Sega Republic Appears To Have Closed Down

For several years, Sega has had an amazing theme park in the Dubai Mall running under the name ‘Sega Republic‘. The park had a number of Sonic themed rides and attractions which were quite popular with tourists in Dubai.

Despite being a popular attraction, it seems that the park has closed down with very little warning. SSMB user Sir Laptop brought to our attention that the website for Sega Republic has been taken down and replaced with a message telling customers that it’s closed.

In addition to this, their official Facebook page and twitter account appears to have also been removed.

Further evidence that the park has closed suddenly comes from several goodbye messages from the staff posted on other social media channels earlier today.

We’ll keep you up to date with more details as we get it.

Source: Sega Republic

The Sonic Spinball Ride At Alton Towers Has Closed

It’s the end of an era. It’s been there for 6 years but it seems that the Sonic Spinball ride at Alton Towers has had it’s last ride.

According to information posted Alton Towers’ ride times website, Sonic Spinball isn’t there, but Spinball Whizzer is. If you don’t know, Spinball Whizzer was the original name of the ride before it was re-themed to Sonic Spinball. Continue reading The Sonic Spinball Ride At Alton Towers Has Closed

Sonic Fan Games HQ Shut Down

Sonic Fan Games HQ was shut down for reasons unconfirmed on Tuesday – whereas SFGHQ owners were unavailable for comment, the problem has been revealed by fans of the website.

Visit SFGHQ and a visitor is greeted with a page including the text: “For a ‘lose lose’ situation, it sure feels like I won…”. As dubious and confusing as it sounds, regular IRC #SRB2 Channel member Gerbilsoft (speaking to us yesterday at the TSS IRC Chatroom) has revealed to SONIC NEWS some information that may shed some light on the situation:

Smidge [the current maintainer of SFGHQ] took the site down… some guy threatened to hack it unless Smidge either gave him ops in #srb2 or made him a mod on SFGHQ and apparently Smidge decided to just take down the site.

Continue reading Sonic Fan Games HQ Shut Down