IDW Sonic’s Free Comic Book Day Issue Now Available At Participating Comic Stores

Today’s the day, IDW Sonic fans! Modern Sonic is back for Free Comic Book Day 2022 with a brand new story meant to serve as part of the lead up to issue 50. The story features Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in a new adventure!

Both US and international fans can find participating comic book stores here. The comic features writing by Ian Flynn and art by Adam Bryce Thomas.

For those of you who can’t make it, don’t worry: a digital copy should be officially available in a few weeks on Amazon via Comixology! This was the case last year, anyway.

We’ve got the cover and synopsis below, but first, a brief PSA: although the comics are free, stores do need to pay for them. So if you can, try to buy something while your there! Maybe a comic, graphic novel, or manga. Lumberjanes, Atomic Robo and Mamo are personal favorites of mine! Invincible is also great if you don’t mind a lot of gore.

Anyway, on to the cover and synopsis:

Sonic’s racing into a brand-new adventure with his best buds (and co-stars of the hit new movie) Tails and Knuckles by his side! But Sonic’s not the only super-speedster in town . . . Get caught up with everything you need to know about Sonic’s evil counterpart Surge before she and Sonic go head-to-head in the epic issue #50, a story years in the making!
Exclusive Original Material
Rating: All Ages

IDW Sonic 30th Anniversary Comic Con Cover Brings Back PAL Mega Drive Nostalgia

As if we needed any more reason to be excited about IDW’s Sonic 30th Anniversary comic, we now have a high quality version of the one-shot comic’s cover artwork. And it beautifully references the PAL box art of the original Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog box art.

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Sonic’s Way Past Cool Comic Legacy

Sonic’s legacy in comics is almost as old as his legacy in games. From 1991 onward, Sonic’s stories have been depicted in sequential art, from one-shots to decades-spanning series. From a little promo comic to IDW, and with three different series from three different companies running at the franchise’s height of popularity in the 90s, the breadth and length of Sonic’s comic legacy is nearly unmatched in the video game space.

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IDW Sonic #40 Solicitation and Lineart Cover Revealed [U]

Looks like New Comic Info Day has come a little early, as solicitations for the next upcoming Sonic IDW comic – Issue 40 – has been released to the media, along with not-quite finished line work of one of the edition’s planned cover art. Check it all out below!

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A new Sonic Forces Comic Arrives “Looming Shadow”

Omega’s in big trouble, Rouge is worried and Shadow’s coming to help and…do I see pictures of Sally Acorn? Nah. Couldn’t be. The third Sonic Forces comic is here! It’s written by Ian Flynn with art by Adam Bryce Thomas. Check it out in the gallery below and check out the first issue here and the second one here.


First Look At “Sonic: Mega Drive #1” Reveals Sequel

In an interview with Sonic Archie comics editor Vincent Lovallo, IGN have revealed a first look at the upcoming Sonic: Mega Drive comic – and a follow up issue debuting later in the year, “Sonic: Mega Drive – The Next Level”.

The new one-shot special, created especially to celebrate Sonic’s 25th Anniversary, takes readers back in time to Sonic’s classic days set after the Death Egg saga. Sonic must take on Eggman once more to destroy his new machine of destruction – The MEGADRIVE.

As well as debuting first images of the issue, Lovallo also revealed Mega Drive #1 will be followed by another special, titled “The Next Level”. Though no specifics were shared, the comic will pick up immediately after the events of Mega Drive #1 and potentially feature Metal Sonic as the antagonist, as teased in the cover debut.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 20.49.12


Written by Archie Sonic veteran Ian Flynn and art by Tyson Hesse, the story is said to combine “traditional comic storytelling with the structure of an actual Sonic game” with potential for an ongoing series if demand is there. The adventure will take Sonic to new lands, and shed some light on the “the bonds he has made with his friends in previous games”.

Lovallo also touches briefly on the possibility of an Archie adaption of an upcoming anniversary title – which they’d be more than down for.

That would be awesome and we are totally down to do it at Sonic speed!

“Sonic: Mega Drive #1” will debut July 6th, with “The Next Level” following further into 2016. You can check out all of today’s released art of the upcoming comic in our gallery below.

Source: IGN

Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #265

Don’t get mad, get even more information on Sonic media.


Arcade Sushi has a preview for the upcoming Sonic issue, and it’s quite a howler in time for Halloween! In Sonic the Hedgehog #265, after seeing his friends in agony, Sonic has been consumed by Dark Gaia’s influence and is now Sonic the Werehog! This means bad news for his enemies…but it’s not exactly good news for his allies either. Mighty steps up to subdue the beast, but all his friends have to calm him down while avoiding turning his rage onto themselves in the process in “Control”: part 2. Meanwhile, Rotor gives a whizbang tour of the Sky Patrol’s nifty features, while Eggman concocts an attack on the flying base in “The Grand Tour”.

Script: Ian Flynn, Eric Esquivel
Art: Tyson Hesse, James Fry, Terry Austin, John Workman and Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin and Evan Stanley
“SONIC ADVENTURE” Variant Cover: Rafa Knight
On Sale Date: 10/8
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.
A-WOOOOOOOO! Get ready to HOWL with horror in “Control” Part Two: The Werehog is unleashed! As the jungle collapses in flames, it’s up to Mighty to bring his feral friend to heel! But can Sonic even tell ally apart from enemy anymore? Then in “The Grand Tour,” Rotor shows off all of the Sky Patrol’s abilities—unfortunately it’s right as a Badnik Horde attacks! Don’t miss a moment of the action, with cover art from the titanic team of Yardley, Austin and Stanley—plus an epic SONIC ADVENTURE variant by the newest sonic superstar: RAFA KNIGHT!

Sonic the Hedgehog #265 will be out tomorrow in stores and on digital formats. Pick it up and sink your teeth into it.

Source: Arcade Sushi

Get a Free Preview of Mega Man #24: Worlds Collide!

7abbfd230d486da96b424aa323ab65f8For anyone who’s been following Archie Comics’ Sonic/Mega Man crossover, you can now treat yourself to a free digital preview of the upcoming Mega Man #24: Worlds Collide!

Get your first look at the crossover event of 2013 here! Before worlds collide in Mega Man #24, check out this digital-exclusive FREE preview! Get a recap of the events leading up to the crossover, see some amazing upcoming covers by Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante, and get an exclusive first-look at some of the interior artwork from Mega Man #24! Get ready, folks-it’s Blue times TWO!

All you have to do to get your hands on the preview is to register on the Comixology site, add the preview to your basket, and proceed through the checkout! Easy peasy!

Source: Comixology

SEGA Releases Sonic Generations Comic Strip

SEGA has today randomly released a comic strip version of the opening cutscene of the console and PC versions of Sonic Generations. As players of the game will know, Sonic’s friends set up a picnic party for the blue hedgehog’s Birthday, with cake, chilli dogs and all. Shortly after, the mysterious Time Eater crashes the party and warps Sonic and his friends across time.

The comic strip ends where Sonic wakes up outside of the Green Hill Zone with a “To be continued…” note. Could there be more comic strips on the way, or could SEGA just mean the story continues in the game? If more comic strips are released, we’ll pass them on.

Source: SEGA Press

Archie Sonic #219 to Feature Sonic Colours Adaptation

Had your fill of Sonic Colours yet? No? Good, because Archie is planning to bring you another helping with the upcoming Sonic #219, which features a comic book adaptation of the intergalactic adventure.

The Sonic Colours adaptation will serve as a five-page back-up story introducing the premise of the game and teasing some elements of the game’s plot. Archie fan favourites Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley will be writing and penciling the strip respectively. For Flynn, it will be his seventh Sonic video game adaptation.

“It’s true to the source,” Flynn said. “We were provided with some awesome early concept art and rough cuts of some of the gameplay, which offered us the ability to make the transition between comic book and video game much smoother – I think the fans are really gonna dig this one!” Yardley added by speaking of his joy in covering stories from the SEGA games. “The game looks incredible and I’m pleased with how our adaptation turned out.”

Obviously the Sonic Colours strip won’t be the only thing to keep you hooked on issue #219, otherwise it’d be a very thin book – the released cover, above, teases the lead story titled “In Service to the King,” which marks the build-up to Archie’s 20th Anniversary celebration for Sonic.

Sonic #219 will hit stores on the week of the 6th December – all signs are pointing to the Wednesday (8th).

Ken Penders Continues Legal Action Against Archie

At NYCC, Archie Comics Editor in Chief Mike Pellerito said that the Penders legal challenge was ended with one phone call with Archie’s legal department. Today, Penders has released a statement on his website that “it’s not over”.

This will be short and sweet.

Contrary to claims made recently at the NYC Comic Con by Archie’s Mike Pellerito, I continue to maintain copyright ownership of characters I created and this issue has not been resolved.

My claim has merit and I continue to use every legal means at my disposal to protect and preserve my rights. It’s bizarre that Archie would make a public statement that indicates otherwise.

More later at the appropriate time.

Despite these claims, it should be noted that, according to research done by TSSZ, Penders has only been granted copyright ownership of one of his characters, Hershey the Cat. It should also be noted that many of the character’s he’s named in the past as falling under his copyright, he has not actually filed a copyright claim for. Archie has continued to release stories penned by Penders through it’s Archives series, most recently his most well known work “End Game Saga”, and will be featuring several Penders made characters it next month’s issue of Sonic the Hedgehog.

It’s Sonic Month at FirstComicNews!

The comic book website “FirstComicNews” is devoting an entire month to Sonic the Hedgehog! The event includes a variety of features, including character bios, best of lists, and interviews with the creators. For those of you still unfamiliar with the comics, this could be a good way to learn more about them!

If you want to check out all of their articles for Sonic Month, check out their columns section. One that some of you may find particularly interesting highlights some awesome looking Sonic tattoos.

Comics Zone Relaunched!

It’s about time I started adding back some of the really old content TSS used to have on here, and I’m making some progress now by relaunching the Comics Zone. It’s not hard to miss on the sidebar – look for the flashing ‘new’ icon. It aims to be a vault of information on the Archies, Sonic the Comics, random Japanese Manga and all sorts of other miscellaneous books that get discovered.

At the moment, you can view information on Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic from Issues 1 to 11. Now that the section’s relaunched, I’ll find time every now and then to add a few more issues to the archive. So for now, enjoy a Fleetway blast from the past while I get more stuff together for you.

The Games Archive is requiring a little rethink before I fully relaunch that – having said that, you can see full-view boxart of M&S at the Olympic Winter Games by going to its archive directly here.

Sonic the Hedgehog #191 on newstands now!

The newest issue of Sonic the Hedgehog has just hit newstands, and this time, every Sonic fan has a reason to take notice. The back up story is a prologue for the upcoming BioWare RPG, Sonic Chronicles.

Starting with this issue, Sonic Stadium will be regularly featuring news regarding comic book releases in the world of Sonic. This news usually comes complete with a seven page preview of the issue, as well as an (often misleading) synopsis of what lies within. Provided I’ve read the issue, I may also drop some opinion into the mix.

Check out these scans: Continue reading Sonic the Hedgehog #191 on newstands now!

Sonic Adventures: TSSNET Comic Coming Soon

The Sonic Stadium will soon be host to a new Sonic the Hedgehog comic, due to release its first edition in Spring 2008. Here’s some information direct from the comic’s creators, Cleardream productions.

The comic is based primarily on the Sonic games, however it borrows elements from other continuities to create something fresh, exciting, and unique. The comic also aims to engage more mature readers and long term fans by portraying a more darker side to the Sonic universe as well as having a mature theme. Continue reading Sonic Adventures: TSSNET Comic Coming Soon

New Sonic FCBD comic announced

Sonic and his friends are in deep doo doo.

fLast year marked the first year that Sonic’s long running comic “Sonic the Hedgehog” from Archie took part in a comic book industry tradition called “Free Comic Book Day”, or FCBD. On this day, comic book stores across the country loaded their counters and stands with completely free comic books from a variety of different publishers. Last year, the comic sported an all new story written by the comics new head writer Ian “Potto” Flynn, a former Sonic fan comic writer famous for writing a variety of popular fan comics. Continue reading New Sonic FCBD comic announced

Archie’s Sonic #181 Out Now

The second installment in Archie’s “Enerjak: Reborn” story arc for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book, is now available in comic book specialty shops. The comic, written by fan comic creator turned proffesional comic book writer Ian “Potto” Flynn, marks the return of fan favorite villian Enerjak. You will find the preview, the cover, and a three page sample below:


“Rising Evil – Enerjak Reborn!”: The demolition starts here, with super-powered villain Enerjak wrecking havoc on Angel Island ! Our heroes are readying their defenses while Sonic and Tails race against time to find the still missing Knuckles! Can they find him, or did Enerjak get to him first? PLUS: “Undone”: You’ll shudder at the shocking origin of this new Enerjak… if your nerves are strong enough to handle it! SCRIPT: Ian Flynn. ART: Tracy Yardley (pencils) & Jim Amash (inks). Earth-shattering cover by Tracy Yardley!

Continue reading Archie’s Sonic #181 Out Now

Sonic comic available during FCBD, today!

Every year, the American comic book book industry holds a “Free Comic Book Day”, in which over a dozen major and minor publishes send full comics to participating comic book stores across the nation, to be given out for free. The comics tend to be standalone stories.

This year, Sonic the Hedgehog joins many other comics, with his own 22 page entry, written by fan favorite writer Ian Flynn, drawn by artist Tracy Yardley!, with a cover by long time cover artist Patrick Spaziente. Continue reading Sonic comic available during FCBD, today!

Sonic the Hedgehog Graphic Novels coming soon!

Archie’s “Sonic the Hedgehog” comic book, first released in 1993, is now going to be released in a series of graphic novels. Recolored and remastered, these compilations will be a must buy for ANY hardcore Sonic fan.

Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the longest running licensed comics of all time, second only to Marvel’s Conan, is over 165 issues strong. Now, in these graphics novels, you’ll be able to relive the good old days of the Archie continuity, and see some old faces and stories that you thought you might never see again.

There are two graphics novels set to release this winter for the price of $7.49 US each. They will each cover four comics. The compilations contain the following: Continue reading Sonic the Hedgehog Graphic Novels coming soon!

Sonic Comic Seller Challenged

A Sonic the Comic fan community has recently called to question the honesty of an online trader, offering back issues of the Fleetway publication for various sums of money.

The Sonic the Comic Archive forum was approached on March 2nd by Pete Wilcock, owner of the Comical Games store. While his offer appeared otherwise genuine, an issue over front cover images led to a community-wide inquiry to Wilcock’s honesty.

The images used on the website were in fact scans from the Sonic the Comic Archive (StCA). ‘Hogfather’, co-webmaster of the website, expressed his initial concern: “I was at first impressed, he had all the cover scans of every issue… I had thought he was a long time subscriber to the comic, but then I discarded that when I noticed that he had issues that were “out of stock”… The images of the comics he had on his site were in fact my comics that I own. I could tell this because of the damage on the covers where the free gifts had been removed.Continue reading Sonic Comic Seller Challenged

Sonic X Archie comic mini series surprise

The first issue of a four part Sonic-X comic series seems to have slipped under the radar for most Sonic fans, but with the discovery of the existence of such a series came another shock: Archie comics (long standing producers of the ‘SONIC THE HEDGEHOG’ comic) have decided, starting with issue 5, that the series be an ongoing venture. Continue reading Sonic X Archie comic mini series surprise

Friday Loungin’

Don’t you just love Fridays? Beginning of the weekend (which is always dogged with work for me), all-round good feeling, spring in yer step. For us at TSS, it means we polish off another healthy update for you to get your teeth into.

First off, we have new entries for the TSS Mailbag’s April month. Have a general question, comment on something Sonic or even TSS itself? Or maybe you just wanna chat. Be sure to get in touch, and mark your email subject “Mailbag”. Today’s update discusses Death Eggs, online Sonics, Shadow (again) and a fan of the ol’ Illegitimacy section.

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Hooplah! It’s Easter, the time of eating Choccy Eggs… there’s also something vaguely religious about it and all (…NAAAH, the eggs! ;D), but woo. I’m going to be taking a day or so’s holiday for Easter with family (which means no comp access, hooray – be nice while I’m gone guys!), but it wouldn’t be a holiday without a long-overdue update, right? 😉

Well, after all that Shadow the Hedgehog hullabaloozah, you people certainly have been vocal about that. Be it in the SSMB Forums, in the TSS Mailbag or be it submission of Fan Articles. The latter of which will be added next week; we had a couple of Shadow oriented articles submitted, and quite frankly I just want to avoid the thing for the time being P; So next week for the articles. Promise.

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Told ya there was more…

You know, it feels so good to be able to find time to update my site once again. ^_^ This is the third update I’ve made in four days, and it feels great to be finally updating everything that has been submitted as far back as August ’04 (again, sorry for those who submitted stuff and had to wait so long! o_o).

At time of writing, today’s update is rather niche. I’m attempting to bring the Archie Sonic Comics section bang up to date, and that’s rather hard, not living in America and all. 😛 Rally the Cheetah’s being a superstar with her submissions, and today’s scans include front covers for the last few months, plus some Sonic Specials, AND covers for not only Issue 0, but an alternate Issues 1, 2 and 3. These aren’t the Issues 1, 2 and 3 you know from July ’93 onwards, these were Issues of Archie that began a few months before then. After some digging for more info and scans, we should have information on them.
Continue reading Told ya there was more…

Sonic Scansday Deluxe: Day 2

Good job we dedicated two days to this bumper Sonic Scansday eh? I promise you you will have the most fun with today’s update – all comic scans related! First off, the Fleetway Comics section has been improved, with Issue 7 and Issue 8‘s scans replaced with TSS’ own high quality scans now. Alongside that, courtesy of regular submitter Robert Frazer, we have two new Fleetway issues too – Issue 20 and Issue 78 are now online for you to read.

Finally, the Manga Comics section is due a bit of a makeover and information reformat, and you can read new Sonic manga at the information page for the SEGA Gag 1P Comic book, that includes Sonic and NiGHTS manga, both of which you can read right now. And that’s not even it yet. An website on the TSS Network returns today, and we know it has it’s fans for it’s innovative…ness. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here.

Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

First off, the response to the Sonic Scansday has gone, for the most part, pretty well. Remember if you have any magazine adverts, old artwork from comics and mags, comic scans or other print media that can be scanned, be sure to wing them our way. On the back of this, some people who don’t seem to like Sonic can’t understand that if you don’t like Sonic, then you shouldn’t be here. These people’s behaviour is what’s scientifically known as “Being A Dumbarse”. Here are the rewards from this weeks Scansday:

More from Scansday next week. Get your submissions in! Continue reading Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

Archie: Sonic #131 Preview


Two titanic stories in one action-packed issue! “Home-The Gathering” Part Two (of Four): Continuing the saga of the four-part epic begun last issue. The threat of nuclear annihilation by Dr. Robotnik and his new minions looms large, so Sonic and the citizens of the Kingdome of Acorn AND Station Square must ready themselves to strike the Eggman Empire before its too late! With stakes this eye, everyone joins the battle lines. Don’t miss this nail-biting installment-it could be the last!

SCRIPT: Karl Bollers. ART: Ron Lim (pencils) and Andrew Pepoy (inks). Continue reading Archie: Sonic #131 Preview

Archie: Sonic #132 Spoilers

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #132, ships 1/7. 32-page, full color comic, $2.19 US.

“Home, Part 3 – A.D.A.M. & Evil”: Sonic, Knuckles and the entire Kingdom of Acorn launch a two-pronged defense against the forces of Eggman’s Empire. As usual, Dr. Robotnik (a.k.a. Eggman) has a few tricks up his sleeve to keep his foes from winning the day. And then there’s Shadow and a stash of deadly weapons… SCRIPT: Karl Bollers. ART: Dave Manak (pencils) and Jim Amash (inks). 

“Mobius: 25 Years Later – The Unveiling”: Our popular look at the future lives of Sonic’s friends and foes continues! This time, Lara-Su undergoes the female echidna coming-of-age ceremony. As Knuckles’ daughter, this is a very big deal – everyone on the island is invited. Will Lara-Su be able to deal with her insecurities? Also, if he’s not here for the ceremony, just why has Rotor come to see Knuckles?! You won’t want to miss this intriguing installment! SCRIPT: Ken Penders. ART: Steven Butler (pencils) and Ken Penders (inks). 

Archie: Sonic #131 Preview

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #131, ships 12/10. 32-page, full color comic, $2.19 US.

Two titanic stories in one action-packed issue! “Home-The Gathering” Part Two (of Four): Continuing the saga of the four-part epic begun last issue. The threat of nuclear annihilation by Dr. Robotnik and his new minions looms large, so Sonic and the citizens of the Kingdome of Acorn AND Station Square must ready themselves to strike the Eggman Empire before its too late! With stakes this eye, everyone joins the battle lines. Don’t miss this nail-biting installment-it could be the last!

SCRIPT: Karl Bollers. ART: Ron Lim (pencils) and Andrew Pepoy (inks). Continue reading Archie: Sonic #131 Preview

Archie: Sonic #130 Preview

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #130 ships 11/12. 32-page, full color comic, $2.19 US.

“Home-The Blue Blur Returns” Part One (of Four): The first entry in a four-part epic finds Sonic back from his adventure in outer space-and just in time, too, as the Kingdom of Acorn and the Empire of Robotnik are about to collide head-on in their monumental struggle to control Mobius! How will everybody react to Sonic’s “return from the dead?” How will Sonic react to all the changes that have occurred during his absence? If you read only one Sonic comic in this lifetime, make it this one!!!

SCRIPT: Karl Bollers. ART: Steven Butler (pencils) Michael Higgins, Jim Amash and J. Axer (inks). 

Archie: Sonic #129 Full Preview

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #129, ships 10/15. 32-page, full color comic, $2.19 US.

“Space Gamble”: Move over, Nascar pros – Sonic is putting the pedal to the metal by entering a racing competition! Not the best thing to do with a damaged ship, but he can always use the prize money to fix it. Winning won’t be that easy of course-he’s only up against fastest beings of the universe! Will Sonic’s ship hold together long enough for him to cross the finish line?

SCRIPT: Romy Chacon. Art: Dawn Best (pencils) & Jim Amash (inks). 

“Welcome to Wheelworld”: The new world Sonic finds himself in offers the best opportunity for to get back home to his family and friends. Too bad he’s landed there right in the middle of the trial of the Bem scientist last seen in #118. Why is this trial so important and what does it have to do with Mobius? This must must-read tale features several surprises, including of Tails’ parents!

SCRIPT: Benny Lee. ART: Art Mawhinney (pencils) and Michael Higgins (inks). 

Mobius: 25 Years Later Info

Below is from SHQ News:

In the latest issue of Sonic(#126),it’s revealed by Ken Penders in the letters page that Mobius:Twenty Five Years Later(originally Knuckles:Twenty Years Later)will start in Sonic#131. The arc will start it’s focus on Knuckles and then gradually move on to the other characters in the Sonic universe. More tidbits:

  • Sonic returns to Mobius in Sonic #129 and will be explained over the course of this issue and #130.
  • Knuckles returns in #130 and begins to get more involved in the affairs of the Kingdom of Acorn.

Note: Unless you are a subscriber, Sonic #126 is not out yet, so don’t go rushing to find it.

Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #116

Solicitations for the next issue of Archie Sonic have been published, and with Issue #116 comes the inclusion of some Sonic Adventure 2 characters. Namely, Rouge the Bat, who gets into a tussle with Bunnie Rabbot during a secret mission that spans two stories! Knuckles also sees some attention in this issue, take a look below. Continue reading Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #116