XGN Interview Sumo Digital’s Craig Duncan and Steve Lycett Clears Up Confusion Star Confusion


UPDATE: We’ve gotten word from Steve Lycett over at the SSMB under his S0L tag that the Confusion Star is an item and not an All Stars move after all. Steve also respons to the discussion of how review scores may turn out.

Well some proper depressing reading on here tonight…

Whatever the game scores at review, personally I will be proud of what we’ve achieved. I feel this is still the most accomplished game we’ve done at Sumo, especially given it’s an original game!

The weapon you are all talking about above is the Confusion Star. This is one of the standard weapons, you zap the AI and they’ll spin out, you cop it, and WOAH, watch the screen spin upside down!

I like to save it up, them fire it for maximum effect when someone is about to do a chicane

I’m sure Craig will be pleased to hear you are hanging on his every word



XGN caught up with Sumo Digital’s Craig Duncan recently to discuss Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. Nothing much is revealed that we didn’t already know apart from the name of one of the items which is seen below targeting Amy in the Banjo-Kazooie & Avatars revelation trailer.

The item is called the Confusion Star which turns the victim’s screen upside down for a short time and causes all sorts of madness by making the controls inverted.

Craig also explains the difference between this game and Mario Kart, how this game plays like more of a racer than Mario Kart does with it’s faster speed and it’s different drifting component.

We’ll keep you up to date with Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing as we draw closer to its release next month.