GameStop giving away free $5 XBLA codes, (MIGHT only work on US accounts, your mileage may vary) (Edit: Over)


Edit @ 6:49PM EST: The promo is over, BUT, it’s actually going on for the next few weeks on Thursdays, so stay tuned for next week for another shot!… if they still have codes to give away! 😛

Original: So GameStop is giving away said codes. What do you have to do? Click on this link (just copy and paste the link on that page to your address bar) and then put in your email address, then it’ll prompt you to sign into your facebook account, do that and then confirm, and then you will right away get the code.

Someone over at NeoGAF posted this as a work around for those outside the US (or just don’t have said account period):

For everyone outside of the US, head to My Account on, go to Payment & Billing, and hit Change My Region.

Worked for me.

So as I said, your mileage may vary, but hey, IT’S FREE!

What’s that? What does that have to do with Sonic? Easy! You can buy some games on XBLA with that code alone!

Have a look (based on the NA marketplace site):

Sonic Adventure $4.99

Sonic 1 $4.99

Sonic 2 $4.99

Sonic 3 $4.99

Sonic & Knuckles $2.99

Sonic CD $4.99

Sonic the Fighters $4.99

And a bunch of other stuff like DLC for like a buck or so.

Granted I’m uncertain if they add tax on top of those prices. Nintendo’s eShop does, Sony’s PSN does not.

Happy spending! 😀

Get a Sonic Generations Statue Code at Marks & Spencer

Those who have played Sonic Generations may have heard about the game’s hidden Statue Room and the code system used to unlock the statues. Well, in an update to their official Sonic Generations website, SEGA’s revealed that you can obtain a code at posh UK retailer Marks & Spencer which will unlock exclusive statues. It’s unknown if you need to purchase anything to obtain the code right, though. We’ll update when we know more.

SEGA has also offered the below instructions about the Statue Room for those new to it.

Head to the Collection Room in Sonic Generations™ – it’s located to the left of the Green Hill Stage Gate in the White Space.
When you’re in the Collection Room, press and hold SELECT (PS3™) or BACK (Xbox 360®), and Sonic will drop down to the Statue Room. You can return to the Collection Room by jumping on the Spring in the Statue Room.

How to enter the code
To unlock your statue, press SELECT (PS3™) or BACK (Xbox 360®) and enter your code.
Hey presto, you have a new statue!

Viewing your statue collection
To view your statue collection, push up on the left stick and you’ll go into “Viewing” mode. You can then use the left stick to rotate your statue. To go back, press the CIRCLE (PS3™) or B (Xbox 360®) button.

You can find your nearest Marks & Spencer store over at their website.

Source: Official Sonic Generations website (via SEGA Addicts)

Thanks to SSMB member Blur of Blue for the heads up!

Note: Please do not share the leaked codes or where to get them in the comments. Comments doing so will be deleted.