New “Christmas With Sonic” Released

What better way to get into the festive spirit than with Sonic and pals? As part of Balenaproductions’ annual “Christmas with Sonic” series, watch as Sonic and his friends try to spend the festive season with Tails’ family this time around. But as usual, nothing ever goes quite as planned.

“Christmas with Sonic in Paradise” is the fifth installment in the festive series, created by Steven Page. He’s well know in the Sonic fanbase for making animated 3D videos with Sonic, with popular hits such as “Sonic in Jaws”, “Sonic in Scared Stupid” and the parody series “Sonic Zombie” which recently came to a close. You can check out his channel here.

From all of us here at The Sonic Stadium, have a Merry Christmas! How are you spending the festive season? Hopefully better than Sonic and his buddies, if the above video is anything to go by…?

Experience Christmas With Eggman, And His Family

YouTube Preview Image

“Christmas With Sonic” by Balenaproductions (creator of “Sonic in Jaws” and the “Sonic Zombie” series), an annual festive treat which began back in 2011, returns once again this year with a brand new twist – what would Christmas be like with Eggman and the family? In “Christmas With Eggman”, we see this possibility unfold.

Creating a false invitation inviting Sonic and Tails to a fancy estate for this year’s Christmas festivities, the good Doctor takes Sonic’s friends and family captive and forces them to be a part of his own party. And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the whole family there…

As always, the video goes down a treat with a fantastic quality of voice work, top notch writing, charming characterisation for the cast and a stylistic animatic-esque look. Give it a watch above, and make sure you check out the other Christmas With Sonic videos (all assembled in this handy dandy playlist) if you haven’t done so already, and get yourself in the festive mood. Christmas is but a few days away!

[SPOILER] Christmas Unlockable Found in S&ASR Transformed

An unlockable Christmas gift has been found in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed by changing the system date to December 25th 2012. The Sonic Stadium has tried this out on the Xbox 360 version and can confirm it works when the Xbox 360 console is not connected to Xbox Live, however, we do not know if this works on the PS3 or Wii U versions.

UPDATE: Gagaman in the comments has confirmed it works on PS3, too.
UPDATE 2: Pete in the comments has confirmed it works for Wii U, too.

To find out what the unlockable is, click the jump, but don’t say we didn’t warn you if you don’t want your Christmas gift from SEGA and Sumo Digital spoiled.

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SEGAs MasterTweet Theater Christmas Special: SoA’s RubyEclipse is a Legend

Words cannot describe…



I like to think Aaron sits around in his dining room enjoying a glass of sherry, listening to uplifting Vivaldi overtures, and delivering gifts to children all over the world on Christmas day.

Who agrees with WebKitty and thinks the special dude being chased by the square man is so cute?

Answers in the comments box please…

TSS Vault: Season’s Greetings

The Sonic Stadium has been around for over ten years. That’s quite a milestone for a humble fansite dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog. Especially one that’s done so much over the last decade for the community. But there’s a lot that we haven’t done – stuff that we have been sent in the past that we meant to add to the site, but never found time to do so. Take this series of articles as a way of me finally being able to show off some of the best of people’s creativity, as well as funky stuff in the Sonic world.

As there’s a lot of random things, it’s going to be difficult to categorise them all, but I’m going to give it a go anyway. I may also throw in some classic TSS stuff that we have added in the past too, just for posterity. So, welcome to the first Vault article, dedicated to festive things.

TSS Christmas Image, 2007

This celebratory image was created by hatted superstar T-Bird, and was to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas back in 2007. It’s a true sign of the times, with renditions of pretty much all of the TSS and SSMB staff at the time. DiZ, Roareye, Turbo, Flint, B’man (the balloon), Violet and Strong Bad are all included here, along with presses to Iceman, Shazra and Sarge.

Christmas Don’t Be Late, 2007 [Download]

The previous art piece was part of our incredible Christmas event at The Sonic Stadium, where we replaced the front page with an advent calendar and gave away little things every day until the 25th December. Towards the end, we unleashed this – a music recording of most of the TSS/SSMB staff covering ‘Christmas, Don’t Be Late’ from Alvin and the Chipmunks. The result is quite terrifying, but it was a nice gesture all the same.

The NiGHTS Stadium, 2003

Of course, we started celebrating Christmas at TSS long before the advent calendar. In 2003, the entire site was changed to the theme of NiGHTS into Dreams. Well, Christmas NiGHTS to be more exact, but hey it fit the time of year just perfectly. Unfortunately, all we have left to show for the design is this banner image, but you can get a good idea of how we decorated TSS on the back of that. The original, large chequered background turned purple and was highlighted with snow effects. Gorgeous. I updated the site with a load of NiGHTS info at the time as well.

CosmicFalcon – My Favourite Hedgehog, 2005 [Download]

Not particularly Christmassy, but equally festive for another reason – this was the winning entry for The Sonic Stadium’s massive 5th Anniversary competition. It only seems like yesterday when we heard CosmicFalcon singing about buying all of Sonic’s games “even if they are so very craaaap.” Listening to it today, it still makes us chuckle, and was well-deserving of the Sonic Gems Collection (Japanese Gamecube version) and arcade stick that he ended up winning. Click here to see the original contest page.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Slovakia, 2006

Now these pictures are absolutely incredible, and I feel so stupid for hanging onto them for this long, so I’m putting them up here now so I can somewhat redeem myself. On two occasions in late 2006, I was sent an image from Ľuba Marcinová from Košice, Slovakia. The first one is a Christmas celebration, with Sonic manning a sleigh driven by Silver and Shadow. The second was sent to see in the New Year in 2007. Both were made with the help of Kristy & Tom and Eva & Emil Wessely, according to the original emails.

“Sorry again it came a bit late, but like they say – better than never,” read the New Year email. Er, likewise, Ľuba. Sorry!

‘Yuji Naka’s Christmas Message, 2006 [Download]

During a random era of The Sonic Hour live broadcast, Roareye and myself took to ‘inviting’ ‘Yuji Naka’ to our show for a special ‘interview.’ What happened was the birth of a brilliant parody character that took to the airwaves to cheer Roareye and myself on, and to denounce everyone’s games but his own. This was a little Christmas message that ‘Yuji’ sent out to Sonic Hour listeners back in 2006, but unless you try and dig out that particular episode there’s only one other place you can hear it – this recording. Enjoy.

TSS’ Christmas Visit to SEGA, 2005 [Read]

These days, plenty of community websites make a habit of visiting SEGA’s offices to see the latest games and grab some free goodies for their dazzling loyalty to their brands. It’s a world away from the situation in 2005, where nobody besides professional journalists ever went near the company offices. The winner of our innovative Shadow Week competition – the first in which a fansite teamed up with SEGA for prizes – was able to get a tour of the London HQ and so Roareye and myself tagged along to chronicle the day. It’s a fantastic look back to an event that was a real rarity before the establishment of SEGA’s community department and ArchAngelUK’s appointment to community manager.

If you want to see a video of myself and Roareye pratting around on the day as well, watch this classic TSS video.

Darkspeeds’ SSA Thank-You, 2006 [Download]

Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong earned himself quite a few awards during 2006’s Sonic Site Awards, and he took the time to record a thank-you message to everyone who voted for him. It quickly turned into a Christmas message at the same time, due to the time in which it was recorded. He used the theme song from NiGHTS into Dreams, Dreams Dreams, as the backing track for his message. Which is funny, because…

Dreads Dreads, 2006 [Download]

You can’t have a coverage of TSS over the Christmas years without including this ‘gem’ of a karaoke song. Yes, I decided to absolutely butcher the theme song to Sega’s NiGHTS into Dreams for the first Wrecks Factor competition back in 2006. My approach was to sing in a decidedly crap ‘swing’ style, and the judges deemed my attempt at being crap authentic enough to come last place. The forfeit was to sing the DK Rap, but as I never found the time to do it after the event, AAUK picked the debut Summer of Sonic convention for myself and Roareye to perform it…

I’ll be adding a lot more lost submissions and remnants from the past over the next few weeks! In the meantime, have a great run up to Christmas and don’t get swamped by the snow/store sales!

NEW @ The Sonic Show: Top 5 Winter Levels!


You ever watch The Sonic Show here at TSS?  You haven’t?  Start now.

I have returned to The Sonic Show, but I’m not reading e-mails anymore (so you can stop sending them, please).  This season, I’ll be trying many different things, but my friend Ben and I will be making “Top 5” lists.  (You may remember my new co-host from “How I Celebrated My Sonic 2sday.“)  Our first Top 5 list coincides with the holiday season, as we count down the best winter levels in Sonic games.  Which winter wonderland will take top honors?  Hit the jump to watch and find out!

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An Unhealthy Dose of Holiday Fail: Sonic Christmas Carols

sa-sonic-12Hit the jump to read the lyrics to some Christmas Carols.  These aren’t the songs that you’ve come to know and love, however.  These songs were edited… by a Sonic fan and were found at Fanart-Central by Supakitsune of Sonic Retro.  I hope you like to sing the words “Sonic” and “Chao.”

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TSS Wants Your Sonic Holiday Cheer!

sonic2-thumbIt’s December 1st and that means that the 25 days of Christmas has begun.  As usual, we here at TSS will be providing all sorts of Sonic-related holiday features throughout the month, but we also want to showcase the creations of our visitors.

If you build a Sonic snowman, draw some Sonic Christmas art, bake some Sonic cookies, or hang some Sonic ornaments on your Sonic Christmas tree, we want you to take some pictures and send them to us!  Pending on the amount of content that we get from you, our readers, we will be regularly featuring your holiday spirit!  Of course, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and other holiday items are welcome as well!

Send us all of your Sonic holiday creations by using the e-mail address provided at right (thesonicstadium AT gmail DOT com), which is where you can also send us news tips and community stories for us to publish.

Many thanks and let’s have a great December, guys!

TSS’ Christmas Movie: Night of the Living Warhog

You may have heard of Evil Doc as the geniuses behind the animated shorts seen in various episodes of The Sonic Show. Topics that have grabbed their attention include the ‘best’ cutscenes in modern Sonic games and the music that can sometimes muffle the voices of the main characters (whether that’s a good or bad thing we’ll leave to you, gentle reader).

Now Evil Doc have taken to the recent Halloween Sonic Unleashed movie, Night of the Living Werehog, and have recieved word that SEGA are in fact making a Christmas movie based on its success! Called Night of the Living Warhog: Christmas Edition, it features Shadow and Black Doom investigating a haunted house on Christmas Eve… shortly before the black hedgehog starts shooting everything down.

It’s a great jape on the classic Sonic Unleashed tie-in, and a perfect thing for you to watch on Christmas Eve as you wait for Santa/Father Christmas to come down your chimney. Hopefully he won’t meet any Rambo-inspired black hedgehogs on his way to your house, although that could be a good excuse for your parents to use for the lack of presents.

Hit the jump to watch the video. Continue reading TSS’ Christmas Movie: Night of the Living Warhog

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Hey, chumps, it’s Christmas! I just wanted to stop by and wish all SSMB members and TSS readers a happy holiday season. I haven’t been around here, the forums, or my own websites as of late, because everybody is being an asshole about Sonic Unleashed. It was a nice, well-deserved break after finals week and telling you all to shut the hell up about reviews. With a clear head, I’m ready to head into the holidays with good spirits and I am willing to share my cheer with all of you, even the people that I cannot stand.

To the Sonic Stadium staff… Merry Christmas.

To the staffs at Sonic Retro and SFGHQ… Merry Christmas.

To the supporters of my gradually disappointing skit on The Sonic Show… Merry Christmas.

To Jay DiscoPoines, who airs my gradually disappointing skit on The Sonic Show… Merry Christmas.

To the beer that Dreadknux and I plan to have together in the future… Merry Christmas.

To Blast Processing… Merry Christmas.

To TJ Davies and Richard Jacques… Merry Christmas.

To Boyz 2 Men… Merry Christmas.

To my mom, who laughably (yet, lovingly) assumed that Sonic Unleashed and/or Sonic Chronicles would make “good” Christmas gifts, since I am a Sonic fan… Merry Christmas <3.

To The Sonic Stadium…

It’s been a bit of a mental Christmas at TSS Towers. Despite the fact that I’m too poor to buy many presents this year, I seem to have come into a bit of a windfall of packages from Up North to the Land of Oz. I’ve had gestures of goodwill from AAUK/SEGA, T-Bird, Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong, Jemnezmy, Hawkz, Urtheart and DiscoPonies so I figure I will share with you lot what came in the mail this week.

First, AAUK and SEGA Europe sent us this rather natty card, above. You’ll remember this design as it’s the same one on the promotional advent calendars we received during our trip to playtest Sonic Unleashed. “To The Sonic Stadium, Merry Christmas, From SEGA” it reads. Bless your hearts, guys. Continue reading To The Sonic Stadium…

Christmas Contest: The Winner and the Entries

There can only be one winner for the prize pack of Sonic goodies, and all you guys had to do was make a present for Sonic the Werehog. Well, we had plenty of entries, and the simple fact of the matter is having one prize made the decision-making very difficult indeed. A whole bunch of you have such great Christmas spirit, and the entries we recieved ranged from the incredibly thoughtful to the insane. All of them made us realise how talented and dedicated the Sonic fanbase truly is – we might argue about the games, but man can we get together and make some good stuff when we want to.

So this post is not just a celebration of who won this contest, but one of all our entrants, and a showcase of just how varied and wonderful our submissions have been. Hit the jump to see them all. Continue reading Christmas Contest: The Winner and the Entries

Contest: Win A Christmas Present From Sonic

Christmas is all about giving, and in association with SEGA Europe we have a special present to give to one of our readers out there! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • A pair of Sonic X kid’s size shoes
  • Sonic Chronicles T-Shirt
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Pinbadge
  • A Summer of Sonic 2008 T-Shirt (the one that TJ Davis said she really liked)
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity T-Shirt
  • Sonic Unleashed Hoodie
  • Werehog Keyring
  • Sonic Rush Adventure Keyring/Compass
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Sticker Set
  • Sonic Rivals 2 on the PSP
  • A European Sonic Chronicles Nintendo DS Tin
  • Sonic Chronicles Stylus Pack
  • Sonic X Rouge Keyring (no, you pervs, Rouge from Sonic X, not… that)
  • An “I Love SEGA” sweet

Only one person can win this box of goodies, and all you have to do is think of a present to give to Sonic the Werehog. Continue reading Contest: Win A Christmas Present From Sonic