SEGA Releases Sonic Generations Comic Strip

SEGA has today randomly released a comic strip version of the opening cutscene of the console and PC versions of Sonic Generations. As players of the game will know, Sonic’s friends set up a picnic party for the blue hedgehog’s Birthday, with cake, chilli dogs and all. Shortly after, the mysterious Time Eater crashes the party and warps Sonic and his friends across time.

The comic strip ends where Sonic wakes up outside of the Green Hill Zone with a “To be continued…” note. Could there be more comic strips on the way, or could SEGA just mean the story continues in the game? If more comic strips are released, we’ll pass them on.

Source: SEGA Press

ASR: This Is Why Sonic Is In A Car – Take 2

(Click to enlarge)

You may remember SEGA Memories comic strip we posted explaining why Sonic is in a car in Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, well if that didn’t convince you bro-botnik at the SSMB has made the above comic strip to further knock some sense into people who still dont understand.

Thanks to bro-botnik for the hilarious comic strip!