The Sonic Stadium is 12 Years Old This Week!

Tomorrow, The Sonic Stadium will have officially served the online community for twelve years. Twelve years! It’s crazy to wonder where all that time has gone (actually, no – best not to wonder!). From the humblest of beginnings in a tiny little 20MB hosted Angelfire fansite, to the information resource of the late 2000s through to the news blog you see today, I hope you have all enjoyed what we’ve had to offer on TSS over the years, and I thank you all for your continued support!

I’m working on a couple of surprises that should be ready either this week or the next, but in the meantime there’s a few celebratory and visual things that can more than pass the time. I’m working on a new banner for the site, and aim to give the site a general decorating for tomorrow.

TitansCreed was kind enough to interview me to talk about the history of the website and how far it’s all come – the first part of that will come later today, with a second part tomorrow. There’s some more video content from the archives that I’d just love to drag up and show you guys too. Stay tuned for that!

Again, thank you so much for your support – we’re just a bunch of huge Sonic fans, like you are. Our official birthday is on October 24th, 2000. With TitansCreed’s interview kicking things off early, all that’s left to do is have something of a virtual toast to the site, the site staff, the forum and mods, SEGASonic Radio and its DJs, The Sonic Show (which is celebrating its sixth birthday at the moment), SEGADriven and its fantastic archive of SEGA info, and all of you who visit and help keep the site alive. Cheers!

~ Dreadknux

The Sonic Stadium’s 10th Anniversary Month!

Did you know that The Sonic Stadium has been around for nearly ten years? TEN! It only seems like yesterday that I was hosting this humble little website on an Angelfire free 20MB account, nursing it through its toddler years. Now it means that TSS is about to enter its terrible teens – expect some tantrums, unkempt hairstyles and accusations that I ‘just don’t understand’ it.

If I was any kind of responsible parent, I would be making sure it doesn’t get led astray and not to go too wild on the celebrations. But I’m 25, and a party animal – so I want to throw the biggest, meanest party for your favourite Sonic site that there ever was. All month long.

I’ve collected snapshots of every single site design this place has been through since its inception – plus a few bonus designs that I have in the vault that have never seen the light of day. A site redesign will be hitting to bring the place bang up to date. Giveaways will be had, and memories from TSS’ early years shared. The first episode of Sonic 4 will be coming out (I’m sure SEGA arranged it to be released in time for our 10th ;)). The staff here will no doubt recall their times at the site, and there are many anecdotes I can share, let me tell you.

I want you to join in the fun with us, though! Brad has already made a call out for Autumn-related pictures and works, but if you want to create something to help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary as well, please send them in to us! Videos wishing the site a happy birthday, Sonic art, audio messages holding the site to ransom… anything is cool. Send them to thesonicstadium @ for the birthday wins. And let’s celebrate The Sonic Stadium together!

This website’s actual birthday, just for reference, is the 24th October 2000. Love Sonic? Love TSS!

Mega777 found! Happy ending to SatBK contest

Good news everyone, ArchangelUK has let the community know in a new Sonic City Blognik entry that he has managed to track down Mega777!

For those who don’t know, a SatBK fan art contest winner by the name of Antonio Miniero entered into the contest a near exact copy of Mega777’s SA2 scene art piece despite the rules clearly stating that submissions had to be original artwork created by yourself. Antonio Miniero’s copy made it into the final shipped copies of Sonic and the Black Knight for Wii but Antonio was found out soon after the game’s release and was immediately disqualified, though he took it well and understood he had broken the rules.

Mega777 who’s real name is Francesca will now be sent a free copy of Sonic and the Black Knight together with a SEGA goody bag and some rare Sonic and the Secret Rings art prints signed by Ogawa-san from ArchangelUK’s own personal vault. Nice one AAUK 😉

ArchangelUK also informs us that Francesca(Mega777) has taken her talent to the world of work animating storyboards for TV shows and movies. How cool is that? Happy ending all round!