Has Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Been Censored?

Earlier today, the PC version of Sonic & All Stars Racing transformed recieved an update which added a new character… however, eagled eyed players have also discovered another really strange change.


It’s removed certain aspects of General Winters character. Specifically, the Hammer and Sickle and the star which was on his vehicle.

Check out the above image, now compare it with this one.


See the star on his tank, completely different.

So whats going on? Well… theres no official word on this change right now, however the removal of these images would certainly indicate that someone somewhere has looked at this and said ‘thats offensive’ and demanded it’s removal.

The question is who and why?

My theory, and again, this is just my theory since nothing official has come out to explain this change would be this… There are certain marketplaces in the world which have various rating boards and censorship boards which can ban or limit the release of certain pieces of entertainment. Because videogames can be a constantly changing and evolving media, which ASRT has been, it can fall under the rating/censors light again.

My guess… ASRT’s inclusion of communist imagery has made one ratings board complain and ask for it’s removal, threatten to pull the game from sales, or it even threatten to increase the age rating which would greatly limit sales… you lot still wonder why Bayonetta isn’t in the game?

Recently news has come to light to suggest that Sony’s ‘The Last of Us‘ has had it’s mutiplayer mode slightly censored/toned down’ due to the ratings board. And people in America had to do without the jokers full fatality in Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe.

From a business perspective I can understand it… however, as someone who doesn’t like censorship, I can’t say I’m too happy that he has been changed in this way.

So was anybody here offended by the General?

Source: Steam forums.

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