Fan-made miniature ‘Calibur’ replica revealed!

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Now you too, just like Sonic, can become a Knight of the Wind! Providing you’re fifteen centimetres high, of course.

Earlier today SSMB member ‘Fox Gungrave‘  reported to the ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ section of the forums with something a little different than the usual, some photographs of a miniature ‘Calibur’, Sonic’s talking weapon from the upcoming Wii adventure available this March.

It appears the quite amazing looking fan work was earlier posted on French Sonic fan site ‘EVERSONIC‘ along with new screen shots from the upcoming 360 and PS3 exclusive ‘SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection’, something that was also posted on the SSMB forums earlier today by fellow TSS staff member ‘Shadzter.

The sword appears to have been hand crafted and painted by an unknown fan of Sonic’s medieval escapades, or simply a guy/girl who just loves producing miniature replicas of talking swords. If the creator of mini-Calibur is anywhere out there, please let us know who you are via the SSMB. We would love to add credit to the article!

UPDATE: It seems original poster of the sword miniature, Fox Gungrave, has done a little research behind the model and figured out the creator is none other than SomaKun, a member of the DeviantART website. The Calibur sword is actually a part of a fully customized Sonic Unleashed figurine, of which also has a customized armoured glove to match. Fantastic stuff!

What would be your ideal piece of ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ merchandise and why? A miniature Sonic and Calibur statue? A Sonic and the Black Knight storybook?  A limited edition ‘Lancelot Legendary’ version of the game, complete with free steel Knight’s helmet? Let us know in the comments below!

SSMB Topic:  ‘Black Knight already has fan works!

“Place Your Bets” with a new Sonic & the Black Knight Trailer

KniiiiiiIIIIIiiiiIIIIIiiiiight of the Wind.

In this new SatBK trailer, we get to feast our eyes on some gorgeous CG cutscenes and some intense gameplay footage.  I mean, if you’re going to do something dumb and give Sonic a sword, this is how you do it.  The cutscene clips give a glimpse as to why Sonic is in King Arthur’s court:  purple-haired Zelda Merlina, some wizard in peril, shoots a beam into the sky and calls upon…Sonic, of all people.   Then, Sonic gets a talking sword kills and anything that moves, while Crush 40 rocks out.

Now that you’ve watched the trailer, it’s time to play “Place Your Bets.”  Bet on what will happen in this game (odds are in parenthesis).

Fanatics: Noble Sonic is Noble

Sorry about the lack of “Fanatics” yesterday.  I’m not going to lie to you…I was pretty hungover and I, how would you say, “couldn’t be arsed” to do it.

Anyway, as a not-fan of SatBK, you might be questioning why I posted this piece up today.  One word: lighting.  Ihearrrtme‘s work here on the lighting and shading is incredible and deserves recognition.  It has even got that next-gen “bloom effect” to it, which is cool in moderation.  Ihearrrtme says:

The Tokyo Game Show trailer of Sonic and the Black Knight was so awesome, it inspired me to make this picture! : )

Rarely do I ever add actual scenery/backgrounds to any of my works, because, well… I’m horrible at drawing them. X[ I tried to make it look like the logo image on Sega of Japan’s SATBK website. Blending a few patterns together and adding some lighting/shading effects, I managed to pull it off for once!! : )

Do it again, Ihm.