Zoom Like Sonic With These Official Video Conferencing Backgrounds

To all of you who are working from home during this coronavirus pandemic global lockdown – SEGA Japan wants you to know that it understands you. One of the big cultural shifts of the last few months, as countries experience house-bound isolations, is the rise in adoption of video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Many of these allow you to call using custom backgrounds. You can see where this is going. Continue reading Zoom Like Sonic With These Official Video Conferencing Backgrounds

Nostalgia Trippin’


A resident member of the SFGHQ forums, my buddy Cstyler showed up on Monday with a pleasant and awesome surprise.  He has created these images of the old Genesis levels with a pseudo-3D viewpoint.  Each aspect of a level’s background is twisted and skewed to create a new, yet trippy, perspective.  In short, they’re epic.

These images have become an instant hit and I thought that I’d share them with the rest of you.  If you have a standard 4:3 monitor, they make a great desktop wallpaper (they’re not quite to scale, but they’re close enough). Spring Yard, pictured above, is especially epic.  Check out the entire gallery of these new look classics past the jump:

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