Sonic The Card Game Announced by Steamforged Games

Following the 2019 release of two IDW tabletop games, one Hasbro game, and the Shinobi 7 Kickstarter game, Sonic once again returns to tabletops in 2021 with Sonic The Card Game.

The publisher, Steamforged Games, maintains an extensive catalog of licensed titles including Dark Souls: The Board Game, Dark Souls: The Card Game, Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, and most recently Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game. The majority of the company’s library is kickstarter-funded games with high production value, extensive miniatures, and focus on theme; however, the company has also published several smaller, self-funded projects such as PAC-MAN: The Card Game, and Ni no Kuni II: The Board Game.

While we do not have any details on the game as of yet following the company’s Game Manufacturers Association preview, the blog describes the project as a “competitive card racing game where you’ll collect power-ups and rings to win.” Expect the game to launch this calendar year.

How to get The Sonic Boom Monopoly for a Really Cheap Price

Last year we brought you news that a Sonic Boom monopoly was on the way and that it had quite a hefty price tag. Several months later, Amazon are selling it for just over £32, and most others sites still have it at the £30 mark. Well… we’ve discovered a lovely little trick to get you it for a fraction of the cost. Continue reading How to get The Sonic Boom Monopoly for a Really Cheap Price

New Sonic Games Announced… Board Games that is!


Sega have announced a new deal with toy manufacturer Sambro International. The deal allows Sambro to produce a series of new Sonic board games, travel games and jigsaw puzzles as well as ‘action games.’

What do they define as ‘action games’ you might ask? Well according to the press release, this includes Pinball, Four in a Row (Connect 4), Fire Balls, Air Hockey, Rapid Fire and Magnetic Scribblers.

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