S&ASRT Previews Reveal New Details, Roulette Road Returns, Billy Hatcher Track Confirmed

Some new previews and interviews have appeared online following SEGA’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed news updates the other day. According to EverybodyPlays, SEGA held a press event in the UK for Transformed earlier this week where attendees were treated to some boat riding on the Thames. In their preview, EverybodyPlays reveals that the flying sections will have a ‘Flight Assist’ option that guides players with a line and helps them get to grips with the controls. The game will also include 132 mods, over 100 stickers, and will be fully playable in co-op in the Grand Prix and World Tour modes.

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Tails Limited to 2 Player Mode in Sonic 4: Episode 2

Follwing today’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 gameplay trailer, SEGA community staff member Kellie has been answering some questions from fans over at the SEGA Forums. Most interesting is Kellie’s response to a query about playable characters.

As Ranger posted, I’ve answered some of these questions for you. Tails is playable, but not in single player. When playing single player, you play as Sonic and interact with Tails to progress through the levels. When you’re playing two player, one of you will play as Sonic and the other as Tails, and work together.

Release date is Spring 2012, as noted on the trailer.

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Unfortunately, Tails can only be played in two player mode and not in single player. It appears Sonic is stuck with tails too, and can’t be played alone like in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It’s beginning to look like co-op play is essential to progress through the game, though why there still can’t be an option to play as Tails and the CPU play as Sonic and still progress is unclear.

Source: SEGA Forums

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Xbox.com Releases First Screenshots of Sonic 4: Episode 2, Co-op Play Also Revealed

The Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 product page over at Xbox.com has received a significant update today. In the update, ten screenshots have been released, the game’s final ‘box art’ and new details about the game. The screenshots give us a look at the four various levels, including an ice type stage, a carnival type stage, a desert/oil field type stage, an Aquatic Ruins type stage and a special stage. A chase with Metal Sonic on Tails’ rocket is also shown. New details revealed include offline and online co-op play and combo attacks Sonic and Tails can pull off together.

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Gamekult Reveals Sonic Colours’ ‘Sonic Simulator’ and Tails’ New Voice


French gaming website, Gamekult.com has uploaded three new gameplay videos of Sonic Colours on Wii. The first one gives us another look at the recently revealed co-op mode, but there’s something very different about this video, since the second player is a glowing orb that follows player one’s every move, which is very similar to what we’ve seen in the latest batch of DS screenshots You’ll also notice that the second players HUD is darkened out too. For now, it’s unclear what this could be, apart from its name: Doctor Eggman’s Sonic Simulator. We’ll have to wait until we get official word from SEGA.

Doctor Eggman’s eagle eyes at the SSMB, have spotted that the first co-op area shown in the video is built to look like Sonic 1’s Green Hill Zone. A very nice tribute there, Sonic Team.


The other 2 videos give us a further look at what appears to be new Act’s of the Sweet Mountain and Tropical Resort stages. The former in which you’ll hear a small sample of Tails’ new voice, which sounds a lot more boyish than his last voice.


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Thanks to SSMB Member Woun for the YouTube uploads.

Source: Gamekult.com

New Sonic Colours Wii & DS Screens and Blue Wisp Art

Official Nintendo Magazine UK has posted up some new screenshots of the Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours. The screens give us our first look at the DS versions multiplayer mode, as well as more of the single-player mode. DS multiplayer looks to be a simple 2 player race mode, like in Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure. We also get to see more of the Wii versions recently revealed co-op mode, including combinations of the boost, Drill and Spike powers. There’s also an odd Wii screen with a yellow billiard ball, make of that what you will. You can check out the screens and official artwork of the Blue Wisp below.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK’s website

Sonic Colours’ Co-Op Mode In Action


UPDATE: SSMB member Hero of Legend has re-uploaded his video with all 3 clips in, thanks dude! Also, thanks to SSMB member Woun, we have all 3 clips in HD at the below links:
Game Land 1: Act 2
Dig Underground

Footage of Sonic Colours‘ co-op mode has been revealed, courtesy of IGN, who recently got some hands-on time with this feature. Do you remember that robotic head on the games map screen that looked a little like Metal Sonic? Well, it isn’t Sonic’s robotic rival.  It’s a planet called Game Land where all of the co-op levels are staged.

As described in IGN’s preview, two players take control of a robot Sonic each and advance through the level by working together, while also trying to compete for the most rings. In the footage we can see some of the various Wisp combos that IGN mentioned, such as the Spike Wisp combo that has both players tethered together in a similar fashion to the old Mega Drive 32X title, Knuckles’ Chaotix. A Lazer Wisp combo is also shown, where both players combine together to form a stronger and larger double lazer attack on a string of enemies.

The levels look as odd as in the original screenshot, but the stage design seems to fit the speed and co-op play to a button. No split-screen is shown, so it appears both players have to keep up with each other on the one screen, but since co-op actions are required to advance through stages then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Source: IGN:
Dig Underground
Game Land 1: Act 2

Thanks to speedduelist and Diogenes at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Sonic Colours’ Wii Co-Op Multiplayer Revealed

In a new preview, IGN has revealed details behind Sonic Colours’ multiplayer mode, which was recently leaked via a screenshot at Amazon JP. As suspected, multiplayer will be a co-op experience with various coloured Sonic robots. Players will need to use techniques and the Wisp powers to progress through stages.

Wisp powers can be combined in a number of ways, which IGN are told “throughout a total of 6 tiers of three levels each.”  The red special rings seen in the single player stages now have a purpose revealed. These rings are collected to unlock all of the multiplayer stages, so you won’t be able to play multiplayer co-op right away.

Check out the full preview at IGN.

Thanks to speedduelist at the SSMB and Woun at the SEGA Forums for the heads-up!

[UPDATE]Sonic Colours Co-Op Mode Revealed?

UPDATE:Amazon has removed the screenshot from the page. Did the retailer jump the gun on something SEGA weren’t ready to reveal yet? /UPDATE END

Amazon’s Japanese website has posted a new Sonic Colours screenshot on the game’s product page there, which reveals a co-op mode. In the screen. we see two Sonics, one blue and one pink (or red?). Two separate HUDs can also be seen on the left and right of the screenshot with no split down the middle, suggesting that this is indeed a co-op mode. What’s  odd about this picture is the environment. For a game titled ‘Sonic Colours’, there sure isn’t much colour in this stage.  Also odd are the antennas that both Sonics have on their heads. Could we be seeing Sonic robots, like the Shadow robots in Shadow the Hedgehog’s multiplayer modes?

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