Knuckles, Amy Rose and the Chaotix Confirmed for Sonic Forces

A lot of different news on Sonic Forces has been dropping these past 24 hours, and now word from Game Informer is that Knuckles, Amy Rose and the Chaotix can be heard communicating to Sonic on the chaos going on near them via radio. This likely puts them as NPC characters rather than playable, but they are in the game in some form. Still, “Forces” usually implies armies of some sort, so it’s possible the game has characters set in groups, but that’s just a theory.

Sonic Forces will be out this holiday season on PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4

Friday Five: Reasons it sucks to be Charmy Bee



Let’s be (or “bee”) honest here….nobody cares for Charmy Bee much (and yes, I’m sure that there are some who’d say otherwise and like my head on a platter. All three of them).

What is he good for? What does he even do at the Chaotix? Is he their secretary? Vector’s youthful ward? Does that helmet thing even come off of his head? What?! He hasn’t been a playable character since Sonic Heroes and even then he was just one of three you controlled at the same time. He has no real personality so you can’t even relate to him in any way. Look at the other kids. Tails? Young super genius. Cream? Polite little girl who tends to have the strongest morals. Marine? Immature, bratty little girl who annoys people because she’s probably lonely and seeks attention. Charmy? Little boy. That’s it. (Not counting Sonic X where he at least had a Bart Simpson-like “prankster” personality.) Frankly, just listening to him gives me the hives.

At least the comics give you a reason to feel sorry for him. Lots of reasons. This poor little bastard’s life has been absolute hell. Read on to see why life as a bee can totally suck. But beeware honey, his tale is so tragic it may sting your eyes.

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Sonic Comic Review: Sonic Universe #46-#49 “Chaotix Quest”


Ian Flynn’s story arcs in Sonic Universe have always been very hit or miss. From fun epics like “The Tails Adventure” and “Team Treasure Tango” to mediocre or awful dreck (IMHO) like “The Silver Saga” and “30 Years Later”, the quality of the stories can vary greatly. Of course, part of this is subjective depending partially on whether it features a favorite character or not as that can affect your enjoyment of the book.

That said, “Chaotix Quest” has personally become my absolute favorite arc so far. Not just because it was a well told story featuring one of my favorite Sonic trios, but every element was done to perfection. It balances action, drama, humor and emotions in a way I haven’t seen a story do in a long time. Where any gripes I had were the just the slightest of nitpicks. Keep reading to find out why I loved this story so much.

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Awesome Chaotix is Awesome!

Newgrounds animator Egoraptor returns, this time with another Sonic-themed videogame parody, this time of the 32X title Knuckles Chaotix (if you haven’t seen the original Awesome the Hedgehog, check it out here). Expect lots of street talkin’ , a totally stacked Espio the chameleon, and an Oscar award-winning performance from Knuckles at the finale. Get your hankies ready.

Check out Awesome Chaotix on Newgrounds here (NSFW!!!)


Takashi Iizuka Interview: Knuckles Chaotix 2 and NiGHTS 3 Considered

In an interview with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka, GamesTM Magazine reaveals that the man behind upcoming titles Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colours “would personally love to make a third NiGHTS game”.

Iizuka also reveals that he has considered making both Tails and Knuckles games in the past: “I actually considered making a game like Knuckles Chaotix at one point, but Sega has unfortunately not given me the green light to do so.”

Although there are no current plans to make either title, the interest of the head of Sonic Team could mean that there could be a possibility for the creation of these titles in the future; something that should give die-heard Knuckles & NiGHTS fans a small ray of hope.

The rest of the article can be read in next month’s edition of GamesTM Magazine, available to purchase in the UK from the 2nd of September, 2010.