Honey Nut Cheerios With Added Hedgehog

The good old days of 1992. Sonic was everywhere, your video game systems, your local book stores, American meatball cans, you name it, SEGA had an advertisement campaign involving it.

Member Godofwarordle (what?) at Game Trailers has recently dug up an old gem of a commercial involving Sonic and some inferior company mascot we forget the name of, advertising a box of Honey Nut Cheerio cereal. It looks like the advertisement ran around the time Sonic 2 was released on the Mega Drive… 1992. You received some nifty ‘gaming tips’ for Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine and ToeJam and Earl 2 on every box, plus the chance to win a SEGA Genesis console itself! Chances of winning were 1 in 10,000. Extremely generous of them, that.

You don’t see Mario having a corny Honey Nut Cheerio theme song now, do you?

Source: Game Trailers.