Thank you, all

I’ve been informed today by my partner (who I developed the backend used by Sonic News with) that he’s negotiating a deal with a client, with us making minor modifications to it and selling it, for what I like to refer to as Nakabux. This deal could be the start of a nice little business venture for us, and I’m pretty damn excited as I’ve never sold any of my work before.

If you guys didn’t exist, we likely wouldn’t be making that engine as good as it is. So, thank you, for just being there and encouraging us to make the site better and our pockets deeper.


After months of inactivity, SONIC NEWS returns to provide Sonic Team fans with the latest information on blue hedgehog related happenings.

The changes are more than cosmetic – now members of the SSMB Forums and TSS are able to interact with the site with the new TSS Account. The TSS Account is a new feature being spread across The Sonic Stadium Network, which allows members of the SSMB Forums to take advantage of unique features within all TSSNET minisites.

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SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Shadow Returns’ Developer Ian Bennett

Ian Bennett, aka B’man, is head of Team Infinity, currently in the process of making the ‘Shadow Returns’ Fan Game. Gave us a ton of stuff up for grabs in our recent SAGE Compo too. Kudos to him. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Shadow Returns’ Developer Ian Bennett