Sonic Colors Ultimate’s Second Patch is Out, With Bug Fixes, OST Toggle and New Sonic Customizations

The second patch SEGA promised for Sonic Colors Ultimate is officially out on all platforms. Before you ask, no, we do not know which glitches were fixed yet. We will be running a stream of the game on PS5 later today to look into that. What we do have, however, are the full patch notes. Check them out below:

First of all, the game now has new customization options for Sonic. Called the “Celebration Pack,” it includes the following:

  • Burst Shoes
  • Burst Gloves
  • Fireworks Boost
  • Fireworks Aura

The patch also adds numerous quality of life updates, including:

  • Ultimate Remix/Original Music soundtrack toggle
  • Full screen boost blur effect on/off toggle
  • Tails navigation on/off toggle
  • Full screen movie playback from options satellite
  • Improved visibly of cyan wisp targeting line

The patch also has:

  • Improved stability for all platforms
  • Updates to specific enemy attack speed
  • Improved Green Hover Wisp light speed dash functionality
  • Improved visibly of Big Chaser attacks in Switch version
  • Various bug fixes throughout the game.

If you want to see if this addresses your specific pet peeve, stay tuned to our Youtube channel, where we will be doing a live stream later. It is currently unknown if another patch is in development. If you want to download this patch, it should be available now.

Sonic Forces Speed Battle Updates with a new Rival League Event

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Sonic Runners To Get Major Bug Fix & Raid Boss?

runnersraidbossSonic Runners continues it’s steady stream of event announcements with a halloween themed event centred around Zazz. However, this event is unlike any previous events held in Sonic Runners so far.

Typically, players have been asked to rescue animals or collect certain special items in a bid to get various rewards. However this new event appears to be very different as it’s described as a ‘raid event.’


Roughly translated the text warns players of a ‘strong enemy Zazz Raid,’ traditionally, raid enemies are powerful enemies which drop a huge number of rewards when defeated.

However that’s not the only announcements, details of the next version of the game have also been posted and two major bugs, one of which we posted details about as well as a fix back at the start of August, might finally be fixed. That being the clear cache bug. 


As it stands right now, Sonic Runners doesn’t remove any old event data or notification data, even if it’s totally worthless. e.g. notifications with dates on them. This means that if you have had the game since day 1 and never performed any maintenance, then the game is actually storing nearly 2GB+ if you have never cleared the cache/redundant memory files from the game.

Well it appears that there will now be an option in the game to actually perform this task without having to connect your device to a computer and manually doing it.

It also seems that Facebook options/settings will also be enabled in this version too.

It’s expected that this update will come within the next week or two.

Source: Twitter.