Fanatics: Incredible Darkspine Sonic Art

We’re on a Super Sonic tangent in honor of Sonic’s latest lulzfest of a super form.  The previous, and first, entry in the “Sonic Storybook Series,” Sonic and the Secret Rings, brought us a form that we’ve given the name “Darkspine Sonic.”  ShadoHejjihoggu has created an amazing blotch rendition of this super form and it’s incredible!  Check out the laundry list of  materials that ShadoHejjihoggu used to make this piece:

Watercolor Paint
Prisma Color Pencil
Prisma Lightfast Pencil
Rubbing alcohol
Que Tip
Paint brush
Colorless Blender, with brush tip
Watercolor Prisma Pencils
Cheap Ballpoint pen
Sketch book paper

Nice work, Shado.  Send some more in, will ya?