Best of Sonic Relief 2009


Sonic Relief has been a big success having reached its £100.00 fundraising target by raising £102.00 for Comic Relief. We received 36 fantastic entries in total for the event and me and MK Skillz(founder of Sonic Relief) wanted to showcase some of our picks of the lot.

MK Skillz:
Casanova’s video entry –
The Bestist Sonic Fan Fiction Ever

Indigo Rush’s entry –

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Help Create the “Sonic Music Archive”

Sonic Retro member, SeanieB is looking to make another great resource in the Sonic community in the form of a comprehensive and active Sonic music archive.  SB comments:

I’ve seen several pages stuffed into the side of less than awesome Sonic sites, collecting the music for the games, but generally unorganized, without album art/information or any real discussion of it at all.

Thus I came up with the idea to start a Sonic music archive, the go to place for Sonic tunes.

A place dedicated to the archival and discussion of Sonic tunes? Sign me up.

SeanieB is looking to launch the site within the coming months and needs the community’s support in filling the database as far as it can get. He is interested in MIDIs, VGMs, MP3s, and remixes. Check out the thread here to see what he is currently looking for.