Rumour: Unannounced Handheld Title In Production At Bioware?

According to the LinkedIn profile of Bioware’s Mitchell Fujino, the developer has a unnanounced handheld game in development. Fujino previously worked on Bioware’s last handheld title, the poorly received at retail Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for Nintendo DS, which was Sonic’s first step into RPG gaming. The game’s ending left the story wide-open for a sequel, so could this be that sequel? With the Nintendo 3DS on the way, could the game (whatever it is) be headed to that system? Speculate away in the comments, but remember that Bioware are now linked with EA, so this could be anything at all.

Source: Mitchell Fujino’s LinkedIn profile via GoNintendo

Sonic Chronicles Price Spin-Attacked In Half At Gamestation

UK retailer Gamestation have slashed the price of SEGA and Bioware Nintendo DS RPG game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood in half to £14.67 with the VAT reduction knocked off. This is likely to be be part of their Christmas Advent sale they’ve been running this month where a new game gets reduced to half price every day up until Christmas.

I don’t know when the offer ends but it’s likely to be Christmas Eve. If you were holding back on picking this game up because of the price (ya cheapniks) then now is a good time to go get it. The half-price deal is in-store and online.

You can find out more about Sonic Chronicles at the game’s official interactivewebsite.

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Sonic Chronicles: Behind the Scenes 3 Video

Sega have updated the official Sonic Chronicles website’s and added Behind the scenes 3 to the U.S. and European sites and also added TV Commercial to the U.S. site. In Behind the scenes 3 the Bioware explain in-game teamwork and how it affects battles and tasks in the field that you can only overcome with certain party members. Bioware also talk about Sonic fans, how passionate they are and all the e-mails sent their way. Also in the video you can see what look’s like some new artwork on Bioware’s computers.

You can check out the video on the official Sonic Chronicles site –

Bioware Poll: Favourite playable character in Chronicles

Bioware have put out a new poll on their front page regarding Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Bioware would like to know:

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, who is your favorite[sic] playable character?

  • Sonic
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Tails
  • Rouge
  • Big the Cat
  • Other, read my comments

Could this be for feedback for the next game since we know it’s already being developed and it’s story being written. Could the least voted character be canned and well voted characters be given more game/story time? We’ll have to wait and see what comes from it. Currently Sonic’s winning with over a 3rd of votes, Knuckles in 2nd and Tails in 3rd.

You can place your vote here and discuss the poll over at the SSMB.

Sonic Chronicles 2 – Story Already Being Written

In their latest Podcast SavyGamer have interviewed Dorian Kieken the Associate Producer for Sonic Chronicles. Dorian talks about designing the game, music and basic non-spoiler story info. The most interesting parts of the interview are the confirmation of future Bioware DS titles and that they are already writing the story for Sonic Chronicles 2. Dorian explains they already have alot of different scenarios for what will happen next and they have a good idea of where they want to go with the game.

If you want to listen to the interview its at 35:26. Click your choice of download here.

Do you want to see a sequel, does this game deserve a sequel, do you want to see the story progress? Discuss at the SSMB topic but don’t forget to use spoiler boxes for those not done yet.

Ask Bioware about Sonic Chronicles

Bioware have updated their Sonic Chronicles site with a Tips & Tricks page and an Ask our Developers page. The Tips & Tricks page gives you some helpful hints to help you through the game and how to overcome things that most RPG fans will already be familiar with. The Ask our Developers page allows you the fans to ask Bioware’s developers any questions you have about the game regarding Gameplay, Characters and Environments. Once received Bioware will review your questions and post an answer on the site.

You can e-mail your questions to .

So get to it people, we just know you want to ask if Sonic’s going to hook up with Amy or not.

You can check out Bioware’s Sonic Chronicles site here.

Sonic Chronicles Video Insider – Episode 6

Bioware have today released Sonic Chronicles Video Insider episode 6. This edition reveals there will be 3 character classes in the game for you to built your party with. The 3 character classes are Power, Shifter and Support, now this is definitely starting to sound more like an RPG. The video reveals Sonic and Knuckles to be power class, Amy to be a Shifter and Tails to be Support class. We also get to see footage of Knuckles using all of his field abilities which are smashing, climbing and gliding and we get to see one of his POW moves the Uppercut which kicks some serious stone buttocks like only Knuckles can. Also shown are some team POW moves with Sonic and Knuckles.

You can catch this latest episode in all of its YouTube glory here.

Bioware ready to make Chronicles sequel

PALGN have interviewed Bioware’s Sonic Chronices Associate Producer Dorian Kieken.

When PALGN asked Dorian “If Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is successful once released, will there potentially be a sequel?”

Dorian replied “I would be surprised to see Sega refusing a sequel opportunity if the game is indeed successful! In any case, our team is definitively ready to work on a sequel. We even have a precise idea on what to do next if this were to happen… And if you play the game, you might find some hints on what that idea is.”

Bioware already gave a hint at a sequel when the game was revealed with the title ‘Sonic Chronicles’: The Dark Brotherhood and now this. Bioware have obviously worked hard and must have alot of faith in their first DS outing. Let’s hope the game does well and Bioware are approved to work on the sequel they are so keen to start on.

You can read the full interview here.

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G4 interview Bioware’s project director Mark Darrah

G4 have had the chance to do a video interview with Bioware’s project director Mark Darrah about upcoming DS RPG game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Mark Darrah reveals how this title “looks back into the history of Sonic characters” and how Sonic can expand his relationship with Amy Rose compared to previous Sonic game’s that only touched upon it. Mark also talks about the plot of gathering the Chaos Emeralds and all the area’s Sonic must visit to obtain them. Some gameplay footage can also be seen in the video but nothing new is shown really.

The video interview can be seen here.

Gamespot AU interview Bioware’s Joel MacMillan

Gamespot AU have interviewed Bioware’s Joe MacMillan about Sonic Chronicles. There’s nothing really new here but Joel did mention the Realtime Button Input system for your POW moves will get harder as you level up those moves.

GS AU: Tell us about the combat system. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s a mix of turn-based with some real-time action.

JM: That’s correct. Combat’s been engineered to play out as ‘Rounds’, to help illustrate a feeling of speed. To accentuate that, there’s a Realtime Button Input system we have that coincides with combat. During the team’s Power Moves, the player will have to successfully accomplish a small Button and Stylus sequence in order to deliver a maximum damage attack. It’s actually a lot of fun–as the player levels up their power moves, the Realtime Button Input gets more difficult. It’s a good way to keep the player on their toes.

Not very rewarding for your level-ups but hopefully this means the POW moves will get more powerful in connection with the harder inputs.

Full interview can be found here.