BlueTube: Let’s Go to the City with…Sonic?

You might remember my handy guide to Sonic-izing your copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk and how it pointed you in the right direction for Sonic patterns and town tunes.  Now, “Secretchaos” has tipped me on something far greater than having Sonic on a shirt or as your town tune.  How about…as your neighbor?

Through hacking AC:CF, you can have Sonic as one of your neighbors that annoy you and give you gifts that you promptly sell.  It’s one of the tiger models with a face lift, but it’s about the closest you can get to interacting with Sonic.

I’m considering of hacking him into my game, but that means I’d lose Rolf, my tiger neighbor.  He’s so badass!  I don’t think that I’ve met someone who hates people more than Rolf (he’s up there with Roscoe the Horse).  So cynical, so funny.

Let’s Go To The City With Sonic Town Tunes & Patterns

Are you cool like me in getting a copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk (or Let’s Go to the City for some of you) for Christmas? If so, you must have considered letting your Sonic fanboyism spill into the user created aspects of the game. The Sonic Stadium is here to help, by providing you some catchy town tunes and patterns to design at the Abel Sister’s shop.

When it comes to some town tunage, your best resource is the database at Animal Crossing Community. If you simply search “Sonic,” you can get 85 Sonic songs, even some from Sonic Unleashed, like the Rooftop theme at Spagonia. Green Hill shows up a few times, along with other classic themes, but “Open Your Heart,” “Live and Learn,” and songs from Sonic X are also in the database. My personal favorite town tunes are the “Sonic the Fighters” theme and “Toot Toot Sonic Warrior.”

As for patterns, the Animal Crossing Community is the first place to go for some amazing Sonic patterns.  The site has 1,421 patterns to choose from and most of them are really awesome and detailed, like ones featuring those wicked Sonic Battle sprites.  The site “Animal Crossing Ahead” has about 200 Sonic related patterns for you to gawk at and use. Click here to head on over to the Sonic pattern page at Animal Crossing Ahead.

Green Hill Zone - an old standby

With these links, you should be well-equipped to start a Sonic fashion trend in your town (which is probably named either “Pooptown,” “Buttville,” or “St. Fart” from my estimation).  If you have an awesome pattern or song for Animal Crossing and you would like to share it with us at TSS, drop me a PM and I’ll totally:

a) Put it in my town

b) Fan Spotlight it