S&ASRT Previews Reveal New Details, Roulette Road Returns, Billy Hatcher Track Confirmed

Some new previews and interviews have appeared online following SEGA’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed news updates the other day. According to EverybodyPlays, SEGA held a press event in the UK for Transformed earlier this week where attendees were treated to some boat riding on the Thames. In their preview, EverybodyPlays reveals that the flying sections will have a ‘Flight Assist’ option that guides players with a line and helps them get to grips with the controls. The game will also include 132 mods, over 100 stickers, and will be fully playable in co-op in the Grand Prix and World Tour modes.

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Will the REAL Billy Hatcher please stand up?

SEGA Europe has begun a national search for a Real Life Billy Hatcher. In Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (a review of which at TSS can be found here), you needed courage to overcome the threat of the evil crows.

SEGA are looking for kids aged between 5 and 16 years old, with an extraordinary story of real life courage or kindness to help others out. Here’s part of the “press-y”:

Do you know a child that has gone to exceptional lengths to be kind to others. Has your friend beaten all odds to overcome difficulties? Or perhaps a brother or sister has reacted with strength and courage in the face of tragedy.

It doesn’t have to be you, or if you’re too old, you can nominate a younger cousin, sibling or other friend that has something on a par with the Chicken-Suit-Wearing freak that is Billy.

What happens if you win? Well, the kid awarded as the national ‘Real Billy Hatcher’ will get an exclusive day out at the SEGA Europe Headquarters in London, where you get to become a games tester there for a day (SO, that’s how they process an application is it? =_=), giving feedback to the chiefs on unreleased SEGA games. Regional winners will also win a specialised ‘Billy Hatcher Bedroom’, where your room will win Billy Hatcher bedroom decorations, a games theatre (including a console and SEGA games), and most likely a copy of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

To participate, you have until the end of January 2004 to get your application in – go here for the information: Billy Hatcher Official Website, and click the signpost that Recky is holding to the left.

Good luck to those that participate!