#33 Sonic Paradox Presents: Knuckles Briefs!

The Sonic Show is PREMIERING Knuckles Briefs? Great… but what on earth is that?!

Knuckles Briefs is a collab created by all of you’re favourite (or more likely, hated) Sonic characters. Knuckles is fed up of the attention brought to Sonic through the acclaimed series, ‘Sonic Shorts’ and has decided to have his own collection of “briefs”.

But seriously, what the hell is it?

Knuckles Briefs is collection of hilarious shorts by the Sonic Paradox team. Sonic Paradox are known for many things in the community, most notable being the Sonic Shorts and Sonic Tribute collections. This flash was created for the Summer Of Sonic event, however unfortunately never made it’s appearence on the day. But fret not as we can finally share it with you here!

Sonic Paradox… sounds familiar.

I should hope so, Sonic  Paradox has been around since 2006, though the first collaboration was the “Tribute Collab 1″ back in 2005. Their forum was created by Lilmario and The Wax created the main site. The first project was started by Sweet_Kat22 from Newgrounds. She, however, has moved on from Sonic Paradox.

When Sweet_Kat22 dropped down from being leader, HyperactiveYouth (known for Sonic: Uncut 1, 2 and 3) stepped in, becoming the 2nd leader in charge of Sonic Tribute Collab 2. However, due to development hell, HyperactiveYouth stepped down as well and their longest in service member, Bit-Master, became the 3rd leader. Due to slow progress, he stepped down from being leader to co-leader with their current leader, The Wax (known for Full Metal Sonic, Sonic Halo, and Sonic: Dark Chaos, and a variety of shorts). The Wax is the creator of the Sonic Short Volumes you all know and love.

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