April Fool!

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed our little April Fools gag there. You know us – we’re always game for a laugh on April 1st, and this year was no exception. Instead of tricking you all with some round-the-gardens thing again, we decided to let one of the best characters in the Sonic universe take centre stage.

BIGNEWS is the premier site dedicated to Big the Cat news. Be sure to give all of those articles a read, as it provides some fascinating insight into the world of the lazy cat we’ve all come to love – or hate.

Don’t worry about losing BIGNEWS either – we’re keeping it in archive well after April Fools’ day is over, so you can enjoy all the hard work Big put into this. It’s probably the most effort he’s put into something, so he hopes you’ll appreciate it to some degree. Or maybe he doesn’t hope that at all – he’s likely just snoozing in the Mystic Ruins again. Whatever.

Have a good day today – and don’t fall foul to any nasty tricks!

EDIT: April Fools Day is over, but you can still access Big the Cat’s very own website by hitting ‘BIGNEWS’ on the sidebar underneath ‘OTHER’, or by clicking here.