BlueTube: When Your Mind Can’t Comprehend A Place Or A Time

Roareye from the Sonic Showcase Network was sent this video by Sasso Studios – it’s an attempt at turning a real life movie out of Sonic the Hedgehog. Le sigh. To be fair to the chap, this is a pretty well produced effort for an amateur endeavour, and his heart’s in the right place. And at least they were bold in making Knuckles a gurning white guy.

I guess it just shows that no matter how hard you try, you can never ever create a project like this without it looking completely and totally cheesy. And we’re not even talking Keith Chegwin cheesy, we’re talking Dale Winton’s Special Brand. “SON OF A GUNS!” Classic.

There are several parts to this production already on youtube, and it’s a valiant effort so worth the watch. Beats all those Shadow music videos anyway. Some of the acting is legend (I want to buy the bald guy a pint) and you could cut the sexual tension in the last 30 seconds with a chainsaw (the music when getting into the car is the icing on the cake). Oscar winning material.

Sonic Advance 2 – Hot new Sonic Team Information

12th December 2002… Sonic Team finally reveal to the world the Official Sonic Advance 2 Website. Packed with new information on the game, The Sonic Stadium’s Dreadknux set eyes on it, the very moment it was released.

The website is just like you’d expect any other Sonic Team webby – noice and clean. We loosely translated the information on the website to give you a rough idea of what to expect in new sections of the game.

First off, the new character. Cream the Rabit. Indeed. Not much has been said about this new Sonic youngster, but now, as we all suspected, Cream and Cheese will be the ‘easy’ option throughout the game, should you find Sonic, Knuckles or Tails’ story too hard. Which must mean that Dimps has upped the tempo a little bit. Cream is also designed, it seems, for the ‘easier’ gamer – we mean that beginners won’t find any surprises to the game when playing as Cream, and there have also been moves included at Cream’s disposal. Here’s a rundown of them:

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