Ample Renitence Releases Sonic and Beastie Boys Mash-Up Album

You wanted one mash-up for Mash-Up Monday? Well, have 10!

Some of you might recall one Alien.Renegade, a musician who made a bit of a name for himself on TSS via both 2011 and 2012 music albums and various Mash-Up Mondays. He has since changed his name to Ample Renitence, and with the name change comes a juicy compilation of high quality mash-ups!

Coined Hedgehog Committee Part Two, the album features ten unique mash-ups of select Beastie Boys songs paired with various Sonic the Hedgehog tunes. We have featured some of these in the past (Intergalactic Cosmic Wall is another example), and with more mash-ups like Egg Emperor’s SabotageNo Sleep till Red Hot Skull, and Ch-Check Metal Sonic Out, what are you doing reading about all of these delicious mash-ups here?

Head on over to the album’s page and give them all a listen, and if you like ’em, you know what they say: don’t delay! Download it today!


Oh, and if you can support AR and buy his own (debut!) album, that’d be swingin’ too!

Mash-Up Monday: Intergalactic Cosmic Wall

More Beastie Boys and Sonic mash-up goodness? Yes please!

Alien.Renegade is at it again, folks. For the year’s first official Mash-Up Monday (shoulda been last week OH WELL), he played the lyrics of the group’s Intergalactic with Cosmic Wall’s music from Sonic Adventure 2!

Pretty fitting themes! Space!


Mash-Up Monday: Beastie Boys Tribute

A little over a month ago, another music legend has passed.

MCA (aka Adam Yauch), a member the renowned hip hop trio known as the Beastie Boys, lost his life to cancer on May 4th. He died at the age of 47.

You might recall Alien/Renegade, one of many musicians who contributed to The Sonic Stadium Music Album. For Mash-Up Monday, he has prepared a trio of mixes consisting of music from the Beastie Boys, all of which being featured here today.

We present to you “An Open Letter to Rusty Ruins”, “Wacky Body Movin”, and “Here’s a Little Final Haunt for Ya”. Enjoy!


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