Rock Out to the Sonic Mania Adventure Remix of Big Arms

Time to get metal!

SEGA today release the first of five remixes featured in the Sonic Mania Adventure cartoon series, commencing with a guitar-driven version of the “Big Arms” theme from Sonic 3 / Sonic & Knuckles, rearranged and performed by Sonic Sound Director Jun Senoue and Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes.

You can check out other work by Tee Lopes, including his latest album Youniverse on Bandcamp.

Check the track out in all of it’s glory below!

New Big Arms Music for Generations 3DS

Why?!! Why did this guy have to beat the boss so quickly?! I was rockin’ out here!

From Gamescom and NintendoWoldReport comes more SG 3DS video this time the same boss fight we showed you from E3, but with much, much improved music. I think this helps prove that the modern music in Mushroom Hill is a place holder ‘cuz look at the drastic change in the music here. Enjoy.


[EDIT – As some of you might have guessed, this track has been remastered by the illustrious Alex Mahklouf of Cash Cash – I have confirmation from the man himself! – T-Bird]