Japanese Website of Mario & Sonic Rio Wii U now open, shows new info

Following the release of the overview trailer from yesterday, Nintendo has opened up the Japanese website for the Wii U version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The website reveals a list of sports, duel events (described in a previous report) and characters in the Wii U version (with certain characters only playable in the listed sports). Continue reading Japanese Website of Mario & Sonic Rio Wii U now open, shows new info

New M&S London 2012 Character Art & UK 3DS Box Art

SEGA has today released many pieces of character artwork for Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Some of them you will have seen before, but a lot of them are new. The UK version of the 3DS version’s box art has also been unveiled today, and like its Wii counterpart, it has a more British background.

You can view all of the artwork in our gallery below.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be released on Wii next week on November 15th in the US, November 17th in Australia and November 18th in Europe. The Nintendo 3DS version will be released on February 9th 2012 in Australia, February 10th 2012 in Europe and February 14th 2012 in the US.

Source: SEGA Press

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M&S London 2012 3DS US Box Art Revealed

The box artwork for the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games has appeared at US retailer Amazon.com. The art is very different to its Wii counterpart and features eight of the game’s characters performing activities from various Olympic events. Bowser holding a dumbbell indicates we will be seeing the weightlifting event in the 3DS version.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be released on Nintendo Wii November 15th 2011 in the US, November 17th 2011 in Australia and November 18th 2011 in Europe. The Nintendo 3DS version will be released February 14th 2012 in the US, February 9th 2012 in Australia and February 10th 2012 in Europe.

Source: Amazon.com

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Sonic Generations PC Box Art Revealed, Not a Games For Windows Title

UPDATE: Our commenters have informed us that SEGA’s non-Games For Windows retail PC games usually support Steam, so this one likely will too. We’ll let you know when we get confirmation.

Original article:
UK retailers Amazon and Zavvi have revealed the box artwork for the Europe exclusive retail PC version of Sonic Generations, which, as you can see, is the same as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The box art confirms that the retail version will not be a Games For Windows title, meaning players won’t be able to unlock achievements through Windows Live and likely won’t be able to obtain any possible DLC. Achievements have already been confirmed for the Steam download version.

On the plus side, Zavvi.com has the retail PC version priced at just £14.85 at the time of this article’s publication. Bargain!

Sources: Amazon UK and Zavvi.com

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SEGA Spain Unveils Sonic Generations Special Edition Box Art

Via the official Sonic Tuenti, SEGA Spain has revealed the box artwork for the European Sonic Generations PS3 and Xbox 360 Special Edition. The cover is lenticular and switches between Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic. Boasted on the cover is exclusive DLC for this edition of the game, which as we know from UK retailer GAME is the Casino Night Zone pinball mini-game.

You can view both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the box art below.

Source: Official Sonic Tuenti (via Sonic Paradise)

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Sonic Generations Japanese Release Date and Box Arts Revealed

SEGA Japan has unveiled the Japanese box artwork for all 3 versions of Sonic Generations, which is very similar to the US and EU art minus the 20th Anniversary logo. A December 8th release date for all versions in that territory has also been revealed.

Source: Sonic Scene – Link 1, Link 2

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M&S London: New Screenshots, Wii Release Dates & Box Art

SEGA has today announced US and EU release dates for the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The game will hit the US first on November 15th and Europe 3 days later on November 18th. The 3DS version still has no clearer date than the month of February.

A couple of new screenshots for both versions of the game, together with yellow box artwork (yes, yellow) for the Wii version and a press release marking 365 days to go until the opening of the Olympic Games in London were also released today. All of that is available below. UK readers will be happy to see some London themed differences have been made to the UK box artwork.

Press release

SEGA Europe and SEGA America are celebrating exactly 365 days to go before the official opening of Olympic Games in London next year with new packaging, assets and the release date named!

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™ for the Wii™ will be available in a unique yellow casing, a first for the series and for third party games publishers.

New screenshots are also now available with Mario, Sonic and their friends on the starting line and ready to compete in the new enhanced 100m sprint for the Wii™ and, for the first time ever, the 110m hurdles for 3DS™. These are just two of the classic Olympic events that appear alongside a host of brand new Olympic and Dream events in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™.

Over 19 million people worldwide have bought video games from the Mario and Sonic series and the latest instalment, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™, will hit stores on 15th November in North America (18th November in Europe) for the Wii™ home video game system. The Nintendo 3DS™ platform will release in February 2012.

For more information please visit: www.olympicvideogames.com

Wii screenshots

3DS screenshots


France and Europe



Sources: SEGA Press, SEGA’s website and SEGA’s Flickr

Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition Track List & Box Art

The box art and track list for the upcoming release of Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition on May 18th 2011 have hit the interwebs. The single disc album will contain 30 tracks ranging from all areas of the Sonic Adventure game to some character themes.

Check out the track list below:

1. Introduction …featuring «Open Your Heart»
2. It Doesn’t Matter …Theme of «Sonic The Hedgehog»
3. Boss: CHAOS ver.0, 2, 4
4. Azure Blue World …for Emerald Coast
5. Windy and Ripply …for Emerald Coast
6. Theme of «Dr. Eggman»
7. Egg Mobile …Boss: Egg Hornet
8. Windy Hill …for Windy Valley
9. The Air …for Windy Valley
10. Welcome to Station Square
11. Blue Star …for Casinopolis
12. Mystic Ruin
13. Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy …for Ice Cap
14. Twinkle Cart …for Twinkle Park
15. Pleasure Castle …for Twinkle Park
16. Theme of «CHAO»
17. Join Us 4 Happy Time …for CHAO Race
18. Run Through the Speed Highway …for Speed Highway
19. Mt. Red: a Symbol of Thrill …for Red Mountain
20. Egg Carrier – A Song That Keeps Us On The Move
21. Skydeck A Go! Go! …for Sky Deck
22. Theme of «E-102γ»
23. Crazy Robo …Boss: E-101R
24. Boss: CHAOS ver.6
25. Tricky Maze …for Lost World
26. Theme of «Tikal»
27. Red Barrage Area …for Hot Shelter
28. Mechanical Resonance …for Final Egg
29. Perfect CHAOS Revival! …Boss: Perfect CHAOS
30. Open Your Heart – Main Theme of «Sonic Adventure»

The album is available to order for ¥2,400/$28.25 US/£18.36 GBP from the below retailers:
Source: Sonic Scene

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U.S. Sonic Free Riders Box Art and Price

SEGA of America has just revealed the U.S. box artwork (seen above) for SEGA’s first Xbox 360 Kinect title, Sonic Free Riders. SEGA also revealed that the game will go on sale for $49.99, which is $10 cheaper than normal Xbox 360 titles retail for. No information is given as to when the game will be released, but the game has been said in the past to be a launch title for the device, which will be launching in the U.S. November 4th and November 10th in Europe. We’ll keep an eye out for more information.

Source: SEGA of America’s Blog

Sonic Colours: New Trailer, Box Art and Release Dates


SEGA Europe and SEGA of America have just unveiled an exciting new gameplay trailer for Sonic Colours with more CGI cutscenes and musical goodness. Also unveiled are release dates and box artwork for both versions of the U.S. copies of the game. European fans will be able to get their hands on both versions later this year on November 12th and U.S. folks can go grab it November 16th.  We’ll keep an eye out for the Australian release date which was revealed yesterday to be sometime in November.

Interestingly, the box art appears to reveal the Wisp roster for each version of the game.  The Wii version will have Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green and Purple, while DS version will have Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Red and Violet.

The below press release has also been issued by SEGA Europe –

SEGA® Europe Ltd., is excited to confirm that Sonic Colours™, a brand new high speed action adventure in which Sonic the Hedgehog races through incredible theme park inspired worlds, will hit stores across Europe on November 12th 2010 for the home video game system Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ system.

In addition to this news, SEGA has today released their first gameplay trailer for Sonic Colours, showcasing the amazing new Drill and Laser Colour Power, as well as two vibrant theme park inspired worlds – Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain.

Sonic Colours™ will be released for the home video game system Wii™ and the Nintendo DS™ system on November 12th 2010. For more information about the game please visit www.sega.com/soniccolours.

Don’t forget, we’ll have the E3 demo of Sonic Colours Wii & DS at Summer of Sonic tomorrow. If you haven’t got a ticket, you can still join in the fun an hour after ticket holders from 11:30am onwards providing there is space inside the venue.

Are you looking forward to Sonic Colours? Speak out in the comments!

Source: SEGA Europe Blog and SEGA of America Blog. Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads up!

ASR Getting New Box Art For DS Version?

The U.S. version of the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing website has updated the DS version of the game’s box art with what look’s like a modified version of the old box art with new Sonic artwork. What’s odd though is the absence of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo that was on the old box art, that and we’ve known the DS version has online multiplayer for a while now.

You can check out the box art at the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing website, if you’re in the UK or any other territory click the flag at the top right and change it to the U.S. flag.

Thanks to HunterTSF over at the SSMB for the heads up and pic!

UK ASR Box Art Revealed Including PC & Amazon UK Selling Bentley Jones MP3’s

UPDATE: PC box art revealed.

Amazon’s UK site has revealed the final UK box art for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing which looks to be matching the U.S. box art including the Xbox 360 version’s ‘With Banjo-Kazooie’ sub title. ShopTo.net have also revealed the PC box art.

(Click to enlarge)

Also worth noting on Amazon’s UK site is that they are now selling Bentley Jones new songs from his So Much More… album in MP3 format as an album and individually, those who prefer CD’s are out of luck. As far as I’m aware this is the first time a UK retailer is selling any of Bentley Jones songs so this is very good news for Bentley Jones and the fans. Hopefully we’ll see more UK retailers follow suit.

Source: Amazon UK

Format Exclusive Characters In ASR And DLC Confirmed

S&SASR Xbox 360 box art

[UPDATE]: We can now confirm DLC will also be in Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. Looking at the back cover you can see one Xbox Live feature with 3 words and looking at Xbox Live features listed on the back cover of Xbox 360 games only one feature contains 3 words and that feature is ‘game-content download’. Could Sumo Digital be listening to the fan’s character/track request’s? [/UPDATE END]

The box art for the Xbox 360 version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing has been leaked and on it we can see the rumours regarding format exclusive characters were true. The back cover reveals Rare’s Banjo and Kazooie will be appearing in the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Now we’re left to wonder who will be appearing in the PS3, Wii and DS versions. With Wii and DS both being Nintendo formats it’s likely the same character will appear on both of those formats. So perhaps Mario on Wii and DS? Ratchet and Clank on PS3? There’s no telling who will be in the PC version. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanks to Spark from Spindash.de for bringing this news to our attention from Chris Lewis’ Website who is Sega Europes boxart designer.

Chris Lewis’s site with pics

Chris say’s on the page that the box art is a work in progress but this still obviously confirms Banjo and Kazooie.

PSO Version 2 Box Artwork Unveiled – Online Play Requires Credit Card

Check out the official box art for Phantasy Star Online Version 2. It looks way cool! One thing that’s clearly noticeable from the front cover however are the words “Credit Card Required for Online Play (Details Inside).” Continue reading PSO Version 2 Box Artwork Unveiled – Online Play Requires Credit Card

ChuChu Rocket GBA Box Art Revealed

Sonic Team’s kooky puzzle game, ChuChu Rocket, is getting a re-release on Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. And Sega has revealed the packshots for the game in both North America and Europe. Take a look below – no news on Sonic Advance’s release outside of Japan yet, but as soon as we hear anything we’ll let you know. Continue reading ChuChu Rocket GBA Box Art Revealed