Want YOUR Hedgehog-Themed Advent Calenders?

‘Tis nearly the season to be jolly, and what way to count down the days until your favourite yearly holiday than with a Sonic themed Advent Calender? Not much good if you’re on a diet, mind you, with a Christmas themed chocolate behind each door!

I picked one up from my local Games-X-Change store in Bolton (the UK) for a mere £1.99. I asked if other stores in the chain are selling the same, and apparently they are. If you have a Games-X-Change store nearby, it’s worth checking out!

Unleash Sonic on PS2 for only £17.99!

Yes, my Photoshop is still broken. =(

Upon hearing the news, Sonic promptly dashed off to his local Woolworths to lay down his pre-order. His store is in Louth, it appears.

Want Sonic Unleashed when released in November? Of course you do! What if you’re running a little low on pennies though?

Well not to fear because UK retailer ‘Woolworths’ has an offer you just can’t possibly refuse! The online website for the company currently has Sonic Unleashed on PS2 up for pre-order at the most convenient of prices, £17.99. The PS2 version of the game may not posses graphical awe like on next generation consoles, although Dimps has issued a helping hand with development and the concept remains the same.

If that isn’t the bargain of all bargains we don’t know what is.

Thanks to bcdcdude for alerting us on the forums earlier today!

Finally, Sonic the Hedgehog 4…

How do you know when you’re getting a good deal? When someone offers an ultra-rare game on eBay! But wait! This isn’t any old rare game – this is Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In looking for eBay items involving weird Game Boy pirate games of old (Sonic 6, anyone?), I came across this gem, sitting on a veritable sucker collector’s desk in Cheshire.

In an attempt to either fleece a gullible Sonic fan or recoup some hard-earned cash he must have lost in buying this game himself (in being said gullible Sonic fan), the seller of this eBay item is asking for £170. Hm. Let’s weigh it all up. Good thing: You’ll own a real pirate Sonic game. Bad thing: You’ll own a real pirate Sonic game, minus 170 quid. But hey, the guy’s open to alternative offers, so go nuts.

I tried to offer 25p to the guy (three times) and he refused (three times). I guess some people just don’t know the real worth of what they have in their home.


Sonic Riders Zero Gravity and Sonic Rush Adventure price crash

UK retailer GAME have made some huge spring season Sonic price cuts on Sonic Riders Zero Gravity (both versions) and Sonic Rush Adventure for Nintendo DS.

You can now pick the Wii version of Sonic Riders Zero Gravity up for £19.99, down from £39.99 and the PS2 version for £12.99, down from £19.99. You can also pick Sonic Rush Adventure for Nintendo DS up for £14.99, down from £29.99.

If you were interested in these games before but were reluctant to part with mega bucks for them, then now might be a good time to give these games a look.

Sonic Sales Begin

The after Christmas sales have begun and there are some good Sonic game bargains going out there and online. Here are some of the best, grab them while their there –

Sonic and the Secret Rings – £19.99 (in-store and online)
Sonic Rivals 2 – £19.99 (in-store), £17.99 (online)
Sonic the Hedgehog 360 – £19.99 (in-store), £17.99 (online)
Sonic Adventure DX PC – £4.99 (in-store and online) Continue reading Sonic Sales Begin

Sonic Rush Adventure for 14 Quid?

Looks like those who are wanting the latest handheld game pretty bad are being targeted by UK Supermarket Tesco, as the chain store advertises Sonic Rush Adventure in their sales catalogue for a paltry £14.

Click image to see whole scan

In what can only be a printing error, the yet-to-be-released Nintendo DS title has been placed alongside other budget titles as Cars and Avatar. It’s one thing to misprint ‘Sonic Rush’ as its sequel due to similarities in name, but the box art is the same as well. Continue reading Sonic Rush Adventure for 14 Quid?