Bootleg Zone: Sonic 6 (Game Boy)

Giggle. Another pirate attempt at trying to slap Sonic on where he wasn’t supposed to be – namely the Game Boy during the ’90s. You’d be forgiven for thinking that, upon playing this ROM, that it’s strangely familiar – that’s because it’s nothing more than Speedy Gonzales! Yes, indeed. Playing the game however is anything but fast or entertaining… Continue reading Bootleg Zone: Sonic 6 (Game Boy)

Bootleg Zone: Somari (NES)

Some ROM Hacks try to be serious. You know, like the game was supposed to be the way it was hacked. But what people trying to achieve this fail to realise is, that it never ever works out like that, and just turns out to be a pile of cack. The whole point of ROM Hacking, I think, is to have a bit of fun and to experiment. It’s interesting. So it’s refreshing to see Somari pop it’s ugly, but oh so entertaining head from the pile of ROM Hacks we have today. Despite it being old, it is in fact one of the best Hacks, and here’s why… Continue reading Bootleg Zone: Somari (NES)

Bootleg Zone: Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Boy)

It’s odd. You’d think that people who want to make Sonic games would just either make it on Click and Create, or Multimedia Fusion. You know, make a game of their own. But no. Some decide to hack a Game Boy Cartridge or ROM, and stuff an already existing Sonic game in it. Continue reading Bootleg Zone: Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Boy)