Sonic Talk 64: Electrified and Wiggling

In this month’s episode, Sonic is blasting off as a mascot for a Jupiter space probe. Jason and Chris discuss Mario Kart World Tour while Alex talks all about Apple Arcade including Sonic Racing and Chu-Chu Rocket. Sonic rolls up into Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz as a playable character. We discuss the passing of Sonic the Comic artist, Nigel Dobbyn and finally see if Genesis does what Nintendon’t as a plug and play, mini console. All that and much more!

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Chu Chu Rocket! Universe coming to Apple Arcade

A new entry in Sonic Team’s long-dead Chu Chu Rocket franchise made a surprise appearance in an Apple press release today: Chu Chu Rocket! Universe.

The game is being developed by Hardlight, and is slated to come to the Apple Arcade service, a video game subscription service for Apple Devices that will let subscribers play a variety of games for $4.99 a month on iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Macs. It’s important to note that Apple’s press release specifies that it is a “mobile and subscription service” exclusive which doesn’t necessarily rule out console ports of the game, although devices that support Apple Arcade are the only confirmed platforms.

The game has 100 3D puzzle courses, and features gameplay that appears pretty faithful to the Dreamcast original: direct your mice to rocket ships without letting cats devouring them all. Chu Chu Rocket! Universe is slated to launch alongside the debut of the Apple Arcade service on September 19. Chu Chu Rocket! won’t be the only Sonic Team series hitting the service either: as we reported earlier this year, Sonic Racing will also be coming to Apple Arcade.

The Dreamcast original was the first game on the system to feature online play, so a sequel being announced a day after the system’s 20th anniversary is neat timing. This will be the first new entry in the franchise since the Dreamcast game was ported to iOS and Android back in 2011.

Nothing else is known about the game. Check below for a screenshot and game play footage:



ASR Site Hack Reveals Bonanza Bros, Opa-Opa

SEGA has once again been the target of tech-savvy fans, as some disassembling of the official Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing flash site has revealed unannounced information, including the presence of the Bonanza Bros. and Opa-Opa (from Fantasy Zone) as playable characters.

The find came from fan blog TSSZ, with writer Ryan Bloom publishing a wealth of images that pertain to characters and All-Star moves. The snapshot above is apparently taken from the Characters page from the official website (which in itself is a replication of the game’s actual character select screen). Behind recently-confirmed Akira from Virtua Fighter is a tuft of blonde hair, leading the blog to suspect that companion fighter Jacky could be racing with him.

More obvious is an image of the Bonanza Bros. next to Big the Cat, and a silhouette of Opa-Opa. Exploring the “Moves” files uncovers a Kapu-Kapu from Chu Chu Rocket!, the ‘PARTS SHOP’ balloon from Fantasy Zone and the blimp from Bonanza Bros. It is assumed that these are clues to All-Star Moves, which if proven correct leads to the presence of the Chu Chu Rocket! playable vehicle as well.

Quite how SEGA will react to its website being torn apart remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be the first time eager fans have been impatient to find every last morsel of detail about one of its games. We’ll bring you word of any comment from SEGA about the find.