BlueTube: Sonic Fan Wars

Over on SSMB, a chap has posted a rather interesting vlog about, what one might consider an ‘outsider’s view’ of the Sonic the Hedgehog online fanbase. Truesonicfan, also known as Andrew for those that might whinge about him using an unimaginitive screenname (I know some of you exist out there) notes that everywhere you go there are countless ‘wars’ about various aspects of Sonic. Drummond or Griffith? Classic or Modern? Cool carefree Sonic or bestiality deluxe? All a dude wants to do is chat with some friends online about Sonic and how cool the games are, man!

Andrew’s about as articulate as a bog brush, but to be fair he makes some good points. There are a lot of Sonic fan factions that want to niggle about the voices for no apparent reason. There are groups that argue that modern games have no place, or learning from the Mega Drive days is pointless. Hell, some are even concerned as to how Bioware have set up the bloody world map in Sonic Chronicles (what the hell, who cares?).

We call these groups ‘whiny bitches’, and although they are found mostly within the Sonic fanbase more than any other group of gaming fans, I’d like to think their kind are dying down. At least, relegated to Youtube where they can stick two fingers up at Naka or Iizuka or Griffith or whoever the hell has deserved the ‘retard venom’ these days. Continue reading BlueTube: Sonic Fan Wars

SEGA: Sonic RPG Still In Production? [UPDATE]

Short news piece today: SEGA have responded to The Sonic Stadium explaining that the Sonic RPG won’t be affected by the acquisition of BioWare by publishing giant Electronic Arts.

There was some concern over the title, as EA and SEGA are effectively bitter rivals in the publishing industry. This confirmation from SEGA is a good sign that Sonic RPG is still in the works.

[UPDATE] It appears SEGA are once again confused on its own information, as the Online Services sector tell us (via Sonic Wrecks) that the future of Sonic RPG isn’t as concrete as the PR department apparently made out recently. When one department says the game isn’t affected and yet another says otherwise, where does that leave the Sonic fan? A bit confused, we say.

Stay tuned to TSS for more details as we get it.

Chaos Control: New Screens and characters

Mj2 has sent us a press release earlier today, telling all and spilling much about his Sonic-go-commando-style Fan Game, Chaos Control.

At SAGE 5 just a few months ago, you may well have remembered a ‘playable introduction’ to the game – well, Mj2 has revealed a NEW Chapter, which takes place some two years later. According to Mj2, the game now has a completely new engine with a new plotline, along with a set of new characters and Zones to go with it. A Fan Game with no Eggman or Chaos Emeralds! Shocking! 😉 But, we don’t think it would have worked anyway – the game is now much more military based, and the intervention of the classic stuff may have ruined it. Here is the list of characters that Mj2 showed us:

Continue reading Chaos Control: New Screens and characters