, who tragically lost his life after falling from a jetty in Burnham on Sea.

So what’s up for auction exactly? A very special Sonic the Comic something indeed. StC fans will want to bring their pockets!


With that, this will probably be the last update we post on Weston Super Sonic until the event itself tomorrow. Keep your eyes to our Twitter or watch the action live via The Sonic Show’s live stream, narrated by none other than Sonic Paradox’s very own Donnie!

Have fun guys!

Weston Super Sonic: One Week to go and Info Round Up

Weston Super Sonic 2015


Weston Super Sonic, the South West’s Sonic Convention is only a week away on the 17th, and in the past few months, a plethora of details have been revealed about guests and what kinds of things Sonic fans can do at the event.


Attendance: Can I still get tickets? Can I pay ‘On the Door’?

The answer to both of these questions is unfortunately not. The convention completely sold out of both premium and free tickets towards the end of last year, and as a result cannot accept any further registrations to attend. There are also no on the door tickets, so it may be worth saving yourself a journey if you haven’t already gotten tickets. Thankfully, the awesome peeps at The Sonic Show will be live streaming directly from the convention space so you can see all the action as it takes place.

I’ve got tickets! Where do I go?

weston pier

Weston Super Sonic is taking place on the Grand Pier in Weston Super-Mare. Full details on how to get there can be found here.


Who is coming in the way of special guests?

The convention has a wealth special guests attending. Here’s our brief, but comprehensive list of guests that we’ll have joining us:

Richard Elson: StC Artist

Nigel Kitching: StC Writer & Artist

Carl Flint: StC Artist

Ferran Rodríguez: StC Artist

Deborah Tate: StC Editor

Mike Pollock (via Skype): Series’ Dr. Eggman VA

Duncan Gutteridge: Classic Sonic/SEGA Illustrator

Radio SEGA: Internet SEGA Radio Station/Official Event DJs

The Sonic Show: Sonic the Hedgehog Podcast/Youtube Channel

VGM Awesome: Internet VGM Radio Station

Louisalulu Arts: Independent Artist

Sam Webster: Independent Artist

Sci-Fi Collectibles: Collectible vendor/retailer

You can find more in-depth bios at WSS’s website.

What events have been announced?

A few events have been announced already:

Speed Run Contest : Complete Sonic Adventure 2’s City Escape stage in the fastest time to win!

Gaming Tournament: Only one will come out the victor in this gaming knockout tournament! Bring your best skills!

Art Contest: Flex those pencils (though not too far, because they’d break otherwise) and demonstrate your artistic talents to the folk at the convention!

Cosplay Contest: Don your best Sonic gear, and show us your great costume making skills!

Mike Pollock Live Skype Q&A: Series VA and voice of Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock joins the convention live over skype in this Q&A segment, where he will be answering fan’s submitted questions!

Sonic Off 2.0: The age-old rivalry between VGM Awesome and The Sonic Show rears its ugly head. In this two part quiz, will VGM Awesome take home the elusive Sonic Off Trophy once more? Or will The Sonic Show win the day after last time’s humiliation..?

‘Where’s Sonic?’ Contest: Where’s Sonic Hiding? Pick a zone, and win a SEGA Prize Europe Shadow the Hedgehog Plush! All funds raised from this contest (£1 per entry) will go towards the Burnham on Sea Rainbows Group.

What about other prizes..?

Weston prizes

Winners of the various contests will each take home one of these awesome engraved Chaos Emerald trophies. There are 4 trophies up for grabs for the Speed Run winner, the Tournament winner, the Cosplay winner and finally the Art Winner.

What other events will there be?

Lucky you asked… Next week, WSS will be revealing the complete line up of events scheduled to take place via their Facebook page in a series of announcements leading up to the event. We’ll be covering the announcements as they come!

One more thing…


Those of you on social media may have noticed this coming from First 4 Figures’ Twitter/Facebook feeds. Whatever could it mean? You’ll have to wait and see what we have planned in regards to that ;)


With all that said, Rurifuu and I look forward to seeing all our attendees on the pier this coming Saturday!

Weston Super Sonic: Free Tickets Available now

Weston Super Sonic 2015

This morning, Weston Super Sonic’s free ticket registration has opened for fans to register for the Weston-Super Mare based Sonic convention, taking place on Weston’s Grand Pier January 17th 2015.

Tickets have been said to be released in multiple waves, the first opening today, and further waves taking place at future dates.

You can register for your own free tickets right here

Opportunities to get tickets in person are also available, with the WSS staff making appearances at Bristol Animanga POP!, on Sunday the 4th of October and PLAY Expo, Manchester on the weekend of Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of October.


The coming months look to be an increasingly exciting time for people in the Sonic community. With Sonic the Comic Con opening its doors to guests in less than a month from now, and SEGA’s own Sonic Boom event opening this Saturday, it’s an incredibly exciting time for Sonic fans to get together, network and have a great time.

It’s awesomely refreshing to see Sonic fans out and around the world creating their own events and doing what they can to leave their marks on the community, so why not join us for a day of tournaments, panels and a day of all things Sonic the Hedgehog!

Hope to catch you there!

Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley and more at Heroes Con on June 21st (Updated)!

Close to Charlotte, North Carolina and like the Archie comics? This could be something for your diary!


Over this coming weekend, a comic convention called Heroes Con is being held at the Charlotte Convention Centre in Charlotte, NC. Amongst the guest list across the three-day event are several representatives for the Archie comic, and there’s a dedicated half to the panel for Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe and Mega Man with Paul Kaminski (editor), Ian Flynn (writer) and Tracy Yardley (artist). The official website has the specific schedule for the Archie panel;

Room 201
PART I :: ARCHIE: Life, Afterlife and Beyond
Join moderator Jimmy Aquino (COMIC NEWS INSIDER) in a talk about the major events happening at Archie Comics – from the hit horror series AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE to the upcoming “Death of Archie” in the pages of LIFE WITH ARCHIE and much more – with an all-star cast of Archie staff and stars, including artist FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA (Afterlife with Archie), PAUL KAMINSKI (Archie Comics Executive Director of Editorial) and Red Circle Comics Editor and Archie SVP – Publicity and Marketing ALEX SEGURA.
Get the inside scoop on what’s coming up in Archie’s best-selling “Action” line of video game titles, including SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC UNIVERSE and MEGA MAN, with SONIC/MEGA MAN editor PAUL KAMINSKI and long-time Sonic and Mega Man creators IAN FLYNN and TRACY YARDLEY

You can get a three day pass in advance of the event until the end of June 18th, or you can get a one day pass on the day for $20 if you wish to get in for Archie on June 21st. If you want a potential day out, this might be something to consider! More details about the location and other technical details are on the Heroes Con website.

UPDATE: It’s not June 20th at 4pm as the schedule said at the time of posting, it’s June 21st at 2pm! Make sure you don’t get confused and get there a day early! Although several Archie people will be at tables throughout the weekend anyway.

Table details are listed on the official Bumbleking website.

Source: Heroes Online

Weston Super Sonic: Returning 17th of January 2015!


‘Oh… I do like to be beside the seaside~’

Weston Super Sonic, that little Sonic convention that we covered back in January is returning on the 17th on January 2015, and it’s looking to be back with a vengeance! Earlier today, the following banner was posted onto the convention’s Facebook page.

Weston Super Sonic banner

That’s right. England’s only South-West Sonic the Hedgehog convention is back and has been confirmed to take place in Weston-Super-Mare: one of Britain’s classic seaside locations.

Not only do we have a date for the event, but also a venue… And what a venue it is. None other than Weston-Super-Mare’s famous Grand Pier!



As of yet, there haven’t been any specific details about what exactly will go on at the event, but with a generous sized conference suite and a big selection of arcade machines and rides downstairs, 2015’s outing is already looking to be a ton of fun.

For more details and future updates about the event, keep your eyes on the convention’s Facebook Page. We at TSS will be watching closely how this one pans out! Will any of you folks be attending?

California’s Sonic Revolution Convention Announces 2014 Date and Venue

SoCalFollowing the first California-based Sonic the Hedgehog fan convention last year, Sonic Revolution returns in 2014 for a second time, promising to be an event even bigger and better than before.

If you’re a resident of California, or can travel to Orange County mid-June, you can look forward to a day of Sonic-themed events, including a showing of an exclusive clip of Sonic Prologue film along with a Q&A with the director, an appearance and performance from the Sonic the Hedgehog cover band Serenity Seven, as well as opportunities for gaming and fan art showcasing.

The event venue and date are as follows:

Date: Sunday, June 15, 2014
Time: 10 AM to 6 PM
Location: The Marquis Room at the Holiday Inn Buena Park
Address: 7000 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, California 90620

Tickets will be up for grabs on the 1st of March, 2014, and will be available through EventBrite for free. There will also be discount codes available for those wanting to stay the night at the hotel venue.

The event is also holding a fundraiser in order to generate the capital for hosting the event – head on down to the fundraising page and make a donation; donations of $30 or more will receive a Sonic Revolution shirt and pin.

Further details will become available over the coming weeks through the Sonic Revolution website.

Summer of Sonic: The Organiser’s Report [Part 1]


The Summer of Sonic 2009 has come and gone, and a lot of people got to experience a second year of real-life convention goodness. On a personal level, there was a lot for me to prove (and improve) over last year’s debut in Covent Garden’s Dragon Hall. More space. Better seating. More production live feeds. Different guests. So as I write this retrospective on Saturday’s events, I hope the attendees are sharing my thoughts that the day went very well indeed.

As before, the day itself began with a group of main SoS staff rallying around the much-larger Boiler House (at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane) in a mad scramble to get everything set up. Of course, for AAUK, myself and several others, the event started several months ago – with the week running up to the Saturday was perhaps the most manic. There was a confusion over my Macbook’s VGA output, so a last minute dash to an Apple store the night before was in order, shortly before a car journey into London that would not see us in bed until 3am Saturday morning.

After three hours of sleep and a few quick trips to get some breakfast (never start a day like this on an empty stomach), a group consisting of myself, Jemnezmy, Roareye and my friend Lee finally managed to hit the venue at arund 9am – originally this was the only time Truman would let us in to set up, but AAUK had managed to arrange an earlier time of 7.30am. As I arrived a few staffers were already present, helping with putting up pictures. The place was barren of any furniture, and the game pods had only just arrived, so naturally I started to worry.


Luckily, the tables and chairs all made their presence felt around 9.30am, which really made me realise the sheer scale of this year’s Summer of Sonic. We had well in the region of 200 chairs and a set of tables to accommodate that. It was a mad rush trying to get all the tables set up, modify the floorplan once it became clear that the Art section was going to block access, and ensure that each section was arranged in time for opening.

Our guests had arrived ahead of time this year – Bentley Jones was the first to appear, and he was very excited as he prepared for his two performances that would take place on stage. He arrived with his mum, who was very proud to be taking lots of photos and recordings. Sumo Digital popped in to set up Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (which, contrary to popular belief, had no recording restrictions – that was reserved for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, as the code being used was pretty new). Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn set up in the Comics area, and Dobbyn was savvy enough to bring some art samples to sell. Needless to say, that area soon became very popular.

Once everything was set up, the only thing left to iron out was the VGA connection from my Macbook to the two TV’s installed by the stage. The original plan was to get a projector, but unfortunately the studio organisers we collaborated with couldn’t make theirs available, so we had to make do with improvisations. We gave our awesome David Tennant-lookalike security guard the nod to let people in at 11.45am.

sos09-1 SoS09-2

I was at the doors with the other door staff, and was surprised at how many people flooded in. Last year, in a hall suited for 200 people, we saw 300 Sonic fans try to fit into the Dragon Hall. I was quite proud of that achievement. This year, in the space of half an hour, we had pretty much satisfied that quota already!

Some people went immediately for the games pods, a lot of fans rushed to get a seat at the Art tables (which was considerably bigger this year than the two tables we put together in 2008), but many sat around the stage, waiting for the big event to officially kick off. Before AAUK and I appeared to do our introduction speech, we played a special video created by the always-awesome BoozermaN.


This was just one of the fantastic fan-created videos that we played throughout the day, and it was great to see these guys get seen at a SEGA-endorsed event. Mostly though, it was awesome to see more of BoozermaN’s work – I especially liked the sniffling apology and the following “Yay!” at the end.

AAUK and I took to the stage once the video played, and we kicked off the biggest day on the Sonic Community calendar…

To be continued…
Were you at the Summer of Sonic? Did you watch the live feed online? Tell us what you thought of the day in the comments section! Photos courtesy of various attendees via the Summer of Sonic Facebook page.

Summer of Sonic Registrations Close

The first ever Sonic the Hedgehog convention has had to close registrations for attendees – because the event has proved too popular.

Citing problems with fitting the current number of named attendees into the 200-strong Dragon Hall in London’s Covent Garden, the organisers behind the event has has to warn that entrance may involve a waiting period, or those entering may have their time limited if they intend to stay all day. The aim is to let everyone have a fair chance of experiencing the event and seeing evertything the show has lined up, it was announced.

Summer of Sonic 2008 has risen in popularity since its announcement in June 2008, gaining attendance interest of almost double the capacity of the venue’s hall space and earning coverage across respected gaming websites such as Eurogamer, Computer and Video Games and Destructoid. Special Guests announced so far include Sonic the Comic writer Nigel Kitching and Dreams of an Absolution star Lee Brotherton, with more guests expected to be announced.

Attendees will be able to meet, greet, experience live performances and play games with one another, including contests and the first ever play at Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Entrance is free, with the costs of staging the event funded by members of the Sonic community and support from SEGA Europe. The convention will be recorded and the Summer of Sonic website updated, for those unable to attend to experience the event as well.

Summer of Sonic – Registration CLOSED – Summer of Sonic